Disney Princess Sleepover Party is a fanfiction crossover written by MarioFan65. It was released on April 4, 2020.


  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Aurora
  • Ariel
  • Belle
  • Jasmine
  • Pocahontas
  • Mulan
  • Tiana
  • Rapunzel
  • Merida
  • Anna
  • Elsa
  • Moana
  • Aladdin
  • Genie
  • Abu
  • Iago
  • Beast/Adam
  • C-3PO (mentioned)


(At night in the palace of Agrabah, Aladdin and Jasmine are ready to go to sleep as Genie prepare all the blankets to sleep with)

  • Genie: A early day to catch the world. Look like it's time for us to sleep.
  • Aladdin: Thanks Genie. We have been on a long adventure since the new year.
  • Jasmine: I never been so bored being on the same bedroom since i was raised in Agrabah.
  • Aladdin: Like running away from the guards when being a street rat.
  • Jasmine: You almost got yourself into a lot of trouble. Can you be more natural when going on big heights and platforms?
  • Aladdin: I don't steal food or rob places anymore. I finally get to live with you.
  • Genie: That's part of Aladdin's wish.
  • Jasmine: Were you spying on me after all these years of trying to starve for food?
  • Aladdin: Uh, i saw you at the ceremony. But i was being chased by guards all along.
  • Jasmine: I don't blame you on this.
  • Genie: Every prince need a princess to fall in love with.
  • Aladdin: So does a street rat.
  • Jasmine: You were a street rat once.
  • Aladdin: But not anymore. I get to live forever.
  • Genie: Like a genie! You never had a friend like me.
  • Aladdin: Do you have other friends that act like Genie?
  • Jasmine: No. But why do you always have to ask questions?
  • Aladdin: And why do you always have to be so worried?
  • Jasmine: What is your problem being next to me?
  • Aladdin: Why you never seem so happy when we get to sleep together?
  • Genie: Oh no, don't fight.
  • Jasmine: Are you trying to push on me?
  • Aladdin: No. I wish i slept with other harlem ladies.
  • Jasmine: Are you nuts? What are you, a ladies prince?
  • Aladdin: I would rather sleep with more harlem ladies aside from you.
  • Jasmine: Ugh. That's it Aladdin. I had enough. I don't wanna be around you anymore.
  • Aladdin: What? No. We were just messing around.
  • Jasmine: I'm getting out of here. Come on Rajah, we're finding a place to sleep.
  • Aladdin: Jasmine, no! I'm sorry.
  • Jasmine: It's better best if you didn't get along with any of the harlem girls. Genie, pack my stuff now.
  • Genie: Don't make me do this. I can't pack up in one night.
  • Jasmine: We're going somewhere.
  • Genie: Sorry Aladdin, you're better off your own.
  • Aladdin: Guys.
  • Genie: Aladdin, just go to bed. Jasmine need a private room for today. We'll talk tomorrow, okay?
  • Aladdin: Alright. Abu, look like it's you and me for today.
  • Abu: *still sleeping*

(Jasmine and Rajah walk outside of the palace with a water fountain and garden)

  • Jasmine: Where are we going to sleep tonight?
  • Genie: Oh, you're pretty cold. Let me give you a room. *make a room* You may enter. Ladies first.

(Jasmine, Rajah and Genie enter the room. The room look like a princess themed house with a pink background.)

  • Genie: Welcome to your quiet room for today. You can play games, watch TV, eat a midnight snack and anything you like in your room.
  • Jasmine: That's really great Genie. This is why i don't have to be with Aladdin for one night.
  • Genie: For one night, you can do anything. Wanna go bowling with me?
  • Jasmine: Genie, this is a private room. We're not suppose to leave out of our private room. How about we play some checkers.
  • Genie: Nah, it's too complicated. Your brain end up breaking down like a gears slowing down on a time clock.
  • Jasmine: Maybe we can do a slumber party.
  • Genie: A slumber party? That's a great idea. For a slumber party, we need girls. How are we going to get girls into the palace in the middle of the night?
  • Jasmine: Try looking for princesses around the worlds to come.
  • Genie: *think* Think think think. Eureka! I know what i should do.
  • Jasmine: You're going to invite the princesses over?
  • Genie: Yep. They come from different times like going to the past, present and future. I'll be back with the princesses. *warp*
  • Jasmine: Such a funny guy, right Rajah?
  • Rajah: *yawn*

(In another world, Snow White and the Prince are living at the castle near the castle. Snow White is setting up the bed as the Prince is cleaning the floor with a broom.)

  • Snow White: It's going to be a beauty of a night.
  • Prince: So sweetheart, do you mind placing the shirts on the drawer?
  • Snow White: Sure. Why not?
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal, dressed as a princess* Hello there princess!
  • Snow White: Ah! What is that in the clouds?
  • Genie: I am inviting every princess to come over to the biggest sleepover party of all time.
  • Prince: What kind of princess are you?
  • Genie: Just a tweetie bird, swinging on my dress.
  • Snow White: I would love to come to the party.
  • Genie: Yes. You may proceed to the circle.
  • Prince: Hey, what about me?
  • Genie: Sorry Prince, this invitation is only for princesses. It stinks to be you.
  • Prince: Meh. Next time there should be a party for castle people.
  • Genie: Cheer up, you have the whole bed for tonight. I gotta invite more girls.

(Snow White show up to the private room with Jasmine)

  • Snow White: Oh, is this the sleepover party?
  • Jasmine: Sure you asked.

(In another world at the castle, Cinderella and Prince Charming are setting up the bed for tonight)

  • Cinderella: Charming, this is love. The bed is smooth and the pillows are soft.
  • Charming: Sure is. Why don't you give the mice some cheese before bed?
  • Cinderella: That's a great idea.
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal* Hi there!
  • Cinderella: Oh my, what are you suppose to me?
  • Genie: I'm a pretty princess.
  • Charming: Nice to meet you?
  • Genie: I am taking her to the biggest sleepover party in Agrabah. Princesses only.
  • Charming: Bummer. Cinderella, look like you have to go without me.
  • Cinderella: Don't worry, there's always a next time.
  • Genie: Are you forgetting anything for the party?
  • Cinderella: The mice. *pick up Mary, Jaq and Gus*
  • Genie: The mice? Alright. You may enter.
  • Cinderella: Thank you very much.

(Cinderella show up to the private room with Jasmine and Snow White)

  • Cinderella: Oh. Only you two?
  • Jasmine: We got more coming.
  • Snow White: It's only a matter of time.

(In another world at a castle, Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty is seen sleeping with Prince Phillip as Genie pop up from a portal)

  • Genie: Hello? Is anyone awake? They don't hear me. No earmuffs on them. Hmm. Look like i have the take the girl without answering. *grab and drop Aurora to the portal*

(Aurora land on the bean bag in the private room with Jasmine, Snow White and Cinderella)

  • Jasmine: Is that a sleeping girl?
  • Snow White: She's suppose to be awake.
  • Cinderella: I think she's trying to take a nap.

(In the underwater world of Atlantica, Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian are seen chasing each other in a game of tag)

  • Ariel: *laugh*
  • Sebastian: Under the sea!
  • Flounder: I feel like living in the past with my kid self.
  • Ariel: It's a prime time to chill out while everyone is sleeping.
  • Flounder: At least, your sisters aren't awake.
  • Ariel: I'm the youngest of all.
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal, dressed as a mermaid* Hi.
  • Ariel: Ah! You scared me.
  • Genie: Hello, i'm trying every princess to the biggest sleepover in Agrabah. Are you interested?
  • Ariel: Yes.
  • Flounder: Oh boy, another party invitation.
  • Genie: Sorry sea animals, you will have to go somewhere for tonight.
  • Sebastian: Well great. My hype for this party is now ruined.
  • Flounder: Guess i'm going back to bed.
  • Ariel: Bye guys. I guess we had a little fun today. I hope by tomorrow, we'll play some music at the club.
  • Genie: M'lady, swim aside.
  • Ariel: Sure.

(Ariel landed in the small pool in the private room where Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora are)

  • Jasmine: Wow, you're hot.
  • Snow White: And wet.
  • Ariel: Hello. I'm a pretty little fish.
  • Jasmine: Uh, okay?

(At the Beast's Castle, Belle is putting on make-up as Adam is setting up the pictures on the wall)

  • Adam: Belle, can you help me with the photos?
  • Belle: Oh sure. *place the pictures on the wall* They all look neat as usual.
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal* Hi there.
  • Adam: Whoa!
  • Belle: What are you?
  • Genie: A genie princess, trying to invite every princess to the biggest sleepover party. Today is your lucky day.
  • Belle: Sweet.
  • Adam: Great. If i was a beast, i would guard the castle for more years.
  • Genie: Don't even think about it. Come on over.
  • Belle: Yes sweetie.

(Belle show up to the private room with the princesses)

  • Belle: Hi everybody. I'm Belle.
  • Jasmine: Hi.
  • Snow White: Nice to meet you.

(At England in a castle, Pocahontas and John Smith are setting up the bed in the room)

  • Pocahontas: You think Meeko would like it here?
  • John: Oh yes. Why not ask where Meeko could sleep in?
  • Pocahontas: You just said that question already.
  • John: Maybe we'll make a smaller bed for him.
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal* Hello, are you a princess?
  • Pocahontas: Yes i am. Pardon me.
  • Genie: I am inviting every princess to the biggest sleepover party at Agrabah. You're invited, no questions asked.
  • Pocahontas: Yes. Today must be my lucky day.
  • John: Good for you. I hope you catch up with all the princesses around the world.
  • Genie: Enter as you may. Bring your pet raccoon with you.
  • Pocahontas: *hold Meeko* Yes my friend.

(Pocahontas and Meeko show up to the private room with the princesses)

  • Pocahontas: Is this the sleepover party?
  • Snow White: Yes. You must came to the right place.
  • Pocahontas: Dope.

(At China, Fa Mulan and Li Shang are in the house, setting up the bed with Mushu, Little Brother and Cri-Kee helping out)

  • Mulan: The blankets are okay.
  • Li Shang: Sure it does.
  • Mushu: Man, it's getting hot in here. Why can we put on the fan so we can get some fresh air while we're inside?
  • Mulan: Mushu. This fan only hold up a single air of energy.
  • Mushu: We should have gotten a bigger one.
  • Little Brother: *bark*
  • Cri-Kee: *fly around*
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal* Well hello there.
  • Mulan: Whoa. What are you?
  • Mushu: Jeez, you're big as a blueberry.
  • Genie: I am the genie princess and i am inviting all the princesses to the biggest sleepover party at Agrabah.
  • Mulan: Sure, why not?
  • Mushu: Hey, what about us?
  • Genie: You're not a girl! You're a dragon.
  • Mushu: Yo, that's no fair. Why not invite the dragons from around the world?
  • Li Shang: Chill out Mushu, one day, they'll make a party dedicated to dragons.
  • Mushu: She get to go, but not us.
  • Mulan: See you in the morning.
  • Genie: Go in.

(Fa Mulan show up to the private room with the princesses)

  • Pocahontas: Hey.
  • Mulan: What's up?
  • Pocahontas: Nothing much.

(At New Orleans, Tiana and Prince Naveen are cleaning up Tiana's Palace as the restaurant is closed for today)

  • Tiana: We'll be making money like crazy.
  • Naveen: Make sure by morning, we'll get more flour to make more bread.
  • Tiana: Uh huh. Dreams do come true in New Orleans.
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal* Whoa, what's that smell?
  • Tiana: Hi there. Sorry, we're closed.
  • Genie: No no, you're invited to the biggest sleepover party in Agrabah. Princesses only.
  • Tiana: Really? Yes. I always wanted to come.
  • Naveen: Oh boy, i would have been a frog if i was going into that party.
  • Genie: Hop on in.
  • Tiana: No problem.

(Tiana show up to the private room with the princesses)

  • Tiana: Is this the party? Great. I hope they have some food just like in my restaurant.

(At Corona in the castle, Rapunzel is painting while Flynn Rider and Cassandra are setting up the clothes)

  • Rapunzel: Almost done. Just need a little more time for the paint to try.
  • Cassandra: We been doing this for a while. Why can't we set up the bed for tonight?
  • Flynn: Girl, we have been doing this for two minutes. That ain't that bad.
  • Cassandra: If we have a washer machine, then someone would have done the clothes for us. Duh.
  • Flynn: Then i'll be hanging out at the Ugly Duckling.
  • Rapunzel: Now, for the biggest moment of my drawing. The shade.
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal* Sweet dreams!
  • Rapunzel: Ah! There's a blue ghost in the circle!
  • Cassandra: Leave it to me, i'll cut the ghost off.
  • Genie: Hold it! I'm no ghost. I'm a genie.
  • Cassandra: A genie? Like a wizard?
  • Genie: You said it. This lady is going to the biggest sleepover party in Agrabah. Today is your lucky day.
  • Rapunzel: Sweet. I'm invited.
  • Cassandra: Oh boy, look like it's you and me tonight.
  • Flynn: Why don't you ask?
  • Genie: Come on over to the party. Bring your pet chameleon with you.
  • Rapunzel: Yes.

(Rapunzel and Pascal show up to the private room with the princesses)

  • Rapunzel: Hi there.
  • Belle: Hello, you must be here for the party.
  • Rapunzel: Cool, what's your name?
  • Belle: I'm Belle.
  • Rapunzel: Rapunzel.
  • Belle: Nice to meet you.
  • Rapunzel: *excited*

(At DunBroch in a house, Merida is seen eating dinner with her family)

  • Fergus: I never knew the steak tasted good.
  • Elinor: This potato salad isn't that bad.
  • Merida: The soup is good, but the toppings could have been much better.
  • Harris: Arrr, i am the mighty fork!
  • Fergus: Harris, stop playing with your food and eat.
  • Harris: Fine dad.
  • Hubert: Why is the bread roll so soft?
  • Elinor: It's just the way we cook it. Just eat it.
  • Hubert: Fine.
  • Hamish: I love this turkey.
  • Merida: Good for you. We made the very best we could ever make.
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal* Season greetings. Do you know where the princess is?
  • Fergus: What the? How did this thing manage to get into our house?
  • Genie: I'm going to have to pick up your daughter for the biggest sleepover party in Agrabah. Just for princesses.
  • Elinor: She is a princess. Maybe she can come.
  • Merida: I wanna go Mom. Don't worry, i'll be back.
  • Harris: What about us?
  • Genie: Princesses only.
  • Merida: Look like i'm the only one going.
  • Genie: You may continue eating. Young lady, get in the portal.

(Merida show up to the private room with the princesses)

  • Merida: Wow, that's a lot of princesses.

(At Arendelle in the castle, Anna and Elsa play in the room together with a snowball fight)

  • Anna: I got you now! *throw a snowball at Elsa*
  • Elsa: You can't catch me. *throw a snowball at Anna*
  • Olaf: Go Elsa Go. You can do it.
  • Kristoff: Anna is going to win this, right Sven?
  • Sven: *shook head as yes*
  • Olaf: You don't believe me.
  • Anna: One more throw and you're out!
  • Elsa: Here come the snow! *throw a snowball*
  • Anna: *throw a snowball*
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal, but get hit by snowballs* Ow. Who threw these snowballs at me!
  • Anna: Ah! What is that?
  • Elsa: I'm so sorry. We didn't actually see you there.
  • Genie: No, i'm good. You two are invited to the sleepover party at Agrabah.
  • Anna: Really?
  • Elsa: Yes. I hope the place isn't cold as the ice palace.
  • Olaf: What about us? We weren't invited.
  • Kristoff: Sorry Olaf, it's their lucky day.
  • Genie: It's a Princess Party. What do you expect?
  • Olaf: For princesses only? What about snowmen?
  • Genie: Nah. It's not your day. Sorry bud, you get your chance someday. You two girls may step in the portal.
  • Anna: Bye guys. Hope you stay safe from the weather.
  • Elsa: The cold won't bother you. I promise.
  • Kristoff: Sweet dreams.
  • Olaf: So long. Look like we're better off playing a snowball fight next.

(Anna and Elsa show up to the private room with the princesses)

  • Anna: This is going to be fun.
  • Elsa: Exciting.

(At Motunui, Moana and Maui are lifting up the rocks in the jungle)

  • Moana: These rocks are hard to carry back.
  • Maui: You gotta put your strength to the test, right mini me?
  • Mini Maui: *smile on Maui's tattoos*
  • Moana: If the ocean was here, the water would have move the rocks from one side from another.
  • Maui: Who need the ocean to move them over. We're already 10 feet away from the ocean.
  • Genie: *pop up from a portal* I'm here!
  • Moana: Ah! Not another monster from the deep.
  • Genie: Whoa whoa whoa. Easy there. I'm here to invite you from the party.
  • Moana: What party? Are they having a hula contest in the middle of the beach?
  • Genie: No. It's a sleepover party for princesses at Agrabah. You're one of the princesses around the worlds.
  • Moana: Really? I'm going?
  • Maui: Don't say it.
  • Genie: Yes. You are going to the sleepover party in Agrabah.
  • Moana: Yes! Now i don't have to do all the hard work from pulling the rocks.
  • Maui: We were just training. Now i have to do all of this? Ugh, fine. I guess i would have to take your place on moving the rocks out of the way.
  • Genie: Miss, you may proceed to the portal.
  • Moana: Thank you.
  • Genie: You're very welcome.
  • Moana: See you in a while. *enter the portal*
  • Genie: Keep those rocks out of the way. *enter the portal*
  • Maui: Anyone wanna help pull those rocks out? Guys?
  • Heihei: *peak on the ground*
  • Pua: *sniff on the ground*
  • Maui: Oh well. I'm the only one working.

(Back at Agrabah in the private room, Aurora wake up from her nap, realizing that there's a lot of princesses in the room and scream)

  • Rapunzel: Whoa, what happen?
  • Snow White: Are you okay? What's the matter?
  • Aurora: Where am i? What is this place?
  • Tiana: Girl, cheer up. You're in the princess room. We were all invited for a reason.
  • Aurora: Is this a dream? I can't breathe.
  • Genie: *arrive with Moana from a portal* This is it. I think i got all of them.
  • Moana: Is this the party?
  • Genie: Yes. What are you talking about? You're in the right place.
  • Jasmine: Welcome back Genie and first of all, why are you dressed like a princess?
  • Genie: This suit great for the party. He he he.
  • Ariel: I can feel my fins.
  • Genie: Hi there. Look like you're going to have to walk like everyone else. *turn Ariel into a princess*
  • Ariel: I'm a princess? That's fast?
  • Genie: Now you're talking. Also, you're a human like the rest of them.
  • Belle: I didn't know this place has books to read, right Rapunzel?
  • Rapunzel: Yep.
  • Aurora: This is going to bomb like crazy.
  • Genie: Okay. I know everyone names i just pick up. Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Anna, Elsa and Moana.
  • Moana: That's me alright.
  • Genie: Ladies, welcome to your sleepover party at Agrabah!
  • Everyone: *cheer*
  • Genie: Does this room look simple to you? Let's make it what it should always be. *turn the room into a princess-themed room*
  • Cinderella: Wow.
  • Snow White: I'm really liking this place so far.
  • Genie: All the food and items are stored for you. Clothes are added as well.
  • Rapunzel: This is going to be the best night of our lives.
  • Genie: Wait. What if they hear us while the people are sleeping in the palace? Let me clean that up for you. *supersonic speed by putting earmuffs into the people's ears in the palace including Aladdin, Sultan, Razoul and the rest and return to the room* Done.
  • Jasmine: What did you actually do?
  • Genie: Oh, i put all the earmuffs into the people's ears so no one can hear a sound or a break while we're partying all night.
  • Aurora: It's like midnight. I think we're going to have to call it a day.
  • Genie: No no no. This party ain't over when the party just started.
  • Tiana: When it's a party, you hang out with your friends.
  • Aurora: I never met any of you guys before.
  • Anna: Well, this is the first time meeting us.
  • Elsa: Just let the hate go and rock along with the love.
  • Aurora: Fine, i guess.
  • Genie: Now let's party!
  • Everyone: *cheer*
  • Genie: Wait. Put on your pajamas and relax in the chill zone.
  • Cinderella: I'll get my mice on this.

(Moments later, the princesses are relaxing with Genie, all wearing new modern clothes)

  • Cinderella: *sigh* So this is love. All hail Princess Genie, the queen of comfy.
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Genie: Thank you very much. I did all the hard work for you. All the food and drinks are at the ground. No grubs in the room. The place is looking clean as Aladdin's room.
  • Ariel: Of all the thingamabobs in this entire world, I never thought I'd get to wear a real... what's it called again? Oh, yeah. A shirt. *singing* I once had a dream that I might wear a shirt...
  • Anna: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait. What's going on? Why is the music playing?
  • Jasmine: Uh, she's singing.
  • Elsa: Yeah, but there was, like, music and the spotlight and... Wait, you all saw it, too, right?
  • Tiana: That's what happens when a princess sings about her dreams.
  • Genie: Just like watching a movie when a actor break into song and the colors and spotlight show up into that character singing.
  • Belle: Well, there's a lot to unpack here. You got the potential to sing in the spotlight.
  • Mulan: Maybe a little. But sometimes your song can't start until you go someplace to reflect.
  • Pocahontas: What works for some of us is finding a form of water and staring at it.
  • Snow White: Oh, yes. I like to stare at a wishing well.
  • Moana: I stare at the ocean.
  • Mulan: Horse trough.
  • Cinderella: Soap bubbles.
  • Genie: What would you be like if you stare at the water in the lake.
  • Ariel: It will be Important water.
  • Genie: Yep, that's right. Pond water, ocean water, pool water, any kind of water around here.
  • Tiana: Mm-hmm. I'll be back in my gown at the castle.
  • Rapunzel: Did anyone try the cupcakes?
  • Snow White: I love them.
  • Ariel: It reminded me of the wedding cake when me and Eric got married.
  • Everyone: Aw.
  • Belle: That's so cute. My prince was a bigger beast, then the curse break out when we defeated that big strong man who tried to shoot the beast at the castle.
  • Snow White: Like eating a poison apple?
  • Aurora: I wouldn't be cursed if i were you.
  • Merida: Och. Lang may yer lum reek, and may a moose ne'er leave your girnal with a tear drop in his eye. Haste ye back, me lassie!
  • Aurora: Uh-huh. What did she just say?
  • Tiana: We don't know.
  • Moana: We can't understand her.
  • Anna: She's from the other universe.
  • Aurora: Ah.
  • Pocahontas: Never forget your dreams and live out in your life.
  • Rapunzel: That pizza taste cheesy. I wish we could put on pineapple on the pizza.
  • Tiana: Uh uh. Who put pineapple on their pizza? Pineapple is the worst topping for pizza in food history. I would rather have sardines on my pizza.
  • Belle: Or swiss cheese.
  • Rapunzel: Meh, swiss cheese is pretty smelly. Me and my friend Cassandra were making a sandwich the other day and i torture her by making her smell it for like five minutes.
  • Elsa: Ooh, that's hot.
  • Genie: Rapunzel, you never had a friend like me.
  • Jasmine: How about drop some pepperoni and meatballs and you make it a supreme pizza. That would be lit.
  • Genie: Great idea.
  • Tiana: In your dreams.
  • Rapunzel: Wait, i have a dream before?
  • Belle: You do?
  • Rapunzel: I remember one time going to the Ugly Duckling with my prince, we all did a song together on having a dream.
  • Anna: We all have dreams. Think in your imagination when you see flying ducks with flying clouds all over the sky.
  • Elsa: Like freezing ice on a fridge.
  • Snow White: You feel like going into the happiest place on Earth.
  • Genie: Now, who want some music!
  • Everyone: We do!
  • Genie: Okay. Do you mind if i play the radio?
  • Jasmine: Nah. We're bit of a old-fashion way. Let's play what generations of people used to like when different genre of music was around.
  • Genie: It doesn't have to be soul or love. It could be any song you want to play.
  • Rapunzel: Music is music.
  • Belle: Rapunzel is right. We make a song by singing with music.
  • Pocahontas: She said it. Now let's sing.
  • Genie: Okay. Let the music begin. *play on the piano*
  • Snow White:

Have you ever wonder

If you're scared or not

Like eating a poison apple

That will make you sleep for days

I'd rather be called shyly

For my lover show-tune medley

'Cause way down deep inside

I've got a dream.

  • Genie: Together now. One, two, three!
  • Everyone:

We've got a dream!

We've got a dream!

  • Cinderella:

See, i'm a happy looking princess

With my slippers on my feet

I got three mice with me

Who lead me on my dress

I've got a dream!

  • Belle:

I've got books and novels with me

I read them through my break

I never stop til time run out

That's when i'm off my break

I gotta study for the test

And pass within the goals

  • Tiana:

Can't you see me with a special restaurant

Cookin' in with a bunch of food

Though I'm one hardworking waitress

I'm a lover, not a fighter

'Cause way down deep inside

  • Everyone:

We've got a dream

We've got a dream!

  • Aurora: She's got a dream!
  • Anna: I've got a dream!
  • Elsa: He's got a dream!
  • Rapunzel:

And I know one day romance will reign supreme!

Though my face leaves people screaming

There's a child behind it, dreaming

Like everybody else

I've got a dream

  • Cinderella:

My mice would make a dress

My prince does all the dancing

My cat is blocking the way

My step-sisters's cupcakes are sublime

Bruiser knits

Killer sews

Charming does little puppet shows

  • Ariel: And Eric collects golden seashells.
  • Moana: What about you?
  • Aurora: I'm sorry, me?
  • Pocahontas: What's your dream?
  • Aurora: No, no no. Sorry, girls. I don't sing.
  • Tiana: Just sing, girl.
  • Aurora: Fine.

I have dreams, like you, no, really!

Just much less touchy-feely

They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny

On an castle that I own

Tanned and rested and alone

Surrounded by enormous knights and fairies

  • Rapunzel: I've got a dream!
  • Snow White: She's got a dream!
  • Rapunzel: I've got a dream!
  • Cinderella: She's got a dream!
  • Rapunzel: I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam!
  • Ariel: Yeah!
  • Rapunzel:

And with every passing hour

I'm so glad I left my tower

Like all you lovely folks

I've got a dream!

  • Everyone:

We've got a dream!

We've got a dream!

They've got a dream!

We've got a dream!

So our diff 'rences ain't really that extreme!

We're one big team...!

Call us brutal


  • Moana: Sadistic.
  • Mulan: And grotesquely optimistic.
  • Jasmine:

Cause way down deep inside

We've got a dream!

  • Merida: I've got a dream!
  • Belle: I've got a dream!
  • Everyone:

We've got a dream!

We've got a dream!

We've got a dream!

  • Rapunzel: I've got a dream!
  • Everyone: *cheer and sing*

Yes way down deep inside,

We've got a dream!


  • Genie: *clap* Bravo! What a great performance.
  • Everyone: *cheer*
  • Moana: That was awesome.
  • Belle: Sweet dreams are made of this.
  • Rapunzel: Ah, who knew i could have a best friend like you.
  • Jasmine: Everyone has a best friend.
  • Tiana: In your dreams, Jasmine.
  • Jasmine: It's a whole new world out there.
  • Genie: Ah, i'm in lost for words. The best performance i've ever had since the wedding with Aladdin and Jasmine.
  • Jasmine: There's a party here in Agrabah.
  • Ariel: We're inside. No one is going to here us.
  • Genie: Like flipping cards in a house deck?
  • Belle: You mean a house of cards? When i was a kid, me and my friends used to make a house full of cards and fell apart when the storm was coming.
  • Genie: Storms. You know that i hate hurricane season.
  • Moana: It's okay Genie. Every summer, we have hurricanes trying to move the water up like crazy. If i was the ocean, i would balance the water without raising little drops to form a cloud.
  • Genie: If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.
  • Tiana: That would be me. I hate going to work on a raining day.
  • Genie: Then that sucks to be you.
  • Tiana: Bummer.
  • Aurora: *drink the soda* Oh my, what does this water taste like?
  • Genie: It's soda. It's suppose to look like Sprite. But yeah, it is Sprite all along.
  • Aurora: I prefer orange juice over soda.
  • Snow White: Apple juice would be my drink of the day.
  • Aurora: *yawn* Is it time already to sleep.
  • Genie: Girls, you know what time it is. Bed time!
  • Rapunzel: Bed time already?
  • Cinderella: The party only lasted for 10 minutes.
  • Genie: I know. Then you were all singing. Time to go to bed.
  • Jasmine: Alright. You have my words.

(Moments later, the princesses set up their sleeping bags on the floor to sleep for tonight)

  • Jasmine: This has been a great night.
  • Genie: Ladies, your sleeping bags are all set for tonight.
  • Aurora: Thank you. Now i can sleep what i always wanted to sleep in.
  • Tiana: This sleeping bag is just like a bed, but you sleep on it like sleeping on a camping tent.
  • Aurora: I see.
  • Ariel: Goodnight ladies.
  • Rapunzel: Sweet dreams.
  • Snow White: Don't let the poison apple bite.
  • Moana: You're welcome.
  • Genie: Lights off.
  • Elsa: No problem. *use her ice powers to turn off the lights and sleep with the girls*

(While Aurora is sleeping, her powers literally connects into the multiverse and into her world where Maleficent in her castle sense Aurora sleeping in Agrabah)

  • Maleficent: I found the sleeping beauty. I know i'm sensing her all over the worlds she go to. We need to raid the kingdom where the arabic people live.
  • Diablo: Caw!
  • Maleficent: My little Diablo. I won't hurt a little feather on you. I wonder who i can summon to work with me and teach a lesson with Aurora. *open a portal up*
  • ???: *walk out of the portal, turning out to be a grand vizier* Well well well. Where am i?
  • Maleficent: Hello, you must be my summoner.
  • ???: Where is this Jasmine lady i'm looking for? I have been searching for treasure for the whole night. No sign of cold and gems around this corner.
  • Maleficent: What is your name?
  • ???: Jafar.
  • Maleficent: Jafar? Nice name. *open a world where the princesses are sleeping* You see here. This is the sleeping beauty i'm looking for. The girls are sleeping next to her.
  • Jafar: Wait a minute? Is that? *look at Jasmine and Genie sleeping* No! It cannot be. They're involved in this party? Impossible.
  • Maleficent: What would you like to do?
  • Jafar: Teach them all a lesson!
  • Maleficent: I like that. Goons! Make way to the other world!
  • Goons: *run to the portal*

(Back at the princess room, a portal open up as darkness spread around with the princesses waking up from the noise)

  • Rapunzel: What time is it?
  • Belle: Oh no, you gotta see this.

(Jafar and Maleficent show up in the portal with the Goons, showing their evil laughs)

  • Jasmine: Jafar!
  • Aurora: Maleficent!
  • Maleficent: Well well well, i have been looking all over for you. Are you enjoying a nice sleepover party?
  • Aurora: What are you even doing here?
  • Jafar: We're just crashing your little party for a surprise.
  • Diablo: Caw!
  • Ariel: Why are you hurting our dreams? Are you giving us poor unfortunate souls like a bad nightmare?
  • Maleficent: Unfortunately yes. We can't wait to take over all of Agrabah.
  • Genie: You cannot take Agrabah away from us. Not like last time!
  • Jafar: Beat it, Genie. I hope your dress rips out like the last time you beat me in battle.
  • Snow White: Girls, we got a fight to catch on.
  • Everyone: *hold their weapons for the fight*
  • Maleficent: Goons, war out!
  • Everyone: *clash with the goons*
  • Snow White: *throw a poison apple at the goon*
  • Cinderella: Bad goon. *slash her broken slippers to a goon*
  • Aurora: Say goodnight! *kick a goon*
  • Maleficent: Sleeping beauty, over here.
  • Aurora: You daughter of a whooper snapper, i'm going to get you. *fight Maleficent*
  • Ariel: *throw seashells at the goons* Eat this! Die with it.
  • Belle: *use the books to slap the goons*
  • Jasmine: *punch and kick the goons*
  • Jafar: *evil laugh* Over here my girl.
  • Jasmine: You're going to lose this. *fight Jafar*
  • Mulan: *jump and slash her sword to the goons*
  • Genie: This party is a mess. What's wrong with you guys?
  • Pocahontas: Meeko, kill them.
  • Meeko: *bite the goons*
  • Rajah: *roar at the goons*
  • Pacal: *run and kick the goons*
  • Mary, Jaq and Gus: *use a rope to trip on the goons*
  • Tiana: *throw a flower at the goons* Oops, did i break it for you goons?
  • Rapunzel: *jump and step on the goons* Ooh, pointy.
  • Anna: *punch the goons*
  • Elsa: Ah! *use her ice powers to freeze on the goons*
  • Merida: *use her bow to shoot arrows at the goons*
  • Moana: *use the boat stick to lift the water up and splash at the goons*
  • Goons: *soaked in water*
  • Maleficent: Ha ha ha, you're not fast for nothing Aurora.
  • Aurora: You get what you always deserved. *punch Maleficent*
  • Maleficent: Ow.
  • Diablo: Caw!
  • Aurora: *slap Diablo*
  • Maleficent: Diablo! *hold Diablo* What have you done?
  • Jafar: If Iago was here, he would complain like a maniac!
  • Jasmine: *punch Jafar*
  • Jafar: Grrr, i would get my hands on you if Aladdin was here all along.
  • Jasmine: Take this grand vizier! *use her lamp to hit Jafar*
  • Jafar: Ow.
  • Genie: Ha ha ha.
  • Jafar: I hate you. I'm going to get you for this if it weren't for you meddling princesses for crashing the party.
  • Genie: I'm no princess.
  • Rapunzel: What?
  • Tiana: Say that again?
  • Genie: I am a, *take off his dress and wig* Genie!
  • Jafar and Maleficent: Genie?!
  • Belle: You were crossdressing all along?
  • Elsa: I knew he was a boy all along.
  • Genie: This is a princess only party and you two and your goons are not invited all along.
  • Maleficent: What about my pet crow?
  • Genie: Not even the crow too. You're all out of the party! Say goodbye! *open a vortex to suck the goons, Diablo, Maleficent and Jafar out*
  • Jafar: No! This was your only second rate! Screw you!
  • Maleficent: Aurora, you will pay for this! Even your princesses!
  • Aurora: Beat it sorceress. You're not welcome to the party all along!
  • Jafar: I think i'm going to have a heart attack.
  • Genie: *suck the villains in the vortex and close the vortex down* Good day sir. Well, we finally save Agrabah once again.
  • Rapunzel: Not just Agrabah. We saved the world together.
  • Jasmine: You did it again Genie. You tricked Jafar once again with your wishes.
  • Genie: It wasn't a wish. It was a plan all over. Ever since i invited you guys, i was a blue Genie who was trapped in a lamp for years until a street rat wished me out and give him all the wishes he want.
  • Jasmine: This is when me and Aladdin just met. We free Genie out of his lamp prison.
  • Genie: In the aftermath, i got fake ones on my hand, pretending that i'm a real Genie of the lamp.
  • Rapunzel: This party really rocks all along.
  • Merida: Sweet baby cakes.
  • Genie: My friends, this is the best party we got had so far. I hope we can do another one someday. This time, with your princes!
  • Everyone: *cheers*
  • Jasmine: Aladdin is going to like this one.
  • Rapunzel: We all have a dream, right?
  • Belle: Yep. It's a tale as old as dream.
  • Genie: Beauty and the Party.

(In the aftermath, party invitation mails were spread all over the worlds where the princesses live in. First stop at Snow White's world in the forest where the Prince receive a letter from Genie.)

  • Prince: A prince and princess sleepover? Count me in. Are you dwarfs coming along?
  • Grumpy: Pass.
  • Dopey: *excited*
  • Doc: I don't mind.
  • Happy: *excited*
  • Bashful: Oh my.
  • Sneezy: Aw-choo! *sneeze*
  • Sleepy: *snoring*

(At Cinderella's world at the castle, Prince Charming receive a letter from Genie)

  • Charming: A prince and princess party in Agrabah? I'm in. Are you guys coming along?
  • Anastasia: Oh, never mind.
  • Drizella: Not interested.
  • Tremaine: I'm not fond of this party. Even for princesses like Cinderella can go.
  • Lucifer: Meow.
  • Bruno: *bark*

(At Aurora's world at the castle, Prince Phillip receive a letter from Genie)

  • Phillip: There's a party for us? I'm going in.
  • Leah: Aurora wasn't in bed last night, wasn't she?
  • Stefan: She must be sleeping again.
  • King Hubert: As usual.
  • Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather: *make the dresses*

(At Ariel's world in Prince Eric's castle, Eric receive a letter from Genie while Melody walk up to Eric with the dress)

  • Melody: How does the stack of dresses look?
  • Eric: Pretty clean. The letter say that all the princes and princesses are invited to this sleepover party at Agrabah.
  • Melody: Really? Can i come?
  • Eric: Sorry Melody. This is a invitation party for princes and princesses. One day, you'll be a princess. Look like i'm going to have to take you to Atlantica.
  • Melody: If there was one for the mermaids, i would have gone to that party.

(Back at Atlantica, the sisters of Ariel are playing seashell catch as Eric arrive with his ship with Melody, Scuttle and Max)

  • Eric: Hey girls, Melody is going to stay for one night!
  • Attina: Aw, that's so sweet.
  • Eric: Triton, give her fins!
  • Triton: Alright. She will stay in the water. *use his trident to turn Melody into a mermaid*
  • Melody: Yay! *jump in the water*
  • Triton's daughters: *cheer*
  • Arista: Welcome to Atlantica.
  • Scuttle: Well great. I guess you're going to that sleepover party with Ariel.
  • Eric: I better look fancy for tonight's sleepover.
  • Max: *bark*

(Back at Belle's world, Adam is reading the letter from Genie while Maurice set up the tools at the table)

  • Adam: There's a sleepover party in Agrabah? I'm in.
  • Maurice: Good luck with that. All i'm gonna do is build at my desk.

(Back at Pocahontas' world at the castle, John read a letter from Genie with Flit reading the letter)

  • John: A sleepover party for all the princes and princesses? Wild.

(Back at Mulan's world at the house, Li Shang read a letter from Genie)

  • Li Shang: There's a party in Agrabah? For princes and princesses? Look like i'm going to see Mulan in the princess room.
  • Mushu: Princes and princesses only? Great. I should have gone to that party if i was a statue again.

(Back at Tiana's world in the city of New Orleans, Prince Naveen read a letter from Genie)

  • Naveen: So, is there a party dedicated to all the princes and princesses in the world, then i'm invited.

(Back at Rapunzel's world at the castle, Flynn read the letter from Genie in the hallway)

  • Flynn: Come to the biggest sleepover party in Agrabah for princes and princesses? I'm invited all along.
  • Cassandra: You're going to that party without me? I wish i was a princess if i had that Rapunzel wig from the last Challenge of the Brave tournament.
  • Arianna: Is our daughter okay?
  • Flynn: Yes. She's still in Agrabah with that little chameleon.
  • Frederic: I see your point.
  • Flynn: Cassandra, make sure you take care of Maximus while i'm gone.
  • Cassandra: Sure bet.
  • Maximus: *hold a bucket for Flynn*
  • Flynn: Whoa, easy there big guy. Cassandra will do all the work from you.
  • Maximus: *upset*

(Back at Merida's world in the village, Young MacGuffin got a letter from Genie and read it)

  • Young MacGuffin: I'm invited? Oh my god, i hope i see Merida there.
  • Lord MacGuffin: Good luck son, i hope you get your chance on getting the girl.
  • Young MacGuffin: She went to a sleepover yesterday, now i get to see the girl of my dreams.

(Back at Anna and Elsa's world at the Arendelle castle, Kristoff read a letter from Genie)

  • Kristoff: A sleepover party in Agrabah? Great. I hope Anna is doing okay with Elsa.
  • Olaf: Oh well, we had enough playing snowballs for the day, right Sven?
  • Sven: *amazed*
  • Kristoff: I'm going to love it in Agrabah.

(Back at Moana's world in the jungle, Maui is reading a letter from Genie)

  • Maui: There's a sleepover party in Agrabah? I'm no prince, right mini me?
  • Mini Maui: *laugh*
  • Maui: I never wear a suit before. Look like i need to wear one for the sleepover.

(Back at Agrabah in the princess room, the princesses are talking together while Genie return to the room)

  • Genie: I just open up the portals to each world and they should be here in any minute.
  • Jasmine: Great. Did Aladdin receive the letter?
  • Genie: I gave every prince a letter except Aladdin. I told him that there's a party going on in the room.
  • Jasmine: That's nice. *hear the door knocking* They're here everyone.
  • Snow White: This is the moment we all have been waiting for.
  • Charming: *open the door with the princes* Hello ladies, this is the right place to party in the house.
  • Cinderella: Come on in my friends.
  • Everyone: *as the princes enter the room, they reunite with the princesses, hugging and kissing*
  • Iago: *arrive with Abu* Whoa. What is this room?
  • Genie: You're still here?
  • Iago: Hello? I got here. You think it's a fruit party for fruit dancers?
  • Genie: Why don't you ask him?
  • Abu: *eat the grapes*
  • Iago: I would talk to the other birds if they were at the party.
  • Young MacGuffin: Merida?
  • Merida: Hello?
  • Young MacGuffin: *hug Merida* Oh my god, it's you. I didn't know you were in the party.
  • Merida: Didn't i met you before? What's your name again?
  • Young MacGuffin: Young MacGuffin.
  • Merida: Sweet.
  • Young MacGuffin: My dreams finally come true.
  • Moana: Maui, you're here?
  • Maui: Yes i am. This suit is looking fancy. It's not made out of leaves.
  • Moana: Of course not. That big blue Genie gave you the suit from your gift.
  • Maui: What? Aw, i should give my respect to him. Right blue boy?
  • Genie: Cha-ching!
  • Aladdin: Wow, look at all the princes with their princesses.
  • Jasmine: They just reunited. I want you to meet my friends Rapunzel and Belle.
  • Aladdin: Hello there sweetheart. *blow a kiss at Rapunzel*
  • Rapunzel: What?
  • Aladdin: You're one jump ahead.
  • Rapunzel: Please don't do that again.
  • Belle: It's okay, we deserve to get hearts.
  • Flynn: I've had a dream in my hearts.
  • Aladdin: Jasmine, i'm sorry about what happen last night.
  • Jasmine: I owe you an apology.
  • Genie: We're together once again. *hug Aladdin and Jasmine*
  • Aladdin: You never had a friend like me, Genie.
  • Genie: We're all friends. All in the whole multiverse!

(The fireworks blast in the sky of Agrabah)


(Meanwhile in another world, the princesses are in a room, similar to the princess room as they are finally finished watching the short film on TV)

  • Rapunzel: That was like the best short film we ever watch in decades.
  • Snow White: I love how we got out of our worlds and suddenly end up in Agrabah for the sleepover party.
  • Cinderella: I think they should make a movie based on us.
  • Aurora: Making a movie would take years to make. Look at the short film we already watched.
  • Ariel: I look cute in this.
  • Jasmine: I wonder what Oh My Disney can offer us.
  • Mulan: It's mind-boggling.
  • Pocahontas: I love the part when we sing the song where we all had dreams.
  • Rapunzel: That was in my origin movie.
  • Tiana: Dang girl, you be making more money than a castle's vault.
  • Belle: That's how the film of storytelling works. Never judge a book by it's cover.
  • Merida: Great.
  • Anna: I hope our sequel make a lot of money than the first film did.
  • Elsa: It'll be better than making a snowmen.
  • Moana: Like a shiny cup of gold.
  • ???: *knock*
  • Rapunzel: Oh no, don't tell me that C-3PO is here to make us go to the Disney Princess Trivia thing again when it's 12am in the night time.
  • ???: *open the door* Hey my friends, it's me Vanellope von Schweetz again. I'm here to invite my friend Shank from the Slaughter Race game to the planned sleepover party.
  • Tiana: Oh sure Come in, don't be shy.
  • Shank: You guys are looking fancy. We also got a special guest coming over and he likes to wreck buildings in his own video game.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: *show up with a Snow White dress* Hey y'all. *extends his hand that the dress starts to rip as the princesses saw it and laugh* This dress is not made for a big boy. *laughs* It's going right back the alley there. Let me just make a little ajustment. *ajusts the dress and shows his fat belly* There we go.
  • Shank: You look great Ralph.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Thank you very much. I don't think this dress could fit me at all.
  • Everyone: *laugh*
  • Naveen: *as a frog* Man, that's hot. That is very hot.
  • Rapunzel: Ever since the princesses got their own short film, what if there's a spin-off short featuring us?
  • Belle: Hm, we'll see about that.
  • Rapunzel: There's a wind in my hair.
  • Belle: Dope.



The idea of the Disney Princesses spin-off short was in mind after a tweet from a Twitter user, regarding a short featuring the princesses with the princes appearing in the end.

The story was suppose to be released in 2019, but ended up getting pushed to 2020.


  • This is the first Crossover Omniverse Saga story to feature the properties' name on the title.
  • The idea of this story was based on the Disney Princess scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet.
    • Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope and Shank appear in a post-credit scene set in the Wreck-It Ralph world. This also mark the second appearances of Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope after Video Game Twist, a crossover with Club Penguin.
    • Since Anna and Elsa from Frozen aren't part of the actual Disney Princess line, they do make an appearance in the story.
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