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Divine Cybernetic & Supernatural Crystal Bestial Aeon God Eclipse Revelations: The Return of The True Rulers of The Universe & The Divine Bestial Gods & Goddesses, Rise of The Guardians of The Holy Light & Demonic Darkness is a fan fictional story based on Sailor Moon & Ghost in The Shell.

This story features crossovers with High School DxD, Transformers, Kingdom Hearts, Medaka Box, Looney Tunes Zero, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and more.

The Sun Soldiers & Neo Soldiers are the main heroines of this story. They are the jailers of The Divine Beast Gods & Goddesses.

The story features upgrades to The Sailor Soldiers uniform and includes more info about The Silver Millennium,

This story beings with a darker take on the fall of The Silver Millennium, and how it's tragic events will shape the future for the galaxy.


The Silver Millennium; a once great empire comprised of an entire Solar System under the rule of Queen Selenity fell because of her mistakes and her obsession for peace throughout the universe without violence. Princess Serenity, her sisters & The other princesses all survived because of The Divine Beast Gods & Goddesses sealed inside them. They travel to Earth to create a new age for the galaxy. Over the ages they watched humanity grow and evolve without their interference. They sensed the evil the the late queen seal away has returned, they must defeat thei evil and return to their rightful place among the stars. After that, they plan on creating a new empire that will last until the end of time.

Silver Millennium

Sun Soldiers

Neo Soldiers