Divinity Imperial Crystal Star Raid Maximum Zero Storm / Superior Conquest & Liberation Of The Infinite Galaxies Millennium Kai X-Surge: Legend Of The Strongest & Most Powerful Entities In The Supernatural World & The Entire Universe is a fan fiction series based on mythological legends & folklore.

This is a muti crossover series.

The main crossovers are Pretty Cure, Digimon, Neo Sailor Moon, Transformers, Bakugan, Looney Tunes Zero, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel's Avengers Assemble, High School Evangelion DXD, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Sonic, Medaka Box, Tenchi Muyo!, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Spirit Blade, & Bible Blade.


Moon Kingdom / Silver Alliance

High Queen

  • Neo Queen Serenity / Neo Sailor Moon

Neo Soldiers

  • Neo Sailor Sun
  • Neo Saior Earth
  • Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Neo Sailor Mars
  • Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Neo Sailor Venus
  • Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Neo Sailor Nemesis
  • Neo Sailor Deminos
  • Neo Sailor Comet
  • Neo Saior Atlantis
  • Neo Sailor Titania


Pretty Cure

Winx Club


Holy Knights

Digi Destined / Fusion Hearts


Fallen Angels



Mythological Deities

Other Creatures

Section 13 & The J-Team

Time-Space Administration Bureau

Keyblade Guardians Of The Realm Of Light & The Realm Of Darkness

Human Allies


TV Series


Video Games


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