Divinity Primal- Blessing Of The Primordial Beast Gods: The 60,000 Age Old Great Beast War Of The Sacred & Holy Realms- Ancient Mystical Battle Of Ages- Continuous Battle Of The Light & The Dark For The Future Of The Infinitely Vast Universe is a fan fictional series.

This is similar to Spirit Blade: Galaxy Star Storm Of Supreme Infinity UXP Series- Revelations Of The Great War, The Storm Of Supernatural Armies Of Light & Darkness- Ultimate Clash Of The Greatest Legends & Myths- Imperial Struggle For Supreme Control or Absolute Peace with a lot major additions to this series.

This is a televison, video games, & movie series, the tv series follos all the tv incarnations of Transformers. 

The main focus is on The Great Beast War a.k.a. The Holy Grail War between The Luster Kingdom & Wraith Kingdom along with The Cybertronian Civil War a.k.a The War For The All Spark between The Autobots & The Decepticons.


The peae & stability of the universe is forever silenced when a full scale colossal intergalactic war has taken & has lasted for 60,000 years. It is called The Great Beast War also known as The Holy Grail War between The Luster Kingdom & The Wraith Kingdom, this war lasted a way long time and brought many casualties to both sides. The War still continues with no signs of stopping with new generations of leaders for both kingdoms, High Crown Princess Serenity, daughter of King Apollo & Queen Selenity ruler The Luster Kingdom as its new queen / sovereign, while High Crown Princess Beryl, daughter of King Chaos & Queen Nehelenia rulers thw Wraith Kingdom as its queen.

Luster Kingdom / Holy Alliance of The Star Kingdoms


Primes / Prime Leaders





Female Autobots



Cybertron Elite Guard


Time Space Administration Bureau



Winx Club

Battle Brawlers

Sonic Heroes / Freedom Fighters

Keyblade Order Of Light & Darkness

Holy Knights / Guardians Of Looney Tune Kingdom



Video Games

Television Shows


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