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This story is a crossover of "Can't Buy Me Love" (from "Tiny Toons") and "Camp Lazlo". It was also the first clip to air on Webnetwork on its launch in 2007.


The story begins with Lazlo (who serves as the main protagonist in this segment) playing with Clam as a puppet. As he is playing, he notices that he has a new camp member. The new neighbor is Edward, a platypus who is about his age. Lazlo goes next door and is determined to make friends with him.

As Lazlo introduces himself to Edward, Edward calls him a "moron" and demands in turn, he be called "Ed". He then says he will be best friends with Lazlo if he gives him his friend, and ends up forcibly taking it, and having Lazlo swear, "no-takebacks". As The Dung Beatles unpacks boxes, Edward tricks them into thinking he is playing nice with Lazlo, and wants to go to his cabin to play with him.

At Lazlo's cabin, Lazlo shows Edward a picture of Patsy Smiles (who Lazlo considers his girlfriend), but with no respect for his property, Edward tosses the picture out the window and makes a threat (a constant threat of not being Lazlo's friend anymore if he doesn't do what he says) to Lazlo to break his money jar and spend all his money with him at the movies.

At the theater, they see Patsy Smiles, and Edward threatens Lazlo to say he isn't her boyfriend anymore, which Lazlo "reluctantly" does. Edward proclaims to be Patsy's boyfriend now, and demands Lazlo to get him some popcorn (which Lazlo spends his last nickel on). When Lazlo returns, Patsy dumps a cherry cola in Edward's face and pushes him aside, telling him, "I don't appreciate that you called my friend Lazlo a moron!", and Lazlo is pleased, exclaiming, "That's my baby!" Embarrased, Edward drags Lazlo back to his cabin. Patsy is mad about Lazlo being manipulated by Edward.

Back at Lazlo's cabin, Edward gives Lazlo back his friend and tells him he wants nothing to do with him, until he sees Clam, his other friend, and tries to force Lazlo to give him to him. Having put up with all the trouble Edward put him through, Lazlo refuses to give his Clam, and tells him that he'd rather lose a friend like him than give up his "fuzzy little Clam head", leaving Edward angry and in tears.

At the end of the story, Lazlo realizes while talking to Clam about their friendship that someone doesn't have to do things for the other to remain friends. However, Edward tells Lazlo Patsy will like Lazlo again if he gets the bus keys from Lumpus and drives him to Utah, which Lazlo instantly agrees to.


  • Patsy:(as Lazlo walks in, he sees Patsy, his flame, dumping soda on his enemy Edward) I don't appreciate that you called my friend Lazlo, a moron!
    Lazlo: That's my baby!