Dominic Dodger
Full Name Dominic Dodger
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 17, 2002
Homeplace Shequel
Occupation Singer
Associated Acts Musicapolis

Trio de Major (discontinued)

La Elemagica DoRock
Represent(s) Rock Music
Items Musical Watch (transformation item)
Song Belter (weapon)
Image color Red
First Appearance TBA

Dominic Dodger is one of the main characters, as well as the lead protagonist of La Elemagica season, I ♥ Musicapolis, which created by Le Pastiche. Dominic is confident boy who has a passion in his singing. He wishes to achieving his goals as a singer, but not only that, a warrior. His ambition is to achieve his goals not for his family and the town, but the whole universe.

Full Profile

  • Full Name: Dominic Dodger
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Birthdate: February 17
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Height: 157cm
  • Favorites:
    • Pastime Activity: Singing
    • Food/Beverage: Tea, Chocolates, Gingerbreads (probably)
    • Colors: Red
  • Family: Daniella Dodger (mother), Danilo Dodger (father), Donna Dodger (little sister)

Background Information

Dominic was the former leader and member of the disbanded group, Trio de Major along with Renz Raggaport and Sonny Sombarillo. He does well in his skills and studies. Dominic loves to sing and he is always being friendly from his rivals during singing contests. Despite that he was fails in contests and achieve his fame, he was still confident and kind. Dominic was not only to veing friendliest rival, he has a loving parents and a little sister, as their supporters and strength.

Despite was being friendly, he was bullied to Tim Toccatins since their 6th grade because he was always and call him "loser". However during the Teachers Day celebration, Tim makes a disaster for Dominic and he was spilled a dark green paint until a litter can of a paint, he was hit in his head and the stage was burned, which makes Tim become crazier. Sincerly, Dominic was in coma until it was died. But it was revived with the miraculously help and Dominic, was moved to a Private High School.

When he and his friends are moved to Musicapolis, he was first saw to Fatima Fleuretti, and her stepsister, Mia Melodia, the daughters of Al Melodia who owns the Musicx music agency. Until that Dominic was becomes closer to Mia. Eventually, nothing that they have hidden feelings for her.

The five are become close, as well, they are looks like "brothers" and "sisters", as both are passion for music. Al Melodia deceides to create a idol group called Musicapolis, based on their city town, and gained into popularity. Later, he meets Larry Luther and his "brat" sister Lauren Luther and also, Tim Toccatins who was unexpectedly turns into weak and shy. He welcomes it, and apologized Tim to joins the team.




DoRock is the La Elemagica form of Dominic. He represents the rock music, based on the Do tune.





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