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Dragon is the primary antagonist from Skunk Fu though he was once a protagonist. He is a purple and black male, Chinese Dragon capable of breathing fire. Many years ago, Heaven made Dragon a Guardian Animal to protect the animals of the Valley. In order to keep his natural Fire in balance, Heaven gave Dragon power over Water. Back then, Dragon was kind-hearted and was a great friend of Panda. To test Dragon's loyalty, Heaven sent a drought to the Valley. Dragon asked Heaven if he could use his power over Water to end the drought, but Heaven remained silent. Despite Panda's warnings, Dragon, believing there could be no harm in using his powers to help, went ahead and used his Water powers anyway. As punishment for his impulsive actions and apparent disobedience (both referred in the opening as his 'arrogance'), Heaven stripped away Dragon of his ability to fly, as well as making his once beautiful, golden scales dark and blackened. Horrified by his punishment, Dragon swore revenge. Flying into a great rage he chased the Animals from the mountaintop with his Fire. However, during his rampage, Dragon burnt the mysterious Lotus Flower, a blossom which somehow connected Heaven and Earth. With this act Dragon lost his powers over Water, the only thing that was keeping his Fire in check. Dragon was severely burned because of this, forcing him to retreat into the freezing waters of a subterranean lake in Lung Mountain to sooth his burns. Now he must constantly be immersed in water, or his Fire will reach unbearable levels. Twisted and embittered by pain and seemingly doomed to stay forever in the icy lake, Dragon plans his revenge against those whom he believes are the cause of his predicament. In his evil, bitter mind, Dragon blames the Animals of the Valley for his fate, and devotes much of his energies to destroying them and taking over the valley. He then later Got Killed by Lewis Robinson

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