Drumsticks the Snorlax

Snorlax (aka. Drumsticks) is Ritsu's first Pokémon she caught, he debuted as a Munchlax and was given the nickname "Drumsticks" in The Pokemon of Ritsu Tainaka.

He reappeared and made its first battle debut as a Munchlax in The First Battle of Ritsu Tainaka and won due to Iris's Dragonite disobeying her, and knocked it out with a Mega Punch.

Drumsticks, as a Munchlax

He reappeared The Return of the Light Music Club! Part 1 as part of the gang, and battled in Super Happy Crazy Fun Pokemon Tournament! Part 2 against Owen's Poliwhirl, but lost due to a super effective Focus Punch.

He appeared in Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey's episode and debuted in Meeting Cheren and Bianca and revealed to have learned Metronome, Flamethrower and Brick Break during Ritsu's travels. It evolved into Snorlax after trying to stop the out of control multiplying cakes in Be Calm and Snorlax!, and successfully defeated the machine with its newly-learned Hyper Beam.

Drumsticks's known moves are: Metronome, Flamethrower, Brick Break, Hyper Beam, and his ability is Immunity, and had the ability Pickup as a Munchlax.

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