Fan Fiction

Ducky is a character from The Land Before Time, who also appears in many fanfictions. She is a dinosaur that is nicknamed to be a "swimmer" or a "big-mouth"

Ducky (also known as Devoted Ducky), originally voiced by the late Judith Eva Barsi in The Land Before Time, by Heather Hogan from The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure to The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists, and currently Aria Noelle Curzon, is the secondary female character and one of the original five main characters in the Land Before Time franchise, and one of only three characters to appear in every movie and episode of the TV series.

Her species has been disputed by fans and critics to be one of such species as Saurolophus, Anatosaurus, and Parasaurolophus. Though her appearance is almost identical to Saurolophus, and she has been identified as one in The Land Before Time Sing-Along Songs video, she has been called a Parasaurolophus in most other official merchandise and media and has even been called an Anatosaurus in a script for the original film. She is one of many creatures called a "Swimmer", and is also called a "Bigmouth", or a "duck-bill" by the characters in the films.

Ducky is very out-going, positive, and loving to her friends and family. She lives with her mother and father, multiple twins, and an adopted Stegosaurus (which is referred to as a "Spiketail" in the franchise) named Spike, who is also a main character of the franchise. Together, they are friends with the other main characters, Littlefoot, Cera, Petrie, Chomper, and Ruby. In most cases, Ducky is listed after Littlefoot and Cera, and before Petrie and Spike, Chomper, and Ruby, but sometimes Spike is listed after Cera and before Ducky.

The character of Ducky has been received well by critics, and has had considerable influence on culture, being featured in a large amount of The Land Before Time-related merchandise and being a focus point in numerous fanfictions. She is most well-known for frequently saying "Yep, yep, yep" and "Nope, nope, nope", both of which are frequently quoted in everyday culture and media.

Ducky is also a Dino Princess.