This article is about the friendship (and possible relationship) between Duncan and Isabella.

Episodes For

Crackers or Wackers

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Isabella and Duncan (along with Gwen (MB), Trent, Dawn and Diego) recycle for a recycling group. Also, Isabella tells Duncan he has to sing "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" and comforts him a little bit when he cries.

Hannah Montana!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isabella has her arm over Duncan's shoulder, which Courtney sees. Later, Isabella tells Courtney that she likes Duncan, but only as a friend.

Goth vs. Goth

When Isabella hears about Gwen and Vanessa's fight, she spreads the word, and tells Duncan second (she told Phineas first). Later, at the fight, Isabella and Duncan can be seen sitting next to each other.

The Big Official Musical

Duncan and Isabella work together in the sing-off. Afterwards, Duncan apologizes to Isabella for losing them the contest, and Isabella forgives him.

The Separation

Isabella is saddened when she heard that Duncan was moving, only to be cheered up by Phineas.

Hollywood World

We Will Be The Movies

Duncan and Isabella high-five when Teresa's plan works.


Isabella wishes Duncan good-luck.

The Awards

Duncan and Isabella shake hands and make up for their argument.

Teresa Movie

Isabella wished Duncan was in the film.

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot

Duncan comforts Isabella when she gets scared.

The Pokémon battle of a lifetime

Duncan is impressed when Isabella wins the Pokemon battle against Numbuh Four.

Travel to Sinnoh

Duncan isn't happy when Isabella and Heather are trapped in Hoenn, and eventually rescues them when they're done singing.


Duncan seems happy when he learns that Isabella was competing.

Total Cartoon Teams

Dancing the Contest Away!

Isabella seems upset when neither Duncan or Phineas is on her team.

Episodes Against

Crackers or Wackers

Lindsay, Camera, ACTION!

Duncan slaps Isabella when she says she's glad that Courtney's not helping.

Hollywood World

The Awards

Isabella and Duncan argue about whose plan to get inside would work, but later they make up for their bickering.

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