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Dwayne "Henry" Winfield
Series: Kamen Rider: Electric King
Motif: Bullet Train, Railroad, Clock, Knight
Rider Type: Hero
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Small
Last Appearance: But Big Things
Number of Episode Appearances: 1
Actor: Taimana Marupo
Kamen Rider Mini Electric King

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Not to be confused with Henry Winfield, Dwayne's grandson, who became New Electric King.

"Henry" is the eleven-year old version of Dwayne Winfield that he met, nicknamed Henry to differentiate him from his present, older self.


When Dwayne & Megan are trapped in the past by Kamen Rider Fang King they encounter Dwayne's child self. With Dwayne lacking memories of being Kamen Rider Electric King due to being attacked by Kiba & unable to transform, the young Dwayne is given the nickname Henry & decides to go with them to stop Kiba's plans. During a fight with Confederate soldiers in the Civil War, Momotaros possesses him with his contract to Dwayne extending to the past & transforms into Kamen Rider Mini Electric King.

After the battle Henry is brought back to his time but not before seeing his late parents & then bids the gang farewell.


Sword Form

A form assumed when Momotaros possessed Henry during a fight between some of the Confederate soldiers in the Civil War.

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