The destruction between worlds are anything, and impossible to test finding about fighting their battling,as the battle and adventure continues,with new friends and acquaintances and a sequel of "Crisis World, Rise of Evil Invasion".


after one year of quartzmon defeat by all digidestined. edyn , tony , strag were living out their normal life, and until strange creatures are being captured by not shadow magi but a corporation called "evolution cell",finding about their secrets , stopping them before this turning ordinary people into a legion of undead and filled with bio digimon weapons,and manipulating to getting remains of balmora virus,rest of bio digimon hybrids whom are sides with dats,and secret between digidestined and final dreamers are reborn.

Chapter 1

They were aristocrats despite the kurata family independence,the kurata family were the most powerful in the world, with branch members, spreaded across the globe, finding out they owned a corporation named "evolution cell", and apart of a global pharmaceutical alliance, kurata has been defeated, until fifteen years later the kurata family has lost their power to corrupted hands of the D.A.T.S A.K.A digital accident Tactical squad, whom has defeated their family member, Kurata's daughter Alexia whom was not key prodigy for an experiment but worked on the enhanced "tenicorous", but the d.a.t.s ended their project, the kurata family wanted revenge on them for their first family member demise after the incident between them, resulting war and revenge.

In the Moonlands.

Alright !, let me go back to the beginning !, one day we were having the best life of our lives, until....

and inside a stormy night finding out a masked figure about, Your master !, one more time what are you going to do with them they are the ninth digidestined/ final dreamers in this universe, what are you going to do to them !, Alright !, Alright!, I will do something about that !, and let's go of his neck, Cough!, cough!.

use it !.

and giving him a serum, finding about a experiment with a dream creature, no please !, Nooooooo!.

and as tony, edyn, strag were sent by orwin on a mission to arderial, to finding another attack from someone and shadow magi, finding out that they were attacked by strange creatures.

Tony: Well were here !.

and with everyone looking at them, and finding that they were meeting someone here, Hi tony , it's so an honor to meet your here since our last encounter, Shimmer !, it's good to see you !.

yeah thanks !, come on there is something we would like to see you something we never encountered,finding out about a parasite that is controlling others killing and turning against other people finding about remains of blood finding about a weapon, and a creature that they never seen.

delia: and some attacks whom are attacking all over the dreamlands, finding out that they been infected by the "Las Shadow parasite" finding out it's not been fossilized from nash varoom, but another earth.

What !.

Shimmer!, there is something attacking us !.

No please !, No ! , Ah !!!!!!!!!!!!, and whacking him into the face leaving unconscious, finding out that they were seeing the unidentifying creature.

Strag: So i'm Afraid that's what got The dream creatures !, and the unidentifying creature, finding about how we defeated finding out that it was fire, Edyn: You guys !, I got a plan, cover me !, Right !, With this animate I imagine Slith, and combining her fire blast, and slith giant firebreathing, defeating the creature once and for all.

Tony: We got it !.

(end scene)

Chapter 2

Tony: Look there's someone !, Come on !, get him!.

and as they were chasing the mysterious strange and opens a portal into another world.

Tony: He got away , Damn it !.

Strag: What does , Phw/G207 mean ?, I don't know but this thing was apart of the same thing, Chur !, and seeing chur, ashio, warrador, togoth, silkan, shalax , whom are telling them something, Soon the dreamlands and The tenicorous project will be complete, and they will be our's to rule, Tony : Our's ?.

and revealing a girl whom is in a purple/gold battle suit.

hurry !, and throwing a shadow parasite bomb at the people whom are trying to regaining to controlled themselves.

and while they dodged it, and finding about thise whom aren't infected only five are.

Tony: Don't worry will find the cure for this.

and finding out that they must using the cure of their powers for the and as they cured them finding out they spat out the parasite.

Tony: What !?, or Who was that !?, I don't know but let's get back to orwin !?, maybe he will know about this ?.

and meanwhile in the library, and as orwin was showing them a book knowing about the legends of the los shadow parasite, Legends have it that once upon a time, There was a tribe a scared tribe from another world, and a powerful monster called "tenicorous", Edyn: That's The monster we encountered earlier !.

once the shadow magi were holding it's new ultimate power against it but the only way to cure or destroy the los shadow parasite, is by You Tony.

what !?.

(end Scene)

Chapter 3

evu : It's true you and edyn and strag whom hold the powers of your's ever since you meet before you arrived, Gasp !, after all this time the cure is us !, What !.

At California, (Data squad) east beach, 7:00 a.m , july Monday 6, 2010.

in the water a tall fourteen boy with oliver green eyes, shoulder length brown hair,tied back hair ponytail, with bangs at the side of his face, with is friends having fun, in the water , Ah! , there is no danger, no anything on our minds, but no adventure for us to get hurt by.

ring tone!, Sampson: marcus!, Thomas, Yoshi, keenan, return to d.a.t.s's for meeting, On the double, We have a emergency that we couldn't handle.

Marcus: Aww !, Man !, we couldn't have one day off with out any danger awaiting for us.

Thomas: Well orders are orders, Come on let's go , and changing back into the d.a.t.s uniforms and finding out that they were already at d.a.t.s.

Alright What is going on here !.

Sampson : We have just received more intel about d.a.t.s branches are attacked all over the world by strange creatures, but one creature was defeated by and those infected were freed by someone in a parallel universe similar than our's.

There better be two of us, is it the two of us !?, or not ?.

Sampson : There is someone whom is linked to the attacks from a outbreak by unknown creature and creatures and parasites whom causing attacks we don't know why, but we have accessed though out the internet and finding evidence of " Evolution cell" primary attacks across the globe.

Thomas: if this Evolution cell did this what would happen if the whole thing got out on to our digital world.

Sampson: you will go to the nash varoom that someone was talking about, I bet there are familiar with digimon, But if I am with you then I am in!.

and back at the damon residences, sarah : So your really going back, to your work place, But I thought that you were staying with us for family night.

yeah, mom, but I will come back before you know it.

Okay, (smiling).

and as they got a hug from each other, Spencer: Hey is there one group hug for me?.

Yeah , Dad.

and as they hugged like a close family near one another.

good bye marcus!.

and his family waves good bye to him as they were getting ready.

And tell someone I said Hi!.

and as we were heading to where they wanting to meet us, and finding kristy coming with him, and drving while those whom are being assinated by someone.

Yoshi: What was that!?.

Thomas: We don't wanted to find out ?, come on let's get to mikey's world, and as they meet the old clock man , whom is already here at the beachside, telling them something important with information.

"you are not alone, others whom wanted to help you, and there is a ninth digidestined whom are different, whom are heroes in a world related to our's and their's , marcus damon, go to the other worlds ally the digidestined before tenicorous has changed everything.

and there is also a secret between you marcus,What!?.

I will tell you another secret before in time, But first gather the digidestined and new ones before it's too late.

and disappeared into thin air.

and heading into the portal and finding them in mikey's, takato's, ash's, tai's , davis's , tatsuya's world in order to gather them at dats here.

Rika: okay so what are we doing here, Sampson : your here on a important mission here, your mission is to retrieve , tony Anthony jones, edyn and strag whom are none of anyone's concern.

Marcus: Tell me about them, and what did they said to me about !?.

Thomas: Marcus!.

Sorry !.

Does anyone has any position to take the mission ?.

Aye !.

Good meeting adjourned!.

by time while you are ready you will enter the dreamlands, you finding them and after them at all cost.

and as they opening a portal to the dreamlands,and heading there finding out they were in a grass jungle, Whoa!, okay this world is weird ?, look !, let's just find them and take them back to dats, Right !.

going back there ,finding about the family tree that marcus has with his scrapbook, and finding that inside the middle of the night, and over hearing their conversation, Good night tony !, good night , Edyn !, Good night Strag !, Good night!, and as they were finally asleep, finding out about who they destroyed the tenicoros project, finding about that's them.

Let's get close to them, and heading right into their rooms near the porch, and entering a room finding about how their battle with tenicoros came to be, and finding out that it was their powers whom extinguished the tenicoros, once and for all, finding out that they broke a glass, and finding out that someone was not here, Edyn: hey come on it's time to go to sleep, yeah , your right, maybe i'm just imagining things, and as they went back into sleep.

finding about their next morning finding about their book of elders still safe in edyn's arms, hey do you think that there are secrets about you tony?, Umm ?, no ?.

well we will finding out what this world means, and finding out about your family tree or what cousin you have, I guess I will have sure enough.

and as they were feeling like that they were being watched, finding out that they were hearing footsteps, and hearing them feeling the worried and scared like someone was working with the shadow magi.

Edyn: Hey (Wondering and worried)

What's wrong ?.

Oh it's nothing !?, just like that were being watched, and stepping on to a trap and finding a net heading right for them with it eletricfided.

Strag : Ohh !, Watch out !.

and as they finally dodged it, finding out about many strange things surrounding them and finding out that it was that someone is following them, and finding out it was thinking that marcus, was behind the attacks, or the other digidestined, Run !, right !, and as they were running and thinking that attacks came from us.

and as they were running and from them.

Wait!, we aren't dangerous !, leave us alone !, we don't want to hurt you !, we just want to talk !, I cast Rain of fish !, and as fish was falling out of the skies and finding out that they wanted to fight, and tony used a fire blast at him , and as they have no choice.

with these animate I summon furok, ugger, freep!, and with them repairing for attacks, and finding out that they have strange creatures, finding out that they have to fight them too and as they prepare to digivolve, and as they digivolved and fight, finding after the battle between each other.

and as marcus DNA charge punches furok because it let's agumon digivolve into greymon, finding about secret memories coming to him and as he was screaming in agony.

and showing list of flashbacks through a garden, and on how they meet, and with Tony's grandfather meeting the Damon's and past childhood marcus and kristy, past kristy : Waa !, Waa !, Sister it's okay, it's okay I won't hurt you, and as marcus and kristy was meeting 5 year old tony jones, Let me have a look see?, Okay !, it's just a cut here i'll fix it, I have a band aid right in my father's room, finding out that he cured Kristy's boo boo, and cut from infection.

thank you, who are you any way ?,my name is tony jones, My name is marcus and my sister kristy, and finding out that while they made promise.

I will help by your side, will always be cousins always, and nodding in agreement, and as they hold hands feeling marcus, kristy and tony was gaining marcus, gaining his new secret power.

(End Scene)

Chapter 4

While we were finished fighting tony was having a memory gap between a secret past that no one must tell us about?, but why did the old clock man whom was telling me something about the final dreamers and digidestined, Pokemon, dream creatures, and digimon alike, what is the secret between marcus and tony jones the answer is about to be revealed, soon for a little while longer.

and as they got them back into a sleep, finding out that tony was finally awake with strag and edyn, Ugh !, What happened !/?, You !, Yaah !, and as he repairs for an surprise a attack, Shoutmon please !, were not here to hurt you !, We just want answers !, about the parasite coming from this world.

Christopher: what are you doing !, We were helping you and this is how you repaid us !, Sorry, My name is edyn, this is tony and strag, my name is taiki kudo, Christopher aonuma, nene amano, kotone amano, ewan amano, ryouma, ren tobari, air suzaki, tagiru.

They were all of our generals/ hunters but common allies, oh yeah !, I haven't got the names of others just yet.

tai: my name is tai and these are my friends, Kari, sora, mimi, t.k , joe, izzy, matt, the original digidestined.

Davis here !, and this is cody, yolei, ken, Armodillomon , hawkmon, wormmon, veemon.

Takato: let me introduce you to my friends, rika, henry wong, kenta, kazu, jeri, suzie, ai and mako, and ryo akiyama.

Takyua : introduce my fellow ten Legendary warriors, this here is kouji, junpei or J.P , zoe orimoto, Tommy himi, and kouichi kimura.

I am marcus, That's my sister and friends, Kristy, Thomas, Yoshi , Keenan.

My name is ash ketchum, dawn, brock, misty, may and max, whom are pokemon trainers.

were the 1st,2nd,3th,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th, digidestined.

tony: what ?, the digidestined were the heroes a team whom are protecting the digital worlds that's in our universe, and with emotions and as we were talking about digimon and things that they never even know about.

and as we were meeting orwin and telling about he is a protector for edyn and avid reader, and finding the secret past between marcus and tony, and sitting between marcus and tony, and while edyn was going to use something to help them remember something.

I cast memory Spell !.

and as we were seeing a list of flashbacks, finding about their cutting their hands for blood brothers and with tony's hand looking like that as they gasped finding about that he bonded their blood for Marcus's abilities and tony's abilities.

Your cousins and blood brothers !?, when you were going to tell us about that, Grandfather !, so what are you doing here, I came by to drop of a son of an old friend.

What!, so you know who I am !?.

yes you are spencer's damon's son, well let me go back from the beginning and finding out about the legacy of Another prophecy, and as we travelled to kybar's teeth, to finding the prophecy, and as we were finding about secrets, and as the guardian hybrid welcomes the digidestined and final dreamers, and those whom are here, and finding out that looking at marcus damon.

so it is true you have finally arrived cousin of tony jones , You know !, Aha i knew that you know me, that mean i must be famous around these parts, Okay now your just like me whom i was the one, whom meet you, yes and now step between each other, and into this sphere, until you remember and you will see on how you would remember, and as were trapping them inside a water ball.

it's okay it won't hurt .

and as they were sleeping and resting inside finding about tony and Marcus's first flashback memories began and on it how all began.

and as they were getting dizzy after the spell, and as they were finding about how were feeling.

Marcus: yeah !, now we remember right, cousin of mine .

Yeah!, me to cousin of mine, wow !, i'm guessing that they do remember after all.

Edyn: You and me sister.

and just like that were feeling friendship coming on.

and as we were meeting digimon/pokemon/dream creatures whom are meeting each other, sounding out they were alike from the differences from each other.

Meanwhile in Evolution Africa.

Agram : so your experiments are already complete, with the nemesis virus, los shadow, and now the newest bio digimons are completed, mai: good , (smiling Evilly) .

you know im surprised were working together like a team, and liking each other knowing our enemy, and now tenicorous is complete, and the newest members of our alliance are complete, You'll need a partner right ?, because i have prove my worthy i guess, and grabbing her face.

masked member: We have found their location, it's seems that your enemy and mine have united between us, do sense another hint of concern!?, the plans are in the final stages i will not tolerate any delays, Kurata : So what do you think, well i thinking i liking the new suit for the new world.

Kyra: my dear father, won't you watch our success came by?, your right !, since i came back from the brink of annihilation, i never been this happy, and finding out that they were getting ready for their next conference.

I believe i should thank you my friend.

and seeing canisters of tenicoros and los shadow parasites, and finding out that they were summoning more heroes, and finding about special energies and finding a portal coming close, and finding chase, dax, beyal, bren, jinja, whom are here, unconscious, with devices on their belts, finding out that guardians hydrens sent them here.

Guardian hydren: well so I guess we have learned dimension travel , but think that could be arranged, I think we should give time to rest.

Edyn : yup let's.

Now what did you say about Evolution cell.

End Chapter

Chapter 5

And as they know about their secrets finding about their armies ,secrets about evolution, and why did they called their bio digimon into new species called B.D.W combinded with the nemesis virus and ancient virus, and think that's not good for the human races, or the entire universe/cosmos.

but why didn't they repairing for the virus spreading, but they had some goals in mind to launch a viral outbreak on Japan's seaboard, and that's when we went to dats for our newest mission.

and meanwhile, a portal was opening up, and as tony, takato, strag, edyn , rest of the digidestined,core tech, ash ketchum, misty, brock, max and may, Tracy, iris, clian, clemont,bonnie, serena, dawn, and new digidestined teams of American and china, finding about this viral outbreak, and making them into new dats agents.

We now make you into honorary Agents of dats!,and now meet you digimon to the rest of the groups,and as the digimon and dream creatures are final getting along with each other.

where are they now ?, well they are somewhere in dats complicating in data graphs,charts, dna on what we were doing, and preventing us from stopping us from telling the truth.

oh !, wait I'm getting proof that someone is working with dats, hunter j : Who do might think it is exactly ?, Kurata : ah tony jones, distant cousin of marcus damon, whom has bonded his dna charge into his dna when they became blood brothers.

We must annihilate them all ourselves and having just the plans, That the new developed bio digimon have transformed into zombies, Annie : yeah !, pay back time for that last time when he messed with us, And My Bounty and money, and now he is going to pay.

National Anthem:Down With Digidestined/ Core Tech / Final dreamers / Pokemon / Bless is thee , our new order where we stop, destroy and battle and torture them, Bless is thee the worlds Reborn and cleansed.

and with them smiling evilly, and as back at dats tony , edyn and strag, about the dats uniforms,Ugh !, these uniforms looks itchy, and embarrassing , Yeah no kidding !, Marcus : No body's perfect.

Yoshi : You guys look at this !, and as they were looking outside finding a missile launching into the area, Thomas: Dear god !, it has begun !, come on pack up !, were leaving dats and heading for a dats branch in paris, Rika: Wait !, maybe we should split up !, yeah , Okay !, While we pack up head for the airport bring survivors and rescued them and lead them out of the hills and evacuating the area, and rescue them from the area, and any of those who are partnered by digimon.

Ready ?,Break !.

and as they set an emergency broadcast between the citizens , Attention, This is emergency from dats !, Everyone get out with supplies, And family members, Because you need each other!, We'll hold off the epidemic, Now Hurry , Yeah right!, why should we listen you if their is no epidemic, and an explosion and a gas from the center and people whom are running from their lives, and creatures coming out of their containers because attacking digimon, Ah !, Digimon Hunter 1#: Roar !.

And a blast from Tony jones, Freep!, Energy shock !, I'm on it !.

and as using his energy shock on the evolutional hunters, and as they evacuating the enter area, while hunters, Giants , Tenicorous, N virus zombies entering the area with several creatures, and finding sending contamination teams , by director hashima.

Dats !, get them out of here we'll take handle of this !, Thanks !, We don't need your help !.

Maybe We do but we need to work together on this, grab a sample,damn it!.

and as we got everyone out of there , and finding out those whom are eliminating them, as the military took control then it's no longer a safe place, but continuing to rebuild in ten weeks, As they gasped for it too long.

Spencer: Gasp !, is that you tony jones !, it's been so long for two years ago.

Tony: Wow !, so your family does know about us.

Yes !, well I was there when you were making blood brothers and cousins with each other, but drifted apart after that before we moved on with our future.

and as we were going to evacuating survivors and sending them to the east, south , west through out the world, while Marcus's hometown is under quarantine.

and as we were going with imperialdramon to split up through out the world, to prevent the outbreaks caused by the Evolution Cell, Digimon buster organization, team rocket, Team galactic, Other whom wanted to making the outbreaks to prefect their worthy for the organizations.

finding out there are 39 bio digimon, whom are transformed as human children, How Terrible !, Edyn: Well we better go !, not so fast !, you can't go out wearing in that you need earth clothes, wait what !?.

and edyn wearing a pink skirt, blue jumpsuit, with a sliver scrunchy, with tony back into his old clothes, with strag wearing Jeans, wearing a blue triangle, green striped shirt with it in the middle, and finding out that he was, do we have to wear this ?, yup because it suits you, wow not bad, Agreeing to this by edyn.

and as with takato's team in new York,marcus's in hong kong, tai's and davis's in Moscow/paris, takuya's Germany, Ash ketchum's south America, peru, And chase suno's in Africa,Three hoi brothers's in austrailia, with Willis's team,while helping both dats and international digidestined members.

Right !, hang on tight it's going to have a bumpy ride, Whoa !, and as they were splitting up preventing biological outbreaks from spreading, by using the portal, while someone was watching their communication.

What is it ?, is he dead.

Masked figure : no not yet but they have been gathering allies, with them around our plans he could end us, them .

alright for shuu and the revival of the Kurata famiy on our success I will end them myself, Ah !, what's wrong ?, nothing I believe i'm believe im have headaches, and finding out about that she was there.

in south America, peru, finding out that cure is there, finding out about las shadow parasites has entered into the area, finding about their secrets on what happened on how it all began.

and as we were seeing people carrying bodies of digimon, and sacrificing those to the los shadow Bio Digimon Weapons, they were developing, and finding about the newest species called dangos, and finding out several species of whamon whom are hiding from something that they been attacked, and finding out that they are dats and digidestined remains from the outskirts we had to go and finding them.

Ah !, (speaking Peruvian) and alarming the rest, for their attacks, Rapido !, Vamanos !, Get him !, PS!, you guys over there !, hiding inside the apartment on the street hillside.

and finding them and finding josè, JOSÈ !, it good to see your face again !, yeah , Matt's heard about yourself.

Jose: oh yeah !, I forgot I came tell you something about the legend of tenicoros , that it came from the a laboratory, from a long time before two years after the defeat of your past enemies, and now the past enemies are still dead but one is alive and well.

that he must not be named.

and as they were hiding and thinking that they were going to sleep for the night, and while inside the hong kong, and finding out that evolution cell is rebuilding the b.d.w.s, within the N virus and new improve quartzmon virus, where they transformed them into new zombies or bio digimon weapons.

and looking with all the chaos and destruction lefted behind, Nene : What have they done !?, Yeah !, were going to make them pay by kicking them into the ass.

and as they were finding people running from the zombies and b.o.w.s that they were mutating, and finding out rescued by mercenaries.

big daddy !, we have 57% digimon/human partners , 66% partners, 55% pets bringing them for their personal proof now, and as they were making them move and by pulling their hair and dragging them.

and as they taking them inside their trucks and thinking something .

Christopher : Wait a minute !, your not seriously by Going to follow them !?, maybe that could work !, or fail .

Sparrowmon : Come on let's follow them !.

Nene: Were on recon !, while we following them high in the sky and You two on surveillance, Right !.

and as they were following them and on where they were taken, and finding out that they were taken into the Evolution Cell , hong kong , Located inside the Japanese mansion chungking mansion.

and as they have many military vehicles, field hospital, laboratory, army base, or operations for the upcoming outbreak.

And as they were playing for the battle and using their xros evolution to defeated their forces and bio digimon, Double Xros !, Omegashoutdramon !, ZekeGraymon !, Jetmervamon !, Dastermon !, Arrestdramon !, repair for Attack !.

and as they were repairing for an attack, finding about how they were defeating them and taking their base.

And seeing a girl named irving kurata and Dala kurata Whom are the sixth and seventh members of the kurata families, Let me Go !, as your commander and chief I order you to release me !.

Ah !, the leader of the amano's Well !, Mr amano we will have your children cleansed by digimon , That's a lie !, I know they are coming to rescue me !, I just know it !.

Ah !, Well take him into the quarantine tents !.

along with others for experimentation.

yes sir !.

and as they thinking that this was not good, and as they had a plan.

while tagiru, yuu and Christopher were making the distraction.

and while helping the survivors and nene's and Ewan's and kotone's dad from escape, from them and as they left them with the zombies hearing the fight, while they....

End Chapter

Chapter 6

Balmora virus... Despite on we exterminated kurata and killed his self finding out there are researchers, whom want to sell the balmora virus for purchase.

but why we want to search for the remains of Kurata's experiments,or they wanted to finding out for themselves to continuing their revival of their legacy and family's power.

Daddy !, Nene !, and as they were happily hugging each other because they were reunited.

my baby little girl !, I was so worried that you are safe , but I love you very much.

no matter what happens I we will never do bad things to each other, while we were in danger.

and finding out about the heavy fire coming from their jets and as we shot them down.

and as they got away and finding the Chinese armies into the area and having plan that they must think about that, they should together into a lines and making words that they mean peace but not infected and as they let them pass.

General !, Should we ... !, yes we should pass !, Let them pass !.

and as they let them pass while they were containing the infection and eliminating it, and while finding a cure from girl named kilkura kurata whom is bio digimon is immune from both viruses, neesan ! , that's the cure !, aren't there any more of you guys, but there are bio digimon/ children experimented in all over the world into their data with human and finding about secrets, and finding out that there is a sanctuary, in new York, as They Gasped because they sent other teams into the areas.

After finding about they have the ultimate cures for the viruses, and for the epidemic they are making at the middle of days, weeks , months, years.

and as thinking about how the others whom are here, (cue theme song: Hope and destiny) and finding about their success, finding about that back into paris, Davis : Wow !, good to be in paris again !, Yeah! You said it !.

Catherine : Monsieur !, My friends T.k And davis !, you're back !, hey !, well if it's is'n Catherine !, Laughing !, so what are you doing here ? (French accent).

Well were on a mission, to rescue and preventing epidemics across the outskirts cities/towns/capitals, Wow !, that sounds like an adventure !, im in !, And heading back into the palace of Versailles, and heading there finding secrets about the royal knights sons and daughters on a hunt, and as they were running, Come Have something to eat !, Oh boy thanks !, and as they were eating and so and as they were talking about joining them, and finding kouki, ivan, namami , hunter j , annie and oakly, iron masked marauder , Cassidy , butch, whom already here, Oh so your the Second generation digidestined around here and the French ones whom are also here.

Davis: Whoa !, dude you lost me !?, You we defeating malomyotismon into their universe, you powers of you digivices and crests of light are already defeating it, put you will never defeat us, annie dropped by, P.s I have something for you for ash ketchum tell him I gave you a attack just for you.

and as we were running from their attacks and taking cover from them.

Alright !, we have a plan , one of us will distract them while we escape, Ready !, go !.

Digiarmor Energize !, Veemon ArmorDigivolve to Flamedramon !, Now let's play !, and as they were having the greatest fight outside, and as they final defeated them.

Come let's hurry !, right !, and as we got away from them , kouki: I had enough of these guys , Im going to kick their asses !.

espion !, ariados !, help kouki , Namami , Ivan go after them it's are last chance to defeat them!.

and as we were having a chase through out the city, finding out about they were being spies by their drone copters , and finding about the that and as they destroyed it with a vee headbutt and as they destroyed them and they finally lost them.

Kouki: Damn it !, we lost them !.

Ivan : let's write a report back to base, and as they lefted,for their private plane to London, while in the digital world a portal appeared as six teenagers whom travelled tired,starving and hungry.

Speaking in Spanish, Where are we somewhere in time ?, But another dimension !, We better finding out about this place.

yeah !, and as They are Called digimon like Ra , quetzolcoatl , chu yung, told us about it's so pretty and beautiful.

come on let's go .

and as a portal appeared in front of them finding about the where it leads, finding out by going inside, and having their confusion.

and as they woken up through an allyway and finding themselves in peru, Wow !, so we must be in peru!, it's great to be home that's means that we landed into a parallel universe, Where ?, Where? , A another species is coexisting like us.

and watching them already fighting people, Hey !, that ain't right !.

UnRapido ! , Yeah , Get him !, Get him !, Come on !, let's running like the others !, maybe they could help us !.

and as we fighting with their scyrocity, and as they were finding out that they could not fight humans, but if they find a cure for the parasite, maybe the could finding a way to eliminating it by using their powers to eliminating it because that's it's their weakness and as they wiped the parasite with, and as they eliminated the parasite.

and as they finding and coming out and peaking for what has happened.

Atzie: Come on let's get out of here !, Right !, Sister !, are you coming !?.

Yes !, brother .

and as they using their forms to jump over building into usa To finding the rest of the digidestined.

What was that about that's not a digimon , but what is it !?.

and as they were meeting luis, hilda, chihos, and rest unnamed digidestined mexico whom are here, but finding out that they were telling them something.

luis: Yeah !, I heard that you that you became a ally to dats , that the dats from japan has told us from, Ash ketchum: So do you have any reports about this "Evolution cell" Well they have bases and laboratories of operations by kurata shut down by us guys around here.

Well there are the remaining bases and laboratories in The crucible, prime, Tenoroce, knight, hive , intelligence, Africa laboratory, oil field, underwater facility, the triangle., and newest quad tower there opening up in new york, After they shut it down the family members of his was reopening it to took control, took their place into...




"Scientific Advances"

wow !, these guys are so good at everything, And having their best technology, I found them with their technology, but they are located remains all over the world, in Saratoga, skidmore college, paris, cario, Kijuju, oil fields, western Africa , new York, boston,toyko, west shjuku, Thailand,london, berlin, Poland, Finland, texas, California, whom are remaining laboratories, one that carries explosive devices that should you tried to dismantle first with red wires.

Okay so dismantling the bombs is in, and we need to hurry before the ultimate bio digimon weapons are complete.

Right !, let's go !, and as they raised their digivices and dna charges into the area and teleported to cario, Meanwhile between a bridge into mexico and California, while they were running while people weren't looking.

Atzie: Come on the bridge is just over there !,let's Go !.

And as the were running on the roof tops, Until chur, has been watching their progress, on what are they and what were they doing?.

and as they were running to new york instead they wanted to take the airport to new york, and in africa, on the outskirts, they were meeting up with D.A.T.S in the village, an which forming new digimon for partners to battling bad digimon, until that outbreak began, while meeting data branch members named ronan, Lyra , and their partners whom are snimon, cenutarumon , Welcome to africa , My name is Lyra Walzalski, and this my friend centaurmon, this is my friend ronan, and his partner snimon, we been gaining all about the epidemics caused by the Terrorists with B.D.W.S.

Yeah !, So i noticed , and as were reaching the checkpoint, until they were finding the people, acting strange, and finding out that the been infected with the los shadow parasite but different, they had a dominant strain of it,and as the were heading announcement into the people of this place.

and as they were watching how digimon get executed, but an Axeman they never seen before, and Finding out that was a New bio digimon, Cheering and wooing!, and as it chopped a digimon's and a partner's head up.

Angryly Speaking African, Look intruders get them !, you hear me !, get him !.


and as they were running and as dats reignforcements arrived and as they defeated the axemen thanks to their powers, and as they were walkthrough the city, finding to the way out, and finding out that they were being watched, Let 's go !, and as kurata and the iron masked marauder driving away from here.

Chase: What is that !?, Seeing a tenicled creature whom is devouring a Killed Person, Im afraid on that's what got Delta team.

And as Chase and Ronan, and their friends were fighting the tenicorous creature.

and planing to throw theming the incinerator, where it could burn and as with chase, Lock's new found power managed to defeat that creature.

Chase: Looks like it's dead !, What's that thing what does it stands for ?, we'll find out once we get the oil fields, and going there by battling bio digimon, rescuing survivors, and through towns and landscapes along the way, finding out that they were almost there, and as african tribes were going to feed digimon , and those whom killed to the crocodile.


Roar !.

come on let's sneak past them, and eliminating them one by one, until they were finding african children with digimon, look they have partners, come let's help them. And as helping them and until they made it.

Entering into the depths of the facility, looking at the graphs and trojectory, of the next outbreak going to become of the entire world.

You said their projects Tenicorous and balmora is going to change the world, you don't mean that, yeah ! I know .

Let's go and stop their plans, and as finding kurata and iron mask marauder, here on the boat that they were trying to get away from here, and finding, about that they know something, and as they were releasing the bio digimon weapon into the waters.

Roar!, what was that!?.

and as it appears out of the water, and as they were using their powers to aim at the weak spot in order to defeat it.

Lock !, Roar, And as they finally defeated it, and ending the bio weapon once and for all before it got out.

and finding out about the entrance to the laboratory, is located between an ancient civilization and a garden, that might be our only way out of here, Lock !, energy Wave !, And as lock did a number on the tribe men, finding many slaughtered women and children.

What have they done ?, look !, Come on let's go and follow them.

and while they were arriving at the way to the rendezvous point where they were finding rubble dropped on them.

and as they were talking about they were finding a garden here.

This was in the pictures too !.

These aren't ordinary flowers !?, and finding about that they were finding the domains of the digimon buster organization, I thought that kurata wouldn't come here.

Dax: Oi !, and that's not all that the legacy is happening all over again with marcus, but finding the equipment with the evolution cell on it , could the kurata family restoring the legacy altogether?, and as travelling into the depths of the facility pods.

and finding dead corpses, as we were finding out they been mutating with monsuno dna with human dna into freaks.

what have they done !?.

this where they are all over the world transferred to this place for experimentation, for this tenicorous, and something that is not good.

and as they stopped and finding that a girl that tony knows about that she been kidnapped, her name is treapika and she is somewhere, and as they were finding out that they sent millions of storms monsuno, to attack them, and as they were ready to fighting them.

energy Spikes!, Fang Strike !, cobalt charge strike !, Streaking Blades !, Grabbling blast !, emerald diamond Rain !, elemental wall and lazer legs !, Decoy trap !, Tracer whip !, Sonic Screech !.

and as they manage to defeat S.T.O.R.M and elikpse monsuno once together, and the B.d.w altogether, maybe we took care of it !?, yeah !, and as finding elevator still going down,and as they got to the pod where they are hold treptika here, and finding ou8t that it is empty.

Damn it !, where is she !?.

and as the evolution cell computer comes on, Mr suno !, so nice to finally make your acquaintance , Who the hell are you!?.

Charlemagne!, she was the developer of Storm after my dad went missing, but !?, now an officer of the protector of the global pharmaceutical corporation , Why !?.

oh please !, as if I need to explain everything to you !, You took down my base of operations after the last time we meet, don't count on it , and soon the kurata ancestor Balmora shall soon be born to shape this world.

and oh !, once you are done with your new mission and assignment I think you better go, before we'll use hard force on you.

Wait !.

Damn it !.

she is lying !, it's like she knows something about secrets they are keeping, maybe about world domination, or purchase, I don't know about that but let's keep moving.

End Chapter

Chapter 7

After that situation finally ended and finding out that more ruins are there, were going inside the encounter "the one whom is behind all this" and as we faced Charlemagne and ace , Dax : That's far enough !, So we final meet for the last time, and everyone was staring at dax, what !?, sometimes we need to make quotes !, when we faced an enemy , So Now what are you planning!, spit it out !.

Charlemagne : Maybe I will tell you !, maybe I won't .

and as they were stopped by the masked figure once and for all, and as she fights them once and for all until a energy wave came to her upper part of her mask.

Stop playing around !, We want answers !.

You haven't changed !, and as chur was making his final appearance on the battle field.

Chase: So let me guess !, you the One whom is behind all this !?.

Chur: We last met after the incident of an African village, But was hired to restoring the kurata legacy.

Kurata !?.

I should never had said that !, but any way isn't this one big family reunion, I was hoping to meet us , Us ?.

So slow to catch on!, and as revealing under the hood finding out it was treptika in disguise, Terptika !, Are you sure that's Her !,?, the one and only, and as doing a number and melee moves and karate moves on them, and he battle suit is stronger than any other creature that one ever seen.

and as chur was summoning his shadow magi to help her, and as they were repairing a fight.

Well this should be interesting , I chose five on nine right !, treptika.

and as they finally defeated them but went for retreat, I expected more than a fight, but you are stronger than us, but not from our world, Cell tone !.

Yes !, what is it !, im coming !, I should let you join for treptika's death once I finish this once and for all for your new reunion for her, and pressing a button his remote.

Chur wait !, what did you do too her !?.

Argh !, Ah !, Ah !, and ripping her battle suit off finding a device on her, and as they plan to get it off her.

Argh !, Ah !, Ah !, AHH !, ugh !?, Huh ?, who are you my name is chase suno , I just got the device off you now tell me what happened to you.

Chase Suno !, oh please for give me !, I though that I be working for the enemy !, listen to me , That their legacies and goals are to restoring the kurata family legacy , by wiping digidestined, tony jones, those whom would be apart of the prophecy off the face of the earth.

Listen to me !, if we don't stop them that they are going to using the ancient virus combining the tenicorous virus will transform the people into superhumans into nobles will serve their cause between them, millions will die !, so tell tony jones this, that I was the masked warrior all this time, and as giving a kiss to chase, Um Excuse me !, I already have a friend to support.

Right now go ! , and as they were getting inside the elevator and finding out if they happen to survive this ?.

and as they were finding the ship armed with storm and African storm troopers, Look !, there they are !.

and seeing chur, warrador, Charlemagne , ace, hand of destiny, storm strike squad, number six, going on the cargo ship, lets go and sneak on to the quarters until we arrive somewhere.

and sneaking on of the quarter rooms lay low for a while until we finally landed into new York, and finding out at the eleventh legendary heroes whom are helping each other out finding secrets and defeating their forces and prevailing their bio hazard outbreaks coming true, and their restoration completing.

infiltrating one of the laboratories and operation bases.

and defeating their bases, and finding out that their bases finally destroyed.

no news reports of hazardous outbreaks coming from anywhere, until got help from dats branches and international digidestined whom wants to associate to the entire world, in order to preventing hell and chaos reign and darkness rising from the ashes.

So that world would be a safe place, and soon the digital worlds and worlds beyond, until the operation of the new quad tower of evolution cell complete and as the digidestined would finally meet here.

So we finally made it!, and as the nine beams of light bringing the final dreamers, ten legendary warriors, digidestined, tamers, pokemon trainers, hunters, generals, agents,the international digidestined, remains of dats branches all over the world, Takato: So were in like one great family reunion, yup goggle head Were like on one great family reunion again.

Henry : Look !, and as seeing a message that is from kurata.


and finding out it was a bomb , Get down !, move !, and as it exploded and finding out that they are going to make them pay for all of this.

and meeting the old clock man and clockmon whom are here to tell them something, That there are six American digidestined, but they will meet the sons and daughters of the royal knights.

What There are more than one, and will bring them altogether to defeating and ending this conflict once and for all, and finding out for them selves we had to hide this out until it is over.

Meanwhile on the roof tops.

and as atzie, kimo, freddy, muty, spikes, zejas, whom are arriving on new York by portal, wow !, so this is boston not bad, Look !, there are something on our hands, And finding out about six lights and finding digivices on their hands.

Zejas: What the hell are these !?, Kimo: come on let's finding out maybe there Is got to be more than us.

and as they went into the depths of boston, from the illness and diseases of boston and new York, and finding out about that they were locating more digidestined.

and as they were walking and finding out that they were finding them all over the place.

Oh no !, we got to get off the streets !.

Michael : Come on get in !, look it's Michael !, follow him, and as the agents, ten legendary warriors, generals, hunters, and rest whom are hiding out in the plaza hotel, finding out that someone was coming here to the docks on next morning.

and as the worst enemies are coming out delivering the goods to the black market, Look !, there they are !.

Michael !, it's good to see you , hey mimi , Davis !, Kari !, T.k !, over here and revealing a boy whom is another blond boy with jocks coat with a white shirt under it, and with other digidestined , sam , tatum , steve, lou, maria, whom are here with digimon, with others, and meeting each other again, finding out that they were signing in with Michael's dad.

Hi !, do you remember me from the movies you watched , Yes !, oh I do Mr Michael !, you room suite is right up on floor 45 and bring my son's new friends too !, okay and analyzing the credit cards and finding out that they are from dats, finding out outside that hunter j, chur, warrador, whom were havig the assignment and task to destroy and eliminate all digidestined and dats at once, ending them once and for all.

and finding as they were signed on and heading on to their rooms, and finding out that they were getting digidestined signals, thinking that someone is another digidestined team here somewhere in new York.

Wait !, somehow they are launching the outbreak in Saratoga springs and where the president is, that ain't good for America , we better to finding him before.

they come yeah !, right but first let's get some sleep.

and as they were sleeping and from the next day, that they were sleeping inside an abandoning apartment.

and finding out about the secrets about this place.

And as the next day that they were eating breakfast, finding out that they were going out to rescue and preventing the launching of hazard outbreak, on the president of united states.

while those whom are going to stop them, or finding the eleventh digidestined.

and as the six chosen ones of the brijes, whom are walking around still okay, finding out that they are hungry and finding out that they need something to eat, and as they were leaving for the next search for someone.

Muty: brother !, im hungry , don't tell me that your hungry, alright so I will finding you some food, yeah while i going to finding out where we are.

and as she was going for a walk with atzie for an energy walk, and as they were walking until they were finding something, and as meeting them for one moment, as finding out that they were hungry, as they were getting some food, as they were going out back to the others.

and meanwhile in Saratoga springs.

Chur: Have we found the eleventh digidestined!, no but we have signatures of unknown and mythical and powerful ethical energies coming from this area.

show me !, it's going off the charts, Well just more money and bargain for me , with hunter j for saying into the speakers, and as they repairing the hunt and their project retrieval and E.C.F 190 data research.

and as they were back and finding out that they were training for somewhat and as finding out about that they were leaving that someone was hunting them because they always do.

End chapter

chapter 8

Come on !, we have to get out of here !, tomorrow that there is an epidemic, and someone is after our powers, and us.

Yeah !, let's go !.

and as they were running and as they were finding mysterious trucks and finding mysterious mercenaries and soldiers with purple lighting eyes.

Who are those guys ! ,i don't know ?, but it is none of our business i thinking that they wanted their research for them selves and for us experiments for their next projects.

and as they were running and finding somewhere safe until it lie low for a while.

and as they were running and over the Brooklyn bridge, Muty: what are we going to do brother?, i don't know , but i found this, and finding orbs inside their pockets with powers that they gained.

having their powers enhanced with new ones, finding out that they were finding about secrets about this orbs, finding out that they were still walking into mainland and finding they are hiding into until it could lay it out for awhile.

and as t.k were sensing vision that the eleventh digidestined are in danger, finding out that their horrible fate will be death it's self, and as everyone was having breakfast, and as t.k was tired.

Yawn !!!!!!.

boy i am so tired !, i could use a cup of coffee right now, and told them that he saw someone from his dreams six children whom are finding out that these six kids out there could be out there.

we don't have time for that we have an outbreak going on out there, Son !, be careful.

Betamon : It's okay he'll be safe with us, and okay.

and as they went out to the location of the prime facility and quad tower facility. And as they got there finding out that they were getting there on time for American dats to protecting the president, im commander Sampson, while the brijes gang meets with the royal knights flesh and sons and daughters, telling them about the digital world with peace of it's humans, but some wanted it for evil, and as they went to finding safety from them.

and while meeting with tara , kat, zane, whom are here to greet the remains of their dats branches allies,and forcing a cooperation , they went into the last two operational facilities , prime and the quad towers,and as they were heading inside with brijes doing the same thing, and finding the true purpose about this place, they have fifty standard models, for enough correct response for the biological outbreak, finding about in the center that there is a red cocoon on top of the ceiling, finding about that is the "project: Daos " .

So your saying that they are making digimon and viruses to make them bringing birth to a new revival and balance, Yeah !, a new evil !, and bringer of a new genesis of a creator so crazy and powerful than ever than before, and as they were encountering the brijes team ,and as they split up between their experiment, and as they arrived at the control room, finding misty whom was a bio digimon, but not on Kurata's side, whom wanted to betray because he was the one whom created her into a bio hybrid digimon.

Come on let's hurry.


and as they were running through out the environments/ continents/ countries under their research facility, and finding them again , with a rescue helicopter, Spikes: Hey !, were here down here !.

Scales: Muty !, come on maybe this "dats" Knows what is going on here, and as heading there, finding out as they were taking the cars there, could that be the dats car, look it doesn't have any keys !, oh no !, We should wait for a minute!, Poison : right !, and as we were sneaking with the door unlocked, finding out that they were waiting for them to come back, Thomas: Come let's set this facility to self destruct, but the doors !?, Alright we'll sealing the doors pretty tight.

and as they setting the facility to self destruct In t minus 35 minutes, all doors unlocked !, commencing the self destruct.

Kristy: Brother !, come on !, we have to hurry ! , this facility is going to self destruct !, What !.

and as they were running outside until they were blocked and as the bio digimon doing the same thing, We can't let them get out into the open, and as they were ready to fight, D.N.A Digivolve into !, Toxicrogunk !, Prinplup !, Raichu!, bubble beam !, Electric Shock !, Leaf tornado !, root reach !, and as they defeated them, finding about locking the doors on them , and sealing it with heat and hard blast doors, Gogglehead !, that's never going to work !, Explosion !!!!!!!.

Clank !, Well I stand corrected !, now come on lets get out before more team rocket, evolution cell , team galactic , magma, plasma, hunter, shadow magi, Aqua, patrols even finding us, Misty: Some operatives that ash encountered into his past about years from now.

Right !, come on let go !, and as they were heading back into the vehicle , finding muty, spikes, atzie, kimo, freddy , zejas, and the royal knight's sons and daughters.

Hey ! , Stop !, you think that were monsters , Uh No , What is you name ?, freddy, This is atzie, kimo, muty, zejas, spikes, carlos, Freya, phoenix , chris , asta , and Damion blood son of myotismon, Wait !, your the son of myotismon !, and as tai was having the chance to strangle him while his friends were holding him down.

and finding asking them after while they get back to the hotel, because there are patrols every where through the seaside, two areas.

as they got there while ash's past enemies are setting traps and stealth traps all over the areas, while their elite commando squads are searching for them and every bounty hunter wants them for rewards for 5.9090100000 $$$$$.

Poison: Well I don't know who are those guys?, Pika!?, Ash: What is it Pikachu?, Those are the guys while doing their operative missions right !?, Dawn: Those are the guys we defeated , How many ?, 120 times, Oh yes 120 Times !.

I saw someone back at the alleyway back there !, at lease I know way around.

and as he fallen into a trap finding with alarms, Brother !, no stay back !, it's a trap !, it's a trap !, My pal agumon is going to shoot the cable, What !? , what !?, Gun fire !, Agumon !, Right !, Roar ! , boom bubble !, Iris : you guys hurry up !, and as they destroyed the trap with ash's past enemies are in pursuit.

and while running back to the plaza hotel, with the hotel managers finding out about who they are, You got to help us !, there are guys after us !, What's the matter !? , you wouldn't let the hotel take your , And quickly pulls out of their pockets, Dats credit cards !, i'm guessing that your apart of the kurata family, Right ?, and surrounded by many kurata family employees, whom are surrounding them, Listen !, were going have to take you to our sanctuary.

End Chapter

Chapter 8

and as we were taken with bio hybrid digimon 58 of them were sanctuary of them inside underground resting there, finding out these are children experimented into digimon dna to make them more stronger.

Yoshi: How could kurata do this !?, that's just horrible, and this is nova kurata his son , Yeah !, well my dad left me for no reason, because of his hated obsession with digimon, well I prefer to help you guys, Ugh !, what's wrong, he is infected but that is impmon, it's okay nova we'll get the cure for you.

come on it's time this ended they must be stopped !, don't worry i'll take care of you for now.

and as they were meeting with the rest of the kurata families, Thomas was reading literature from their libraries, Um hey !?, What should I say are they going to attack us (confused) .

It's okay I won't hurt you , I promise .

Whew good !, my brother is good in mathematics, Wow !, so that means that your kinuha, and you must be kiliura, the two siblings of the kurata family, and this are oldest sister, alex, nice to meet you I am Thomas norstein, and this Gaomon, Wow !, we love digimon and check this form I am Kilumon , darvimon , leomon !, were one of the kurata experiments that our father has experimented into attacking digimon , but the rest of the family has changed, Yeah !, so we noticed !.

and as they were sending us at a garden finding out that they owned, evolution cell, but betrayed by ahikiro kurata, and rest of the family members whom wanted to be gods.

and destroy the world as we know it.

But this Deborah, ryan , oliveria, hiyori, drake, josh, dale , dave, and my grandfather alexander, Nice to meet you, and that's not what all they could do.

and as they transformed into powerful bio hybrid digimon warriors whom are experimented by one of their own kind.

wow !, that's cool , and seeing them whom are going to train to get them fit, and as we were fighting, and with our new moves, combining our fire power against them, Whew !, that was a work out , now let's see if I could fight someone, you called, and a sixteen year old, with a hard chest, with an blood type A, strong green eyes, with less muscle arms and legs, Hi my name is chung Xiao, and I just heard a work out, Um yeah !, I thinking that your apart of the kurata family member in japan , yup !, but I was a favorite tai chi, karate martial artist, and boxer, So marcus I guess that makes us more than boxer brothers.    

Yeah !, I guess you have, and as they were playing, making jokes, fun with each other, until an explosion from the outside, and as we were going back to check it out and finding out that hunter j , Charlemagne, kurata, the iron masked marauder and as we were checking things out, Let's go !, we don't have much time !, these wars have gone to far this time now finding them will be a piece of cake, finding them dead or alive.

come people let's go !, and as they were searching parts of the hotel one by one , and finding about this search for us, and as we were ready to leave while marcus, davis, mikey holds them off.

And as they retreated and giving them the chance to escape,hiding into the outside for their escape and finding, out that they were kidnapped by the mysterious masked men, Ugh !, what happened ?.

oh no !, your one of the guys whom have been kidnapping dats members , But why you haven't killed us yet ?.

and as they took off their masks and finding out that they were telling them something, Were apart of the kurata family, and marcus damon whom has defeated kurata, we been waiting for you.

Your the number one enemies whom is going to help us get paid, and these new friends of your's I we know that your keeping pokemon, digimon, dream creatures, ten legendary warriors, your warrior forms, are rare to us.

Screech !, What's happening ?, your getting out , come on let's go !, no !, no !, no!, no!, no!, We don't want to go !, Let go of us !, and as they got out and finding kurata , Saturn , Jupiter , mars whom are here, for the hunts, and looking at them angry and seriously .

now you better not be eye balling us boy !, did he defeat our plans ?, twice .

Now come on !, move your (bleep) ass !.

come on !, move it !, Hey watch the hands !, come on sit down and be still and stay silent and don't do it or else I will shoot you, with their guns at their faces.


Well welcome to the hunt of the heroes, Any volunteers for anyone.

Oh !, annie and oakly and iron mask marauder, Give it up for them !, Clapping !.

Brother, it's okay sis.

Oh my sweet daughters Mai and kyra and their new friends Saturn, mars, Jupiter, whom wanted to join the hunt , along with kouki, ivan , namami, and hunter j.

Oh the last dr yung, Attila , hun, chur , warrador, ashio, kodai grins, marcus , zero , whom are apart of the hunt.

Rewards are new technology, 1000000 $.

millions of it.

so good luck !, and suit up and having the best day ever, we'll see you on the hunting grounds !, clapping !.

come on move it !.

Keep it moving !, move your asses!, kick !, kick !, ow!, hey !.

See you later once you are hurt.


Stay close !, what are they doing ?, Muty: Oh my god do you think that something is going to happen to the world even us .

Spikes: it's okay, were here we'll always be together, Right, and as they finding the lights turning on, for their revenge, as shadow magi creatures, rocket's, galactic's, plasma's, magma's , aqua's, kodai , marcus, zero, chur, warrador, ashio, whom are here with no guns, wielding knifes and creatures for their firepower to increase.

National Anthem: Bless thee those to new order fathers, together we may purge and cleanse our new souls bless be those to the worlds and realms a new evil reborn.

and finding out about that they were getting ready to hunt, Freddy: Alright Tai , davis, ewan/kotone, edyn , tony, chase, muty, were going to ambushed these guys, and attacking them and kick their asses.

and using strategically moves and as they were defeating dr yung, annie, oakly, espion, aridos, Raiku !, use Psychebeam !, flamethrower!, string shot !, Atzie: take this !, and using her warrior's form lighting to combing Nefertitimon's Rosetta stone, and rest of their powers attacking them to defeat them.

Argh !, Ahh !, oof !.

and as the crowds were checking about them muttering about how on their progress, Tai , davis , you guys six on your right !.

Right !, Veemon Digivolve to Flamedramon

Agumon warp digivolve to shinegreymon !, Dna digivolve to Blazaken !, Sceptial !, and as the others went to fight them to while those whom are hiding.

Calumon : Are they gone !?, yup but three more are left chur , warrador, ashio, and left nimbulo , Light them up !, Davis : Dude !, Rika : that's our line !, Attack !.

and as they were attacking them finding out that they are retreating, Why are they gone , or retreating ?, I don't know ?, I don't know !?.

We need help right now !, they defeat fifthteen people they defeated fifthteen of us, come on let's go !.

and as dream creatures, team galactic, aqua, phantom, and several other villains coming back for attacks bring the army around here.

Oh my god !, they bringing a whole Fucking army !, i am worn out and out of ideas ?, and as one of Kurata's top spec ops men just used the machine gun on leomon , Leomon !, no !, don't worry ronan i will always be with you always , forever in your heart. and disappeared into piles of data, It's okay when i lost my sister after our last battle, i rescued her after with dream, believe, imagination , but muty will be in my arms always, Right !.

and as they were finding alarms, THE USES FOR ALL FLASH BOMBS ARE PROHIBITED ON HUNT NIGHTS YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED, What the ?, what the hell's going on ?, (muttering).

and finding more bio digimon and kurata family members turning on the other family members, attacking their own, It's okay !, were here to help!.

But i don't understand your the ones whom selled us to them ?, i thought ... , Hey !, We don't agree when we hunt you guys for bloodshed, but that's all bygones, I hate the new order fathers !, (bleep)!, you !, Your money !, and i hate on the new world !.

Cornello !, Your cornello ahikiro kurata !?, what are doing i thought that you men were ordering us to kill us?, yeah well were not after you we seen the light, we must pay for our sins, for what we become, obessed with power we will not.

Wow !, love the poetry.

You better get out of here !, we got this one !, you go after them while you take care of kurata first , go !.

Right !, Get ready to bleed rich (bleeps) this is our time now !.

while using their powers combining with dats to overthrowing their armies once and for all.

and as they were going to take their cars, but they have chur, warrador, ashio, here with them out numbered.

Hey !, tell us where he is !?, right now!.

He's at the quad tower it's finished already , Now you will remember nothing, Now retreat now All of you , Run !, yes !, Come on let's go !, Faster !.

and as we were taking their cars, until three are left, mai, kyra , kurata, whom are left, and as they were finding out it's finally over, finding about one of their secrets, And finding a missile heading for the skies, Miki: Thomas!, are you guys alright !?.

but the remaining kurata family members are joining sides with us, we have no idea on where they are , but fighting alongside with us.

Hang on !, i got a call from someone named treptika , What !, Tony !, are you there !?, Yup and it's good to see you , listen to me and where are you ?, i got a hunt tournament in new York ,but finding about the years, Get out of there !.

and as a missile was quickly setting it's eyes on new York, as the people of new York finally helping them to relocate their comrades for new homes into the city, and as it was launching the n virus, balmora virus into the city, people are running and screaming.

Are you guys alright !?.

yeah were alright but things have just gone from bad to worst !.

Ah!, Ah !, Ah !, Stay back, i'm warning You !, Ah !!!!!!.

look i just have reports that i'm coming to you, while you need to save the world as we know it.

We need to take them into custody right away, yes i'm getting you coordinates for their last location of the quad tower, just be careful we will.

while arriving into the hanger with aerial bombers jets here with loads of viruses and parasites ready for the saturation of worlds.

Freeze !, there's no way out this time your out numbered, Kurata : Don't you ever tire on failing on your mission , you have become quite an inconvenience to me , And throws his glasses at marcus while grabs it, and as mai and kyra fighting on with his side, What do you have by accomplishing by releasing tenicorous, every day when humans hate our family for what we have done, but that changes i'm not destroying the world i'm saving it !.

and as they using belphmon, dragonmon, and snakemon defeating them, on the ground but still alive, You things are getting interesting , Eh !, marcus!, Do you think that you could actually defeat us , but we are going to make sure that you are defeated once more, and the organization ended, Well let me just kill you quickly, after fighting three of them, finding out about, they injected him with the balmora virus, Ugh !, AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!, ugh !, Ah !, Ooh !.

Grr ! , This isn't over Marcus !.

come on let's go he is getting away !, right !, and as they went after them on the bombers and as they took of for the astrosphere , Save it !, there is no one to help you now !, i don't need anyone else i have tenicorous in less than five minutes we will reach optimal altitude for missile deployment, tenicoros, parasites , viruses will be released into global saturation, and as they were battling them while one must get to the override lever, Tony !, cover me !, Right !.

energy blast !, and throws three on them, and as tony pulls the lever, Override Activated !.

alarm!, Alarm!, alarm!, and as the open air of the outside sucks them out, while they were hanging on , The entire worlds will be infected , we will be the genesis creators.

and as kristy was slipping , and tony saw this apart of this before, No !, and as they were grabbing on to her hand, as they were pulling , I'm taking the Rest with me !, while crash landing into the volcano in Hawaii.

like hell you will !.

ugger !, root reach !.

and ugger knocks them out of the bomber plane, into the skies fallen, and as they crashed landed with the lava still not rising yet, and finding out that this all over, Chuckling !, i should have killed you years ago , Marcus !, Digidestined !, Your mistaken it's over Kurata !, Over ?!, Evil laugh .

i'm just getting started, and using tenicoros, the viruses and parasites to combine them into the digimon they ever seen, Time to die Digi punks !, and as they have a plan, All : Ultimate digi warp , Biomerge !, ancient Spirit evolution,New Scyrocity !, Final xros !, Dna Warp digivolve, With this animate i summon Furok, Freep , ugger , in rokreeper !, in DigibriDreammon !.

Attacks :

ultimate blast/ Telekinisis/ Fire blast, Eletritic / Leaf storm, Energy blast/ Great ultimate blast.

Bio: it was the powers of the crests ten spirits, It's a powerful and ultimate mega digimon, with all of our digimon combined, it them they don't stand a chance at it is in destructible, and more powerful then bad digimon, The Perfect weapon.

All : right !, Rokreeper !, energy Beam!, Final Great ultimate blast !, What no way !? , and as the blasts combining with each other to aiming at the heart, You Really done it !, AHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!, and as the blast reverts them back and until earth quakes, finding out the three were falling into the lava, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and as the helicopters were here withj treptika on it.

grab on !, you guys !.

And as they were getting out of the volcano by turning their digimon back.

taking off , while they were grabbing their hands, finding out that they are finally over.

Marcus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Grr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and shot out their tenicoros arms at them, and their dream creatures.

Hang on !.

You guys combine your powers !, right !, Ready cousin!, Ready ! suck on this kurata !, your time is up !, you son of a Bitch!, And combining the digimon evolutional powers to make a powerful beam.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Boom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

That was for our fallen Brothers .

Six weeks later

Kari's Journal

The future looks at us at known ways, if we were fight for something, then we can do any thing, because i finally learned the secrets between us.

Tagiru : So i guess this is it , But we'll remember each other through out our hearts, Tony: Yeah !, Ewan Good bye you guys !, He this from me see you later once you go back to your worlds, We'll miss you !, Good bye !, and as we were going back into our worlds.

Tony , i promise you we'll be secret cousins/ friends forever and ever just like each other , Hmm!, Right !, and as we were rebuilding marcus world, countries are stabilized once more and restoring the countries, no cases involving outbreaks, despite the balmora virus, shuu kurata was taken to the u.s government for relocation in norwood, and the kurata family finally made peace with dats in order to end the war, shutting down any remaining Evolution cell , but deciding to follow in our footsteps, making peace with each other.

and finding out what if we were meant to co exist in peace, Hmm ?, yeah if we could something from both then we could learn it too.

digimon data squad : theme song

ending song : final Dreamers/ digimon Adventure 01/02 / Brijes 3d Theme/ Digimon frontier/ digimon fusion/ Season song.

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