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Elmo The Furry Red Murderer is a series of animated videos airing on WebNetwork. The first video was released on YouTube on June 23, 2008 while the last video was released on December 19, 2008.


Season: 1
Episode: 5
Directed By: AdultSwimIsEvil

List of videos (in chronological order)[]

  • Elmo Kills Patrick
  • Elmo Kills Flapjack
  • Elmo Kills Mung Daal
  • Sodor Car Crash
  • Elmo Kills Sandy
  • Elmo Kills Alvin
  • Elmo Kills Theodore
  • Elmo Kills Simon
  • Elmo Kills Plankton
  • Elmo Kills Barney
  • Elmo Kills Lindsay
  • Elmo Kills Timmy Turner
  • Elmo Kills Burger King
  • (Unknown Person) Kills Elmo, The Final Part

Characters Present[]

* = characters who weren't Elmo's victims.

Brief summary[]

Elmo goes on a killing spree. The last video features someone killing him.


  • When the mystery guy shoots down Elmo, Super Milk Chan is revealed to be his then girlfriend.
  • All the voices are created with a program called Speakonia.