Emily & Friends is a crossover series that started in 2015 as picture books. In 2016, the TV show came out. The show was a spoof of YooHoo & Friends. In 2019, there was a spoof of YooHoo to the Rescue

Main Characters


Emily is the titular character main protagonist of the show. She is an anthropomorphic grey and white dutch rabbit and is described adventurous and brave. In the spoofs, she plays the role of YooHoo. She is voiced by Praj Dela Cruz. In the British version, she is voiced by Teresa Gallagher.


Claire is Emily's BFF. She is an anthropomorphic white albino rabbit and is described as courageous and sweet. In the spoofs, she plays the role of Pammee. To avoid any gay relationships, she was Emily's BFF instead of love interest. She is voiced by Arielle Beloso. In the British version, she is voiced by Jenny Bryce


The inventor and the nerd of the group. He was originally a blue robot cat but in 2016, he was changed into a penguin wearing earmuffs. He's described clever and brainy. In the spoofs, his role is Roodee. He has a secret crush on Fiona. He is voiced by Mona Marshall. In the British version, he is formerly voiced by Sarah Hauser and currently voiced by Steven Kynman.


The most cheery and the youngest of the group. She is an anthropomorphic flamingo but only has pink feathers on her torso. Her wings, head and neck are yellow. She has a tuft of green hair on her head. She is described trouble-making and optimistic. She dosen't care about her actions. In the spoofs, her role is Chewoo. She has a secret crush on Doraemon. She is voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris. In the British version, she is formerly voiced by Laura Ellison and currently voiced by Harriet Kershaw.


Lowly is the sourpuss of the group. He is an anthropomorphic earthworm and described grumpy and "the straight man". In the spoofs, he plays the role of Lemmee. He is voiced by Paul Wensely. In the British version, he is voiced by David Holt.


The new member of the group. She's an anthropomorphic goose and is described lovely and beautiful. In the spoofs, she plays the role of Clairee, a fanfiction character that was requested to be added in YooHoo & Friends. She has a crush on Lowly Worm. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille. In the British version, she is voiced by Jenny Bryce.


2D series

Season 1

The seeds for the Life Tree  on Emily and  her friends' planet flew away to Earth. The friends must go to Earth through a portal and travel around the world to get the seeds back.

Season 2

After finding all the seeds, the friends live in peace until strangers from another island (Evil Bunny Robert and his henchmen, two octopus twin brothers named Olly and Al) try to take away the Magical Spring from The Fountain of Youth so they can be young forever. The team are back with superpowers: Emily has super speed, Claire has super hearing, Doraemon has super thinking, Fiona has super smell and Lowly has super sight! With these powers, they could stop the villains from taking the water!

Seasons 3 and 4

A villain's out there! The friends go inside the secret hideout built inside a Willow tree in Emily's backyard, Emily tells where the villain is and they're ready to save the day! New friend Jacqueline debuts in Season 4.

CG animated 3D series

All seasons

After getting rid of the villains, they live in peace again. In each episode, there's a dialemma between the characters (except Claire) and Claire tries to stop the problem. The Fruits of Light (they're not for eating) lose they're light and they realize it's because of an animal/animals on earth that are having the same problem as them. They board the Wonderbug (a spaceship that resembles a Butterfly) and fly to Earth to help animals in need. After helping the animal/s,, it either goes to the scene back at their planet or goes straight to the "Emily's Journal" scene where Emily tells facts about the animal featured in the episodes. After she tells the facts, she says "Now the (name of animal [plural]) are our friends, too!" and then the credits scene.


Season 1

  • Emily and Friends Season 1 theme song preformed by Emily & Friends +Aurora the Owl: Praj Dela Cruz, Arielle Beloso, Mona Marshall, Cassandra Lee Morris, Paul Wensley and Tabitha St. Germain
  • Emily & Friends Season 1 closing theme

Season 2

  • Emily & Friends Season 2 theme song preformed by Emily & Friends: Praj Dela Cruz, Arielle Beloso, Mona Marshall, Cassandra Lee Morris and Paul Wensley
  • Emily & Friends Season 2 closing theme.

Season 3

  • "Coming to the Rescue" Emily & Friends Season 3 theme song preformed by Carl Lenox
  • "Time to Fight a Villain!" plays when the group run to the Willow tree hideout. Preformed by Carl Lenox
  • "Saving the Day" Emily & Friends Season 3 closing theme preformed by They Might be Giants

3D Series

  • Emily to the Rescue theme song
  • "Emily to the Rescue theme song (instrumental)" closing theme
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