Yuri Sakazaki Doing a Enyoku Animation for KOF96.gif

En'yoku is a Special Attack of the Art of Fighting Series.


Yuri Sakazaki's Special Attack. Perform Hip Attack from Short Jump. Kick, the strong standing character at the time of "Art of Fighting 2", became "KOF" and became a special attack, and since then it has appeared in all games. Initially, the name was "Hip Attack". Basically, it has middle rank judgment (Crouch Guard is impossible), but depending on the work, it is the upper rank skill. "Crouch Dash → En'yoku" is one of the basic combinations when using Yuri, and it has excellent Guard Crash ability, but the special move that can cancel En'yoku is "KOF 11" Sky Hien Hou'ou Kyaku and " Due to limitations such as Haou Raioh Ken of "KOF13" (cannot be canceled with Raioh Ken), attacks after being guarded by En'yoku must be done carefully.


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