Yuri Sakazaki Doing a Ensin Geri Animation for Art of Fighting 2.gif

Ensin Geri is a Kick Attack One.


Yuri Sakazaki's long-distance standing strong kick (weak standing kick in "Art of Fighting 2"), and often his Upper Back Spin Kick with his upper body greatly depressed. Although it has a lot of gaps, it is a technique that is indispensable for restraint at intermediate distances. It looks simple, but requires a lot of flexibility. Up to "KOF'96", the motion was "Art of Fighting 2", but since "KOF'97" the motion has grown considerably. However, it turns out that it is almost the same technique as "Art of Fighting 2". In the "MAX IMUM IMPACT" series, which is a 3D model, the right arm is raised almost vertically and the left arm is weakened when the upper body is defeated, so it is a pity that it looks like a little sloppy Kick.


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