Eternal Spirit Storm: The Great War Of Legends, Battle Of Light & Darkness, Supreme Victory or Total Oblivion / Fusion Masters & Spiritual Guardians of The Infinite Vast Universe- The Ultimate Power & Union Of Light & Darkness is a fan fictional story based on Sailor Moon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh !, Bakugan, Jackie Chan Adventures, & Transformers. along with Winx Club, Looney Tunes, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, & Kingdom Hearts

This is the First Ultra multi-verse Crossover story.

The main focus is on the Great War between The Holy Brigade & The Khaos Brigade. along with The Cybertronian Civil War, The Keyblade War, & The Tunian-Moron Mountainian War.


Sailor Senshi Civilization



Battle Brawlers

Winx Club

Section 13 & J-team

Time-Space Administration Bureau

Holy Knights / Guardians Of Looney Tune Kingdom

Keyblade Order Of Realm Of Light & Realm Of Darkness



Television Shows


Video Games


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