Fan Fiction

Eternal Transcendence & Cybernetic Ascension of The True Rulers of The Solar System / The Strongest Female Warriors of The Silver Millennium--Rise of The Celestial Divine Guardians of The Vast Galaxies / Rising Stars of The Infinite Universe is a fan fictional series based on Sailor Moon.

it is a remake / retelling of the manga / anime series.

There are major changes to the story-line and massive crossovers with other anime, cartoons, movies, & video games.

This story introduces more information about the Silver Millennium.

The main heroines of this story are The Neo Soldiers.

This is also a crossover between Sailor Moon and Ghost in The Shell.

Queen Serenity was leader of The Divinity Soldiers, who are comprised of all the queens of The Solar System / mothers of The Neo Soldiers.

Queen Serenity is reborn in this story.

Sailor Galaxia is the leader of The Infinity Soldiers, she does not have Chaos sealed inside her.

Sailor Chaos is not evil in this story, she is one of the original sailors along with her sisters, Sailor Order and Sailor Void.


After a climatic battle in Space-Time, Motoko Kusanagi of Section 9 wakes up to find 3 things wrong with her life: She is a Neo Soldier, She is the niece of Sailor Neo Moon! and when did Sailor Galaxia & Queen Serenity become her sisters ? With powerful threats on the horizon, its up to Kusanagi, her sisters and her niece to save the universe.