Eternity Blade-Genesis UXP Series: The Ancient Battle Of The Holy Light & The Unholy Darkness, Legacy Of The Greatest Legends Of Old, A New Path To A New Destiny & A Brand New Future For All Dimensions is a fan fiction multi-cross over series.

This story's main focus is on The Intergalactic Civil War between The Moon Kingdom & The Dark Kingdom along with The Cybertronian Civil Wa between The Autobots & The Decepticons.


Moon Kingdom / Silver Millenium

High Queen / High Sovereign

Roayl Court

Kinmoku Sailor Senshi High Council

Elite Guard

Beast Masters

Digimon Tribe High Generals / Chosen Digidestined of Harmony

Dragon's Roar

Nature Spirits

Wind Guardians

Jungle Troopers

Virus Busters

Metal Empire

Nightmare Soldiers

Time Space Administation Bureau


Holy Knights


Bakugan Battle Brawlers


Soul Society

Sonic Heroes / Freedom Fighters




Television Shows

Video Games

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