“This time, I'm free! Bye-bye, brother.”
—Eugune’s first and only line after surviving from the purple gloop.


Eugene Clark is the secondary antagonist of the Brendam series and the (former) tertiary antagonist of Brendam: The Movie. He is a silent man who communicates through growls. He is Zig Zag's brother and Sith apprentice.

He has four appearances only (while Zig Zag betrays Bernard in the dungeon, during the chase with Eugene, during the Ritual and during the surprise party/his defeat with Zig Zag). He is voiced by Conrad Vernon (who speaks in a growling voice) and John Goodman (uncredited; one line only).

  • Voice: Conrad Vernon (growls)
  • Personality: Funny, mute, strong, evil, gigantic, monstrous, silly, bad, deaf, sadistic, quiet, silent, vile. angry, mad (formerly)
    Nice, gentle, soft-spoken, talkable, goofy, fun-loving, silly (later)
  • Occupation: Zig Zag's older brother
  • Alignment: Bad
  • Goal: To help Zig Zag kill Bernard and Olivia, To eat Bernard and his friends up
  • Allies: Zig Zag, Helga, Toto (formerly)
  • Enemies: Bernard, Olivia, Toto, Joe, Lovelace
  • Relatives: Zig Zag (little brother), Helga (wife in-law), Victor (father)
  • Likes: His brother
  • Dislikes: Bernard and Olivia
  • Powers and abilities: Strength
  • Fate: Survives the Purple Gloop and redeems himself
  • Quote: (growls)

Brendam: The Movie

Eugene is first seen in the climax, standing by the dungeon door. Zig Zag introduces Eugene to the Guardians. Eugene opens the door and chants "Hee-um." The Guardians, except Toto (who secretly works for ZigZag), go in the dungeon. Toto ratted them out. Eugene keeps guard until the Guardians escape while ZigZag makes Toto his king. Toto says "HOLY-MOLY"! After that, Eugene chants, "HOLY-MOLY!" while Zig Zag takes Toto to the Stadium. Bernard and Joe want Toto to come back, but it's too late. That afternoon, Bernard, Joe, Olivia and Lovelace sneak out. Eugene realizes that they are gone and manages to get them. After a long chase, Eugene went down the well.

At sunset, Eugene escaped from the well and helped Zig Zag destroy Baghdad by making Toto a king. Toto manages to cook Bernard, Joe, Olivia and Lovelace and eat them up. However, Toto stops Eugene and reminds him by saying, "We cannot cook them without ONIONS!" Eugene chants "ONIONS!" while Zig Zag throws an onion in the oven. Bernard realizes that it isn't a good idea. Zig Zag says, "Let the Ritual Begin!" Bernard picks up Toto by the tail and Toto thinks he can fly. Toto is saved by Benrard and promises that he will help him stop Zig Zag. Eugene 

Zig Zag and Eugene went back to the Guardians of Brendam headquarters and are surpised with a Fired party. Zig Zag is sad. Olivia explains, "This is your last day as a Guardians of Brendam." Toto gives his former master a present. Zig Zag and Eugene take the present to the stadium but fall to their death in purple gloop, but Eugene mourns the loss of Zig Zag and runs away. Eugene dances in the background before the end credits role.

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