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Template:Infobox series Eva and Cece's Chop Suey is about an anthropomorphic guinea pig and and her best cat friend and their adventures. It was written and created by Manta-bee.


  • Evangeline "Eva" Guinea Pig - In the first few episodes, she was portrayed as a nice girl who was pulled into things easily. As of the recent season, she has been shown to behave in a neurotic, unreasonable way, with bouts of vengefulness and pride. Her relationship with Ellie has been strained after her return, but seems to have become more stable.
  • Cecelia "Cece" Cat - Usually the more reasonable of the two, as she usually does her best to keep Eva out of trouble, though unsuccessfully. Especially if Nero is around.
  • Eleanor "Ellie" Guinea Pig - Eva's older sister. In her first appearance, was a friendly and energetic character, who seemed to get along well with Eva. Later on, while retaining her friendliness and energy, seems like she keeps herself sane and grounded by exerting control over things, to the dismay of her younger sister Eva, though Eva refuses to be pushed around by her in later episodes.
  • Deena Guinea Pig - Eva, Ellie, Miki and Tim's mother. She tends to be a hippie.
  • Ricky Cat - A hyper and mischievous pre-teen cat boy. He develops a friendship with Finley later on.
  • Finley - An orange kitten who appears later on in the series.


  • Miki Crock - Eva, Tim and Ellie's older half-sister.
  • Poppy - A brown, elderly tabby who passed away before the series began.
  • Nero the Cheetah - He is cynical, sarcastic, violent, and seems to have a fondness for trouble. In a pop-culture reference moment, he once discussed the details of a Happy Tree Friends episode, cheerfully explaining the violent details. The episode in question is "The Way You Make Me Wheel!" to which Eva's mom Deena says "What kind of story is this?" Eva has a crush on him until "Good Girl, Bad Boy".

Guest Characters[]

List of Guest Characters on Eva and Cece's Chop Suey


Some episodes show that Eva and Cece have certain jobs, but for at least one episode. Others show that they live in a condominium, and others that they live in a tree house.


Title Airdate Overview
The Viper April 27, 2011 Cece tells Eva a scary story at bedtime, and Eva is given a fright when the story seems true. As Cece tells her it was just made up, an uninvited guest shows up that seems to prove the story is true. NOTE: A sneak peek of this episode was shown on March 18, 2011.
Raising Hell June 3, 2011 After taking the place of Nero's former lackey Elmer, Eva finds it hard to obey his strange ways. Guest characters: King Neptune and Queen Amphritite, Elmer the Boil Kid, Peter Griffin.
Mystery Man Eva gets an invitation to a dance by a "Mystery Man", who might be more familiar than she thought.
The Creature from the Belly of Eva June 12, 2011 A strange lifeform sticking out of Eva's belly button that demands cake wreaks havoc. NOTE: The episode's original title was "Eva's Belly Demon".

Guest Characters: Several from Equestria Girls.

Ghosts in the Basement June 23, 2011 When watching Mort Goldman's pharmacy for the weekend, Knuckles talks Eva into letting everyone go into the scary basement, much to Tails' horror. There, the echidna attempts to scare everyone.
Ricky the Daredevil July 24, 2011 Ricky Cat has a yard sale. Cece and Eva have a falling out, so Cece stays with Ellie. Rick then crashes at Eva's when he says Cece took over his room. It is revealed that he left his house because Tim and Cy won't let him be a daredevil like Evel Kanievel, and jump over things on his skateboard.
Sheist July 31, 2011 When Eva wants to drink alcohol, Sonic gives her his Sonic Says lecture on the subject, which she ignores. So Knuckles decides to try out his own way, which is by getting Eva so intoxicated she'll never want to drink again. But then he gets the idea to use the drunken Eva to steal a car, which crashes into Quahog's Drunken Clam.Note: This episode was usually skipped from rotation due to its subject matter, but finally aired when the show played later at night.
Enter the Frog April 11, 2012 Guest characters: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy.

Notes: This episode was originally scheduled to air in December of 2011.

New Kitten in Town July 8, 2012 Finley, a cute kitten boy, arrives in town and moves into the neighborhood, and he befreinds Ricky, who he becomes close to, but Cece just sees him as doubling the annoyance Ricky has.

They have their first adventure solving a mystery, and Ricky calls himself "Rick Tracy".

To Visit the Queen TBA Crossover with The Lindsay Analougue Show.
Good Girl, Bad Boy August 30, 2013 Eva finds out that bad boys are actually... bad.
The Biggest Woozer September 5, 2013 Upcoming short episode where Homer challenges Peter in an eating contest.
Land and Metal September 12, 2013 Eva tries walking home, but she makes a wrong turn to Robotropolis. After trying to get past the SWATBots with no success, she gets conked with one of their laser rifles and wakes up in a room strapped to a chair. Ixus Nagus, whom she's never seen before, lies to her, saying he will help her feel better. Which he does so by implanting false memories inside her mind with his powers of hypnosis, which he reprograms her personality to be an assassin for the Robotnik Empire
The 27 Club Part 1 of 3 September 23, 2018 Eva has a near death experience and meets Poppy, who died before the series, who explains the appeal of bad boys to her.
The Secret Garden December 1, 2018 After waking up in the hospital, Eva becomes enamored with a charming doctor. But after discovering he lied about himself, she leaves the hospital and decides she's through with boys forever, and seems more embittered by her previous experiences.
The End of the End December 28, 2018 Everyone must band together to face a big threat, and Eva discovers something about herself never thought possible.


  • Debbi Derryberry - Eva (first episode only)
  • Kathleen Stump - Eva, Ellie, Ricky (season 1), additional
  • Nika Futterman - Cece Cat
  • John Viener - Nero, additional
  • Brecken Meyer- Ricky, additional
  • Pamela Segal Adlon - Finley