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It's May Sweeps, and you know what that means - television networks pull out all the stops to attract viewers. You'll see big series finales, big name guest stars, and "very special" episodes.

On May 3, the stars of our Monday night comedies will be crossing over to appear on other CBS comedies. Okay, maybe it is blatant self-promotion, but it worked so well for us before that we've decided to give it one more shot. Don't miss Even More Shameless Crossover Monday!

The fun kicks off at 8:00PM ET/PT on Cosby, continues into The King of Queens at 8:30PM and Everybody Loves Raymond at 9:00PM, and wraps up on Becker at 9:30PM ET/PT. Our Monday night comedies are so good, you can't watch only one.


To kick off Even More Shameless Crossover Monday, Hattie Winston and Shawnee Smith of Becker appear when Hilton stumbles into Dr. Becker's waiting room after his car breaks down.

Even More Shameless Crossover Monday continues when Doug gets hit on the head by a foul ball at a Mets game and ends up in Dr. John Becker's waiting room where he meets Hilton Lucas (Bill Cosby).

As Even More Shameless Crossover Monday continues, Ray Romano appears with fellow CBS Monday night comedy stars Bill Cosby and Kevin James when Ray arrives at the waiting room of Dr. John Becker to pick up his friend, Doug, who was hit by a foul ball at a Mets game that Ray covered for Newsday.

Even More Shameless Crossover Monday winds up when Dr. Becker returns to his office waiting room to find Hilton Lucas (Bill Cosby), Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) and Ray Barone (Ray Romano) -- side-by-side -- waiting.


For the first night, Ray Barone of Everybody Loves Raymond would get together with Doug Heffernan of The King of Queens. After becoming friends, Doug helps Ray cheat on his driving test, only to have his license suspended. To make matters worse, he’s busted by Ray’s police officer brother for driving unlicensed and is later involved in a car accident with Ray’s dad Frank. Later in the same night, Doug would appear on Raymond and would also pop up on Cosby while making a delivery to the lead character Hilton Lucas.

Hilton stumbles into Dr. Becker's waiting room after his car breaks down.

On the second go-around, Becker got in on the action too. In the King of Queens episode “Where’s Poppa,” Doug gets hit in the head with a baseball, forcing him to go the doctor. He ends up seeing none other that Ted Danson’s Doctor Becker, and while in the waiting room, he notices Hilton Lucas also waiting to be checked on.

Doug gets hit on the head by a foul ball at a game and ends up in Dr. John Becker's waiting room where he meets Hilton Lucas.

Doug is hit by a baseball and meets a new friend (Bill Cosby) at Dr. Becker's (Ted Danson) office.

Doug running into Hilton in the waiting room of Ted Danson's Doctor Becker. Ray had been hit on the head with a baseball and while going to get it looked at by Becker found Hilton also waiting to see the doctor.

Ray and Doug - meet up in Dr. Becker's waiting room from the show Becker.

Ray's friend Doug has to visit the doctor after he's hit by a foul ball at a Mets game.

The next major crossover night had Doug running into Hilton in the waiting room of Ted Danson's Doctor Becker. Ray had been hit on the head with a baseball and while going to get it looked at by Becker found Hilton also waiting to see the doctor.

Doug Heffernan, Ray Barone and Hilton Lucas (Kevin James, Ray Romano, Bill Cosby) visit Becker's medical office.

Now Becker was not a fully up and running show in time for the first Shameless Crossover Monday but by the next one it was. Becker starred Ted Danson as the prickly Doctor Becker. On the King Of Queens episode Where's Poppa, The King Of Queens' Doug Heffernan ended up getting smacked in the head with a baseball and going to see Doctor Becker to have it looked at. Later that night, Doug also showed up on that night's episode of Becker.

Doug Heffernan, Ray Barone and Hilton Lucas visit Becker's office.

As a closing note, I have been informed that this is also another case where a shared reality is contradicted in another episode. In another episode of The King Of Queens Doug is acting as a limo driver for the president of CBS. In the course of driving him around Doug ends up spotting someone famous and basically says, "Hey! Isn't that the guy from Becker?" Hey, Doug, didn't becker treat your injury? Didn't you sit in his office? If he's a TV guy, how can that be? Crossover continuity can get a bit muddy I'm afriad.

And when you get right down to it, the least inventive of these big, multi-show crossovers basically boil down to, “Hey, look! He’s on this show, but he’s on that other show!” Take this 1999 episode of Ted Danson’s CBS sitcom Becker, in which (according to IMDb) “Becker returns to his office waiting room to find Hilton Lucas, Doug Heffernan and Ray Barone waiting.” You see, the protagonists of the evening’s other shows all ended up getting injured in one way or another, so of course Becker was their doctor, because TELEVISION. At least CBS was honest enough to promote the event as “Shameless Crossover Monday.”


  • Doug: That is beautiful so many ways.

  • Doug: Yeah, up top!

  • Debra: The kids are here.
  • Ray: They could use a little counter programing.

  • John Becker: Wonderful. The three amigos.


  • Bill Cosby as Hilton Lucas
  • Phylicia Rashad as Ruth Lucas
  • Madeline Kahn as Pauline
  • T’Keyah Crystal Keymah as Erica Lucas
  • Doug E. Doug as Griffin
  • Jurnee Smollett as Jurnee
  • Kevin James as Doug Heffernan
  • Leah Remini as Carrie Heffernan
  • Jerry Stiller as Arthur Spooner
  • Patton Oswalt as Spence
  • Larry Romano as Richie
  • Victor Williams as Deacon
  • Ray Barone as Ray Romano
  • Debra Barone as Patricia Heaton
  • Marie Barone as Doris Roberts
  • Frank Barone as Peter Boyle
  • Robert Barone as Brad Garrett
  • Ted Danson as John Becker
  • Terry Farrell as Reggie
  • Hattie Winston as Margaret
  • Alex Desert as Jake
  • Shawnee Smith as Linda


  • "Bill Cosby guest stars as Carrie and Doug struggle for some quality time together". And when this episode used to come on TV, I remember my guide saying that "Doug and Bill Cosby end up sharing a hospital room together with Dr. Becker as their doctor". But when you actually watch the episode, it's not about that at all. I think the episode is about Doug and Carrie trying to get their cousin Danny to watch Arthur for a while, so they can spend some quality time together.
  • The offices of Dr. John Becker, the curmudgeonly physician played by Ted Danson on Becker, are going to get seriously crowded on May 3, CBS’s “crossover Monday.” The fun—and CBS insists that it will be—begins on Cosby when Hilton Lucas (Bill Cosby) wanders into Becker’s waiting room after his car breaks down. Next, on The King of Queens, Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) gets hit by a foul ball at a New York Mets game and ends up you know where. Then sportswriter Ray Barone (Ray Romano), who was covering the game for Newsday in Everybody Loves Raymond, comes to Becker’s office to pick up Doug. Being a hypochondriac, Ray has a few questions for the doctor too. Finally, on Becker, the doctor enters his waiting room to find the trio seated side by side, with Doug and Ray gorging on lollipops.
  • CBS had the good grace to bill this night of crossover episodes as “Shameless Crossover Monday,” so it’s not all bad. They realize that what they’re doing is a shallow publicity stunt to get as many viewers in for all the four shows as possible and they know that that’s completely shameless and they put that in the marketing, like a sly wink to the audience. This crossover was a sort of slow burn throughout the night, leading up to the grand finale in the episode of Becker. In the night’s Cosby episode, Hilton Lucas ended up injuring himself. In The King of Queens episode, Doug Heffernan injured himself. And in the Everybody Loves Raymond episode, Ray Barone – you guessed it – wound up injuring himself. And then, in the final show of the night, Becker, Ted Danson’s titular character, a medical doctor, returns to his office to find three people waiting for treatment in his waiting room. Can you guess who those three people are? It doesn’t quite add up that Hilton, who lives in New York City, Doug, who lives in Queens, and Ray, who lives in Long Island, would end up in the very small practice run by Becker, who lives in the Bronx. But hey, that’s the magic of television for you!
  • CBS was not immune to this kind of stuff. They did a “Shameless Crossover Monday” with the show’s King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Cosby. There was no running story, basically the actors of one show appeared in the others. For example Cosby had an episode about Frank Barone which of course also featured Ray. Ray appeared in a few King of Queens episodes. The oddest one came on a second “Shameless Crossover Monday”, which really wasn’t that kind of stunt. The new series Becker had premiered, and the idea was that Hilton from Cosby, Doug from King of Queens, and Ray from ELR would all meet in Becker’s waiting room. What they really did was take the beginning of the Becker episode, and show pieces of it. So Cosby ended with Hilton showing up in Becker’s office, problem is this is really the beginning of Becker not the end of the actual Cosby episode we had just seen. The reason I say that is to this day when I see program listings from the King of Queens and Raymond episodes, the listing always has “Ray meets Doug at Dr.Becker’s office” or vice versa. If you watch the actual episodes, we don’t see Ray meet Doug anywhere! I often wonder if people come across this in reruns and wonder why the description says that when the episode doesn’t show it. The answer is, because it was really the beginning of a Becker episode where all three arrive in the office. By the way, it’s just for the teaser in the start the episode has nothing to do with these cameos, which is basically all they are.
  • In “Drive, They Said” it is a CBS cross-over episode as Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond’s Ray Barone), Kevin James (The King of Queens’ Doug Heffernan), and Bill Cosby (Cosby’s Hilton Lucas) make cameos in Dr. Becker’s waiting room all together. HOWEVER, this scene is not on the DVD and it isn’t in syndication either...more on that later.
  • There was a crossover event between Cosby, Everybody Loves Raymond, The King of Queens, and Becker. The description was written before the Cosby part of the episode was scrapped, although the cameo was filmed and legend has it that it can be found in CBS’s archives.
  • Finally, there was an episode of Becker where Ray, Doug, and Hilton (from Cosby) all end up in Dr. Becker’s office. This was just in the teaser for the episode, CBS spread the teaser out so pieces would appear at the end of the other shows respectively (rather than the usual tag, even if it had nothing to do with the episode that we just saw!). It isn’t much of a crossover, but Ray is in character being the worrier he would be at a doctor’s office. The best part is that for some reason the ads for the episodes of ELR and KOQ that they slapped the Becker part onto still mention the crossover. Even though for obvious reasons the episode doesn’t have them. So I can’t help but wonder how many people have seen that in their listing and been mystified when they watched the episode and got nothing. Amazingly I can’t find any trace of this online, pic or video. Thanks goodness I have it taped so I know that it did actually happen!
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