Extraterrestial Alien Humanoid Animal Robots- Transformazoids: Galactic Star Defenders Of The Universe- Ancient & Mystical Servants Of The Gods, The Cybertronian Civil War & The Great Magical Beast War, Fight For The Future Of All Sentient Beings  is a fan fictional story & a crossover reference between The famous Japanese anime series: Sailor Moon & The American toy franchise: Transformers.

The main focus in this franchise is The Cybertronian Civil War between The Heroic Autobots & The Evil Decepticons, along with The Magical Beast War between The Luster Kingdom & The Wraith Kingdom.

The franchise takes place in the Transformers universe, with major additions from 5 seasons from Sailor Moon.


The Transformers are at war with each other. The Cybertronian Civil War between Optimus Prime & The Heroic Autobots and Megatron & The Evil Decepticons. Eons of their war have caused the greatest casulties; their planet' core has shut down, resulting in the Exodus from their homeworld: Cybertron to Our galaxy & our homeworld: Earth. Little do the Transformers know their war is not the only conflict on Earth: The Magical Beast War between The Luster Kingdom: Formed of all the kingdoms of The Solar System and all across The Galaxy and The Wraith Kingdom: Formed of The armies of Darkness. The 2 great Kingdoms are at war for a millenium, they are still continuing their war on Earth. The Autobots & The Luster Kingdom must join forces to defend Earth & the entie universe from their enemies.

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  • Serenity & Beryl are half-cousins because of the blood relation of Queen Selenity & Queen Nehelenia.
  • Serenity took over as the new Ruler Of The Luster Kingdom after her parents' death. Beryl has done the same thing.
  • The Luster Kingdom uses Holy Magic & The Wraith Kingdom uses Dark Magic.
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