Fan Fiction
(The episode begins in the Compound, Nate arrives)
Nate Silva: Em, how are we doing with the creation process?
Emerald Zirconia "Em" Goldenbraid: It's going great, Nate. We appreciate Doctor K's help for the Morph-X affected tech from Hiden Intelligence.
Doctor K: That's right. According to King Ben, it will be the best solution we have for stopping the Unified Venjix Army. (Types on the computer)
Computerized Voice: Initiating Morphin Grid Connection. Beginning creating process. (We cut to the Morph-X Driver creation process) Morph-X Driver creating process complete.
(Ms. Nowhere arrived)
Ms. Nowhere: Are you sure this is the key to stop the Unified Venjix Army?
Emerald Zirconia "Em" Goldenbraid: Yes, Ms. Nowhere. We already affected the Attache weapons with Morph-X. And also the Morph-X affected Rise Hopper and the Risephones that Mick made.
Nate Silva: And I already selected our first four test subjects. By our first four subjects, I mean Zion, Drag, Blueberry and Cherry.
(Cuts to Crystal Dimension)
Necromus: How intriguing. Nate, the Gold Ranger and Emerald, the Mysticon Knight affected the technology from Hiden Intelligence with Morph-X?
Ultraman Tregear (Early Style): Yes, they affected them with Morph-X, Master Necromus. Since Venjix/Evox is out of the picture, we've been using the Venjix Computer Network on the tech from the ruins of Thinknet.
Ultraman Belial (Early Style): On the looks of it, they had Kamen Riders, Zion, Drag, Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash to be their first test subjects.
Bludussa: Why not we make more Sporixtrons and Giga Sporixdrones? This'll strengthen our ranks even more!
Half-Bake: You're not bad yourself! [laughs]
Ultraman Belial (Early Style): I wish you'd shut up!
(Void Knight arrived)
Void Knight: If you fools be quiet for a moment, you might be useful. Maleficent and I brought guests here, and they're Count Dregon's remnants.
(Both Colonel Kraken and Squidink Devil arrived)
Mucus: Ooh, more guests.
Scrozzle: Void Knight, did you say Count Dregon?
Void Knight: (Grabs Scrozzle) Yes, I did! But, that fool is out of our hair since the Neo-Subspace Army has been fallen. Korvaka and Niox will go with you two to Heartlake City while Scrozzle creates his new toys: The Venjixbots!
Colonel Kraken: How delightful. The Power Rangers and their allies will be in for a surprise for their lives.
Mucus: And what about me? I wanna take a whack at them.
Void Knight: Here's a thought – keep your antics to yourself!
Mucus: [gulps]
(Opening scene)
[Male Singer]
Go, go, Power Rangers!
Here come the Rangers!
Go, go, Power Rangers!
They're ready for you!
(Ah, ah, ah)
In a world full of strife
We must fight to survive
Try to break the chains that divide!
There is only one chance
To take the right stance
Hold tight, keep our power alive!
Go, go, Power Rangers!
Here come the Rangers!
Go, go, Power Rangers!
They're ready for you!
Rangers forever
Roar together
Power Rangers, Power Rangers
Power Rangers, Power Rangers
Power Rangers Roar!
(End of opening scene)
(Canterlot Mall, Fugitoid, Liz and the CMCs exited the movie theater)
Liz: That Daring Do movie is the best!
Fugitoid: Indeed! Quite adventurous it was.
Apple Bloom: We know you two liked it.
Liz: And you three have seen it 27 times?
Sweetie Belle: Yep, and there's always a new detail to notice every time we watch it!
Liz: Wow. Guess that's why you call yourselves the Movies Club.
Sweetie Belle: Well, c'mon, we should go check in with our sisters. See how they're doing with practice.
Scootaloo: Mm. (Suddenly, her phone buzzed) Hey, I just got an urgent text from Attie.
Sweetie Belle: What's it say?
Scootaloo: (Reads text from Attie) "Hey, Scoot, my friends and I felt it was right to warn you that the Color Strikes are. They did a livestream video that you should show the Rainbooms. And fair warning, they're not gonna like what they see, especially Fluttershy." (Clicked it on the link the message below, a video of a livestream video popped up. When they saw what the video was about)
CMCs: [gasped] Oh, no!
Fugitoid: The nerve!
Liz: Let's tell the others!
(Liz, Fugitoid and the CMCs ran)
(Mia's House, Heartlake City, as we see the Rainbooms were practicing their instruments for the talent show and singing one of their songs, while the girls, Flash, his sister, Pauly, Micro Chips, Sandalwood, Timber, Yammutika-Earth Rangers and Ninjas watched)
[The Rainbooms]
Right now
We're standin' at the bottom
Of a mountain that we gotta climb
[The Rainbooms]
[Rainbow Dash]
Clock's ticking, gonna need a miracle
To get it done in time
[The Rainbooms]
But hey (hey), that's okay (that's okay)
We gotta build up steam
Put our heads together, make a, make a plan (plan)
We can do anything
Time to get this show on the road
Turn on the lights (the lights)
Make 'em shine bright (bright)
Light up our dreams (dreams)
Bright as the sun (sun)
Shining like gold (gold)
Let's get this show (show) on the road
[Rainbow Dash]
[rapping] When you only got one shot
You don't mess around, give it everything you got
A little hard work, a little bit o' sweat
And you'll see how far you get
You're part of a team
[The Rainbooms]
A number-one team
[Rainbow Dash]
You got a dream
[The Rainbooms]
Gotta see that dream
[Rainbow Dash]
Now roll up your sleeves, and take control
Let's get this show on the road, oh
Let's get this show on the road, oh!
[The Rainbooms]
Time to get this show on the road
Turn on the lights (the lights)
Make 'em shine bright (bright)
Light up our dreams (dreams)
Bright as the sun (sun)
Shining like gold (gold)
Let's get this show (show) on the road
Time to get this show on the road
Turn on the lights (the lights)
Make 'em shine bright (bright)
Light up our dreams (dreams)
Bright as the sun (sun)
Shining like gold (gold)
Let's get this show (show) on the road!
Everyone: [cheered]
Micheal Burnham: Nice job, guys!
Carter Bridge: Awesome!
Sapphire Night: Nice!
Flash Sentry: Rainbooms rule!
Stephanie: Great song, girls!
Rainbow Dash: Thanks, Steph!
Zobo: Hot potato!
Zoe: Your music was most efficient!
Rarity: Thank you, darlings!
(Raph was sulking off to the side. He was still down about his broken arm. Which didn't go unnoticed by Leo)
Leonardo: You only have one more day, Raph. Then your cast comes off.
Michelangelo: And then you can go back to punching the bad guys!
Raphael: Gladly! And let me tell you, when I run into Xiang again, I'm gonna take my sai and stick it right in her–
Mia: Let's just focus on the here and now.
Angel Bridge: No good sulking about it.
Raphael: I'M NOT SULKING! (He then saw everyone looking at him unconvinced) Alright I am. I'm sulking! I'm sulking! I'm sulk-
[cymbals bang!]
Raphael: Thanks. I needed that.
Karai: You're welcome.
Olivia: Anyway, when did you girls sing that song again?
Pinkie Pie: We sang it when we first fixed up our tour bus.
Andrea: I gotta say, with your music and vocals, Vicky won't stand a chance!
Applejack: Thanks Andrea, but the competition we wanna beat the most is those low down Color Strikes!
Caitlyn: Beat them hard!
Micro Chips: And these are the people who criticized your singing, Caitlyn?
Caitlyn: [sighs] More like heckled. Because of them, I swore off from singing. Until I had a bit of a wake up call. And a little coaxing.
Zach: Don't forget I helped too.
Mia: We should hear you sing sometime.
Caitlyn: (Blushed) Oh, I'm still a little hesitant about it? But anyway, it would be so good to see you girls put those snobs in their place this time!
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, those acapella snobs won't know what hit'em!
(Liz, Fugitoid and the CMCs arrived)
Liz: Guys!
Sunset Shimmer: Girls? Professor?
Andrea: Liz? What's up?
Fugitoid: It's funny you all should all mention the Color Strikes.
Scootaloo: 'Cause we just got a text from Attie about them!
Donatello: What did Attie say about the Color Strikes?
Liz: They kind of made a little livestream music video about you, Fluttershy. (Showed them all the stream. In the music video, the Color Strikes, minus the HMC this time)
[Color Strikes]
Aaaahhhhh aaaahhhhh
It's the Color Strikes!
I got one more problem with you, girl!
[Color Strikes]
One less
One less
One less problem
Hey baby even though I hate ya!
I wanna love ya
[Hot Buns, Phasionor and Afromia]
I want you-hoo-hoo!
And even though I can't forgive you
I really want to
[Lip Sinker, Belle Harmony and Color Kick]
I want you-hoo-hoo!
Tell me, tell me baby
Why can't you leave me?
'Cause even though I shouldn't want it
I gotta have it
[Color Kick and Peach Cream]
I want you-hoo-hoo!
Head in the clouds
Got no weight on my shoulders
I should be wiser
And realize that I've got
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
[Color Strikes]
I got one less, one less problem
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I know you're never gonna wake up
I gotta give up
[Belle Harmony, Hot Buns, and Color Kick]
But it's you-hoo-hoo!
I know I shouldn't ever call back
Or let you come back
[Phasionor, Afromia and Lip Sinker]
But it's you-hoo-hoo!
Every time you hold me
And say you love me
I get a little bit breathless
I shouldn't want it
[Peach Cream and Color Kick]
But it's you-hoo-hoo!
Head in the clouds
Got no weight on my shoulders
I should be wiser
And realize that I've got
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
[Color Strikes]
I got one less, one less problem
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
[Color Strikes]
I got one less, one less problem
[rapping] Uh!
What you got?
Smart money bettin'
I'll be better off without you
In no time
I'll be forgettin' all about you
You saying that you know
But I really really doubt you
Understand my life is easy
When I ain't around you
Iggy Iggy
To biggie to be here stressin'
I'm thinkin' I love the thought of you
More than I love your presence
And the best thing now
Is probably for you to exit
I let you go
Let you back
I finally learned my lesson!
No half-stepping
Either you want it or you just playin'
I'm listening to you knowin'
I can't believe what you're sayin'
There's a million you's baby boo
So don't be dumb
I got 99 problems
But you won't be one
Like what!
[Color Strikes]
Head in the clouds
Got no weight on my shoulders
I should be wiser
And realize that I've got
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
[Botanica with the Color Strikes]
I got one less, one less problem
One less problem without ya
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got one less, one less problem
One less problem without ya
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got!
One less problem without ya!
I got one less, one less problem
Botanica: [pants, sighs of relief, squeals, faints]
Everyone: [gasped]
Michelangelo: Wow, Botanica was acting just like Fluttershy.
Emma: And dressed up like her.
Donatello: That's because she was making fun of her!
All: What?!
Rarity: My. Goodness!
Rainbow Dash: Why those no good!
Applejack: They couldn't stop any lower!
Pinkie Pie: Those big meanies! Fluttershy never fainted on stage even one!
Tiara Swift: Yeah, it sucks. That's what I say.
April O'Neil: I can't believe they did that!
Caitlyn: I can.
Zach: Yep.
Sandalwood: That is so not cool!
Raphael: They just keep heckling us everywhere we go! Ow!
Leonardo: Apparently, they never learned from last time.
Casey Jones: That is messed up, yo!
Flash Sentry: You got that right, Casey.
Zeno: Triple agreed.
Karai: They make Tiger Claw look like a gentleman.
David Smith: And that's putting it mildly.
Micro Chips: Even school bullies weren't this mean!
Timber Spruce: What a stubborn bunch.
Michelangelo: So what if Fluttershy's got stage fright! So what if she freaks out when people stare at her! And so what if she may never be brave enough to sing by herself in front of anyone ever! It's not fair to make fun of her for it!
(Everyone gave Mikey flat looks)
Pauly Sentry: Yeah, a little insulting there, Mikey.
Mia: But you're right, it's not fair to make fun of someone's flaws.
Angel Bridge: Hey, guys.
(They looked at Fluttershy, who hadn't moved an inch. Or said a word. She just stood there with a very upset look on her face)
Sunset Shimmer: Uh, Fluttershy?
Twilight Sparkle: Are you gonna be okay?
Fluttershy: I... I... I have to go! (Ran to her car, and drove off to Downtown Heartlake)
Emma: Poor Fluttershy.
Zobo: No peanut butter!
Olivia: Right, Zobo, we can't let the Color Strikes get away with hurting our friend!
Casey Jones: I haven't seen Fluttershy upset since Raph yelled at her.
Raphael: I regret seeing her upset then. And I regret seeing her upset now.
Rainbow Dash: Those jerks are gonna pay for this!
Applejack: And what do you propose we do? Knock on their door and go full ninja on them? [sighs] This is the kind of behavior those rascals want us to react.
Sunset Shimmer: Applejack's right, and the problem is they know this too.
Pauly Sentry: The pet show is one thing, but I don't like what they did to Fluttershy.
Timber Spruce: Yeah, Pauly, but we can't just let them get away with it.
Twilight Sparkle: We're not going to do that either.
Shinigami: Um, shouldn't we also make sure Fluttershy's alright?
Stephanie: We'll go follow Fluttershy and see if we can comfort her.
Twilight Sparkle: Meanwhile, the rest of us will plan a counter attack against those acacapella snobs!
Caitlyn: Oh, I'm in!
Zach: Me too!
Pauly Sentry: Same with me!
Angel Bridge: And me. No one disses my friends on my watch!
Michelangelo: Ah, yeah! Watch out, Color Strikes, you're about to face the Dr. Prankenstien! [laughs]
Alex Burnham: Dr. Prankenstien? Was that his nickname or...?
Carter Bridge and Casey Jones: Pretty much.
Emma: Ooh, good name!
Andrea: Let's go, Emma.
(The five girls piled in the Mission Vehicle and Olivia drove off after Fluttershy)
Sapphire Night: So... How are we gonna get even with those snobs?
Rainbow Dash: Here's what we're thinking...
(Suddenly, Ben and Betty arrived)
Ben Burke: Uh, hi, everybody. Sorry to interrupt, but Nate and Em want to see us in the base.
Betty Burke: And it's a surprise!
Pinkie Pie: Ooh, I like surprises!
Twilight Sparkle: What kind of surprise that Nate and Em want to show us for?
Betty Burke: Oh, don't worry, Twilight. You guys are gonna love it. Come on!
(Both Leo and Twilight exchange glances, Sunset shrugs. Everyone follows Ben and Betty)
(Cuts to Nate and Em with Zion, Drag, Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash as their test subjects. The Yammutika-Earth Rangers, Rainboom Turtles and their allies arrived)
Sandalwood: Hey, Nate, you and Em here to see us?
Nate Silva: Yes. Remember the Legend Rider Progrisekeys that you used to fight the Hyper Subspace Army? Doctor K, Em and I made the identical copy of the Hiden Zero-One Driver.
(Pinkie Pie raised her hand)
Zion "Pikachu18": (Points at a questioning Pinkie Pie) Mm-hmm?
Pinkie Pie: It's because it's affected by Morph-X?
Zion "Pikachu18": Yes, it does, Pinkie.
Pinkie Pie: Wow! Who made Morph-X affected tech from Hiden Intelligence?
(Everyone confusedly stared at Pinkie Pie)
Emerald Zirconia "Em" Goldenbraid: Anyway... With Doctor K's help for the identical copy of the Morph-X affected Hiden Zero-One Driver. We called it: The Morph-X Driver.
Nate Silva: That's right, Em. We already have Zion, Drag, Blueberry and Cherry to test them out.
Zion "Pikachu18": Yes. Thank you, Nate. Ready, guys?
Drag "MrDragonboy96", Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash: Yeah.
Emerald Zirconia "Em" Goldenbraid: Alright. Now, put the Morph-X Drivers around your waist and see what happens.
Morph-X Drivers: Morph-X Driver!
Blueberry Cake: Eh?
Drag "MrDragonboy96": What's happening to us?
Zion "Pikachu18": I don't know. We're about to find out.
(Zion, Drag, Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash are teleported)
Flash Sentry: Whoa!
Micheal Burnham: Where they'd go?
(Doctor K arrived)
Doctor K: Everything's fine, Micheal. Zion, Drag, Blueberry and Cherry are now teleported into the Morphin Grid where they can communicate with the mentor of the VR Troopers.
(Both Pauly and Sunset exchange glances)
Sunset Shimmer: The mentor of the VR Troopers? You mean... A friend of Tommy Oliver's...?
Doctor K: Yes, Sunset. That's Professor Horatio Hart.
(Inside the Morphin Grid)
Zion "Pikachu18": Whoa. What just happened?
Blueberry Cake: Are we in the small white room where Vignette tried to teleport us?
Drag "MrDragonboy96": No, Blueberry. Wait a minute. I wasn't there before I met you and Cherry. I was finding Zion remember?
Zion "Pikachu18": Yeah, it brings back memories. Are we...?
Cherry Crash: The Morphin Grid. The Morph-X Drivers teleported us to the Morphin Grid.
???: That's right.
(Zion, Drag, Blueberry and Cherry turned around and sees the figure who revealed himself as Professor Horatio Hart, mentor of the VR Troopers and friend of the Power Rangers)
Zion "Pikachu18", Drag "MrDragonboy96", Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash: [screams]
Professor Hart: It's alright. I'm a mentor of the VR Troopers and an ally of the Power Rangers.
(The four exchange glances)
Zion "Pikachu18": Professor Hart? You're Professor Hart. The mentor of VR Troopers.
Professor Hart: Yes. And I know who you four are.
Drag "MrDragonboy96": Then Jason and Tommy told us about you.
Professor Hart: Of course they have.
Blueberry Cake: So, did Nate and Em put you in the Morphin Grid?
Professor Hart: Yes, Blueberry. When I had a chat with Doctor K, Nate and Em about the succeeded creation of the Morph-X Driver. By the way, feel free to select from the menu.
(Zion steps forward and pressed the User Manuel)
Professor Hart: Well done, Zion. You have selected the User Manual. Activating Tutorial Mode.
(Back to the real world)
Zion "Pikachu18", Drag "MrDragonboy96", Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash: Learning complete.
RiderTiming Zi-O Progrisekey: King!
RiderTiming Geiz Progrisekey: Future!
BestMatching Build Progrisekey: Genius!
LevelUpping Ex-Aid Progrisekey: Game!
Morph-X Drivers: Authorise!
Zion "Pikachu18", Drag "MrDragonboy96", Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash: Kamen Rider!
Morph-X Drivers: Morph-X Rise! Legend celebrate!/Fight for the revolution!/Fullbottle shake shake!/Gashat! Gachon! Gachan! RiderTiming Zi-O!/RiderTiming Geiz!/BestMatching Build!/LevelUpping Ex-Aid! An honorable and kind demon king./A soldier who fights to maintain honor./A genius physicist whose mind surpasses all./Saving patients on the first try.
(Zion "Pikachu18", Drag "MrDragonboy96", Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash transformed into Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O, Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz, Kamen Rider Zero-One Build and Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: This is so cool!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz: Yeah, it is! We're back in the Progrisekey game! (He and Zero-One Zi-O fist bump) It's nice how I gave the RiderTiming Zi-O Progrisekey to you for the Morph-X Driver.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Yeah. Did Pierre gave you the RiderTiming Geiz Progrisekey?
Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz: Yeah, he did. Blueberry and Cherry are the only ones who still have their Progrisekeys.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Build: Yeah, we do. The law of victory is set! (Moves her hand back and forth, annoying Twilight)
Twilight Sparkle: Blueberry, please stop that. Okay. One more time for Zion.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: (Sees Zero-One Build moves her hand back and forth again) [laughs] Oh, Blueberry, you're so cute.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid: Alright, Blueberry, now take it easy. Sougo annoyed Sento with his thing and Zion called you cute. Enough of that. Sunset, where's Fluttershy, Olivia and the others? I thought they're with you.
Sunset Shimmer: They followed her to Downtown Heartlake after the Color Strikes made a video about her.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid: [angrily] They WHAT?!!
Applejack: Cherry, Sunset's bein' reasonable with this.
Raphael: Applejack's right, they constantly keep heckling us everywhere we go.
Pauly Sentry: Cherry, Fluttershy's my friend too. I don't like what the Color Strikes did to her, and it's really messed up!
(Mick Kanic then arrived)
Mick Kanic: Excuse me. Excuse me. A little quiet, please. Thank you.
(Both Nate and Em exchange glances, as Rainbow Dash shrugs and everyone followed Mick)
Sapphire Night: Mick, what is it?
Mick Kanic: Glad you asked, Sapphire. So, before Doctor K helped Nate and Em for the creation of the Morph-X Drivers. I made a couple of them new toys.
(Mick shows them the case to reveal four Morph-X affected Hiden Risephones)
Mick Kanic: I called these babies: The Morph-X Risephones.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: [whistles] Nice one!
Nate Silva: Yeah, it is. Micheal, Twilight, Sunset, Leo, you guys are gonna love this. Use the Morph-X Risephones on the Drivers to transport the Morph-X affected Rise Cycles and Em calls them the Morph-X Rise Cycles. And Mick also added the Plasma Blast function on the bikes just in case.
Morph-X Risephones: Moto Rise! Morph-X Rise Cycle!
(Zion, Drag, Blueberry Cake and Cherry Crash's Morph-X Risephones transported the Morph-X Rise Cycles)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: [laughs gleefully] I knew something would happen!
Casey Jones: I'd bet Dom and his crew would react to those bikes.
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, so does Sour Sweet and her friends.
Nate Silva: Right. We also made the Morph-X affected Attache weapons.
Sunset Shimmer: Really?
Nate Silva: Mm-hmm. (Shows them four Morph-X affected Attache weapons in case form) The Attache weapons from Hiden Intelligence are now affected by Morph-X. Em and I wanted to show you a little something.
(Nate and Em shows them Neo Transporters)
Rainbow Dash: Green Transporters? Okay. Why do you guys have to be all basic?
(Steel Silva arrived)
Steel Silva: Not just green Transporters, Rainbow Dash. These babies are the Neo Transporters. They're similar to the regular Transporters that we used them to transport the tech from Grid Battleforce to fight Evox and his army. The Neo Transporters will be using to transport the Morph-X affected Attache weapons, Keyblades and of course, the Legendary Hero weapons.
Nate Silva: Yeah. Zion, would you like to be a first one to test it out?
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Sure.
Nate Silva: Okay. Now, what weapon you rather transport to?
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: How about, hmm... A little something from Mighty Morphin?
Nate Silva: Okay. Give 'em a show.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Got it. Transport: Power Sword!
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O transported the Power Sword, surprising everyone)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Alright, it worked!
Everyone: [cheers, laughs]
Steel Silva: See? What did I tell ya? The Neo Transporters are fantastic.
Michelangelo: I knew you were right all along, Steel.
Raphael: Yeah. Never doubted you for a second.
Fugitoid: Oh! That reminds me.
Twilight Sparkle: What is it, Professor?
Fugitoid: Before I went with Liz and the CMCs to watch the Daring Do movie. I affected the copy of Zion's RealxEyez 01 Keyblade with Morph-X.
Leonardo: You did?
Fugitoid: Why yes, Leonardo. (Shows them the Morph-X Rising Keyblade) I called it, the Morph-X Rising Keyblade.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: (Obtained the Morph-X Rising Keyblade) Not bad, Professor.
Fugitoid: Thank you.
Nate Silva: Em and I also made the copy of the Beast-X Ultra Cannon.
Timber Spruce: The Beast-X Ultra Cannon?
Nate Silva: Mm-hmm. (Shows them the Beast-X Ultra Cannon) The same one I made where we tried to subdue Evox who corrupted Mayor Daniels' body.
Steel Silva: And thanks to Doctor K, the solution Devon used is, you guessed it. Split Emitters!
[Energon Cube Morpher beeps]
Optimus Prime (Yammutika-Earth): Rangers, Necromus' monster has been spotted in Heartlake City.
Micheal Burnham: That's where Fluttershy is.
Alex Burnham: We better stop him before he reaches her.
Tiara Swift: Right.
(Yammutika-Earth Rangers ran)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: We better help them.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz: Yeah.
Sunset Shimmer: Wait. Cherry, here. (Gives her the Knight of Saber Gashat) Touma wants me to give this to you.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid: Thanks, Sunset.
(The four Riders rode to Heartlake City)
(Heartlake City)
[citizens screaming]
Noisemaker: [laughs] That's right, Heartlake City! Run away from Noisemaker!
(Yammutika-Earth Rangers arrived)
Micheal Burnham: That's enough!
Noisemaker: Rangers, you're here for my concert?
Alex Burnham: No, you're getting a one way ticket out of here!
Micheal Burnham: It's Morphin' Time!
Yammutika-Earth Rangers: Energon Awaken! Ha!
[action music]
[beasts screeching]
(Yammutika-Earth Rangers morphed into their Ranger forms)
Yammutika-Earth Rangers: Guardians of Yammutika-Earth, unite!
Noisemaker: Spideroids, get them!
(Spideroids charged)
(Yammutika-Earth Rangers, Noisemaker and Spideroids are fighting each other)
Noisemaker: Now, to unleash a sour note on you, Rangers!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: [off-screen] We won't allow it!
Noisemaker: Huh?!
(The Morph-X Zero-One Riders arrived on their Morph-X Rise Cycles)
Noisemaker: What the–?!
Yammutika-Earth Blue Ranger: Hey, who's that?
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: It's Zion, Drag, Blueberry and Cherry!
RiderTiming Zi-O Progrisekey: King!
Beast-X Shotgun: Progrisekey confirmed. Ready to utilize. Zi-O's ability. RiderTiming Attache!
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O blasted at Noisemaker from the Beast-X Shotgun while riding on the Morph-X Rise Cycle. Captions appeared as "RiderTiming Kaban Shot")
Beast-X Shotgun: RiderTiming Kaban Shot!
(Noisemaker was wiped out from the picture)
Noisemaker: [screams, grunts] Huh? Aaah! My precious tuba!
Yammutika-Earth Blue Ranger: Well, that's one way to not listen to Noisemaker's cringey sour notes. (Sees more Spideroids) Oh, that can't be good.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: [to Spideroids] Surprise, spider freaks!
Morph-X Zero-One Riders: Plasma Blast!
(Morph-X Zero-One Riders blasted the Spideroids while riding on the Morph-X Rise Cycles. Spideroids are defeated and destroyed)
Yammutika-Earth Yellow Ranger: Alright!
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: Awesome!
Yammutika-Earth Green Ranger: Way to go!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Thanks. We came here to lend you guys a hand.
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Great, and you saved us from Noisemaker's sour note. Huh?
Noisemaker: [growls, to Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O, angrily] You broke my tuba and destroyed my Spideroid fans! I'd like you to meet Scrozzle's new toys! [laughs evilly]
(Venjixbots arrived)
Yammutika-Earth Blue Ranger: Whoa, those guys look new!
Noisemaker: Yeah, they are! I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta run. Buh-bye!
(Noisemaker ran away)
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Great, he got away and left us to deal with the Venjixbots.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: We'll take care of this, Micheal. Go get Noisemaker.
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Thanks, Zion. Let's go.
(Yammutika-Earth Rangers ran after Noisemaker)
Beast-X Calibur: Blade Rise!
Beast-X Arrow: Arrow Rise!
Beast-X Lance: Lance Rise!
Beast-X Shotgun: Shotgun Rise!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Let's go!
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O, Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz, Kamen Rider Zero-One Build, Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid and Venjixbots are fighting each other)
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O and Venjixbots are fighting each other)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: (Used time manipulation from the Time Stack) Huh? Hey, what in the...? (Sees the future of himself fighting the Venjixbots, then suddenly he sees two Venjixbots blasted him out of the picture) Hmm. I think... I can do this! (Performs Zi-O II's King Giri Giri Slash from the Beast-X Calibur and slashes the Venjixbots) And you're finished!
Beast-X Calibur: Zi-O!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz: Nice job, Zion! Now it's my turn!
Beast-X Arrow: Progrisekey confirmed. Ready to utilize. Geiz's ability. RiderTiming Attache!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz: Take this!
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz blasted at the approaching Venjixbots. Captions appeared as "RiderTiming Kaban Shoot")
Beast-X Arrow: RiderTiming Kaban Shoot!
(Venjixbots are defeated)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Build: Alley-oop! (Used the Hop Springer for increased jumping and hits the Venjixbot with the Tank Roller Shoes) Whoa! This Morph-X Driver is loaded with power! (Sees more Venjixbots) Hmm? That can't be good. Time for me to try out the new weapon that Em made. Transport: Beast-X Fullbottle Buster!
Morph-X Risephone: Initiating Weapon Transportation.
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Build transported the Beast-X Fullbottle Buster)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Build: Alright!
Beast-X Fullbottle Buster: Progrisekey confirmed. Ready to utilize. Build's ability. BestMatching Attache!
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Build slashed three Venjixbots. Captions appeared as "BestMatching Break")
Beast-X Fullbottle Buster: BestMatching Break!
(Three Venjixbots are blown up)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Build: More of you? Oh, well. (Switches from Blade to Cannon) Beast-X Fullbottle Buster Cannon!
Beast-X Fullbottle Buster Cannon Mode: Progrisekey confirmed. Ready to utilize. Build's ability. BestMatching Attache!
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Build blast a ball of red and blue energy at the five Venjixbots. Captions appeared as "BestMatching Break")
Beast-X Fullbottle Buster Cannon Mode: BestMatching Break!
(Venjixbots are defeated)
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid and Venjixbots are fighting each other)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid: (Hits five Venjixbots with the Gashacon Breaker and Proto-Gashacon Breaker) Huh? Oh well. I hope Emu and Kuroto doesn't mind me borrowing one of their toys. Wonder what's this button do? (Pressed the A button on the Gashacon Breaker and Proto-Gashacon Breaker for Blade Mode)
Gashacon Breaker and Proto-Gashacon Breaker: Ja Kīīn!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid: Alright! I'll clear this with no continues!
Knight of Saber Gashat: Knight of Saber!
Cyber Zero-One Gashat: Cyber Zero-One!
Gashacon Breaker and Proto-Gashacon Breaker: GASHATTO! KNIGHT OF/CYBER CRITICAL FINISH!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid: (Performed ZenkaizerIcon-crosswiki.png's version of Kaen Juujizan) Rekka Battou! Kaban Strash!
Gashacon Breaker: [in Kaenken Rekka's voice] Dragon! Issatsu Geki! Fire!
Proto-Gashacon Breaker: [in Attache Calibur's voice] Kaban Dynamic!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid: I will decide how this story ends! And gotta have Aruto! Hm?
(Portal appeared)
Colonel Kraken: Well, if it isn't my old friends from the Galactic Squadron, Zion and Drag.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Colonel Kraken!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz: We haven't seen you since you and Desius betrayed the Galactic Squadron.
Kamen Rider Zero-One Build: Wait. You two know him?
Colonel Kraken: Of course. We go way back. Venjixbots! Attack!
(Venjixbots charged)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Let's go!
(Morph-X Zero-One Riders charged. Morph-X Zero-One Riders, Colonel Kraken and Venjixbots are fighting each other)
(Crystal Dimension)
Carmeara: Who are they? Friends of Kengo Manaka's?
Absolute Tartarus: Yes. We have far more things to discuss. If you three give your pledge to not only The Kingdom, but the Unified Venjix Army as well.
Carmeara: And what do we want to give you in exchange for?
Absolute Tartarus: The Eternity Core.
Darrgon: Wha-What?! Never in a million years, Absolutian freak!
Hudram: Wait. Are you saying that our new objective is us dealing with the Power Rangers?
Absolute Tartarus: Yes. Do we have a deal?
Carmeara: (Glances at Darrgon and Hudram, nodded) We're in.
Absolute Tartarus: [chuckles evilly] Good. (Affected them with Absolutian energy to power them up)
Dark Giants: [groaning]
Slyther: Oh, my goodness!
Mucus: Hold me! [to Maleficent] And why are you enjoying this?
Maleficent: The Dark Giants gave their pledge to not just The Kingdom, but the Unified Venjix Army too.
Ultraman Desius (Early Style): [chuckles evilly] Zion's gonna see the look on his face when he sees them. (Leaves, but only to be stopped by Juggernaut Zetton)
Juggernaut Zetton: Why are you so happy? You lost to me in the fight, remember?
Ultraman Desius (Early Style): And what? Just for me to be accepted into Tartarus' gang? It's you I'm not worried about. Zion has learned something from Ultra History class, involving with Ultraman Trigger and his battles with the Ultra Ancient Giants of Darkness. So Tartarus brought them from Trigger's World to the Crystal Dimension. They joined not only The Kingdom, Zetton. They joined the Unified Venjix Army too. Does Zion want to tell that to the Rangers, Turtles and their friends from Canterlot City?
Juggernaut Zetton: Apparently.
Ultraman Desius (Early Style): Good.
(Back to Heartlake City)
Noisemaker: If the Rangers or Riders know I'm here, they'll blow me to bits.
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: [off-screen] (Reeled Noisemaker in from the Energon Beast Rod) Gotcha!
Noisemaker: Huh? Whoa! [screams, grunts] Uh oh!
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: Guys, finish him!
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Okay!
Yammutika-Earth Rangers: Energon Blaster Sword Mode! Savage Slash!
(Yammutika-Earth Rangers slashed Noisemaker)
Noisemaker: My concert's ruined! [screams]
(Crystal Dimension)
Ultraman Tregear (Early Style): How typical. The Rangers destroyed Noisemaker.
Necromus: In that case... Gigantify him!
(The Gigantify Ray is fired at Noisemaker, causing him to be enlarged)
Noisemaker: Let's give you Rangers a grand finale you'll never forget!
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: That's what you think. Animal Energon Cubes, awake! Zords combine!
[epic music]
Yammutika-Earth Rangers: Energon King Megazord, ready!
Yammutika-Earth Green Ranger and Yammutika-Earth White Ranger: Energon Wild Megazord, ready!
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: Energon Hunter Megazord, ready!
Noisemaker: Three-against-one, eh? Well, two can play with that. Giga Sporixdrones!
(Giga Sporixdrones appeared)
Yammutika-Earth Yellow Ranger: Hey, that's cheating!
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: Don't worry, Leon. We'll take care of the Giga Sporixdrones. You take Noisemaker.
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Thanks, Alex. Let's go!
(Energon King Megazord, Noisemaker, Energon Wild Megazord, Giga Sporixdrone, Energon Hunter Megazord and Giga Sporixdrone are fighting each other)
Yammutika-Earth Green Ranger and Yammutika-Earth White Ranger: Gorilla Cannon Blast!
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: Crocodile Energy Blast!
(The two Megazords blasted the Giga Sporixdrones. The Giga Sporixdrones are defeated)
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: Yeah, two less Giga Sporixdrones to worry about! Huh?
(Noisemaker attacked Energon King Megazord)
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Hang on, we're going down!
Noisemaker: Bye bye, Rangers!
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: You get away from my brother!
(Energon Hunter Megazord punches Noisemaker)
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Thanks for the save, Alex.
Yammutika-Earth Beast Ranger: No prob.
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: I think we have a idea.
Yammutika-Earth Blue Ranger: Really?
Yammutika-Earth Green Ranger: Like combining three of our Zords into one?
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Yeah. Zords combine!
[epic music]
(The three Megazords combined into one to become the Energon Trinity Megazord)
Yammutika-Earth Rangers: Energon Trinity Megazord, ready!
Noisemaker: This is not good!
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: You want a concert? Well, here's our latest hit. Eagle Chain Sword Fire Mode!
Yammutika-Earth Rangers: Energon Trinity Megazord Final Slash!
(Energon Trinity Megazord slashed Noisemaker)
Noisemaker: Ladies and gentlemen, Noisemaker has left the building!
(Noisemaker is defeated and destroyed)
Yammutika-Earth Rangers: [cheering]
Yammutika-Earth Red Ranger: Game's over, Rangers win.
(Morph-X Zero-One Riders and Colonel Kraken are fighting each other)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: I like you to meet a new friend of mine. Transport: Beast-X Ultra Cannon!
(Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O transported the Beast-X Ultra Cannon)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Drag, Blueberry, Cherry, with me!
Kamen Rider Zero-One Geiz, Kamen Rider Zero-One Build and Kamen Rider Zero-One Ex-Aid: Right!
Morph-X Zero-One Riders: Beast-X Ultra Blast!
(Morph-X Zero-One Riders blasted Colonel Kraken)
Colonel Kraken: [screams]
(...but Colonel Kraken disappeared)
Kamen Rider Zero-One Zi-O: Great. He got away.
(They demorphed. Yammutika-Earth Rangers arrived)
Micheal Burnham: You did great out there, Zion.
Zion "Pikachu18": Thanks, Micheal, you too.
(The two leaders shake hands)
Micheal Burnham and Zion "Pikachu18": Huh?
(The Mission Vehicle arrived)
Olivia: Micheal, Zion, guys!
Zion "Pikachu18": Olivia!
Olivia: Did you guys see Fluttershy?
Blueberry Cake: No. Have you?
Andrea: Same here.
Cherry Crash: Great, my cousin's involved too!
Micheal Burnham: Then we gotta find her.
Everyone: Right!
(The three teams ran to look for Fluttershy. Portral appeared as Carmeara walked out from the portal)
Carmeara: So, Tartarus did told me about them. [chuckles evilly]
(To Be Continued...)
[End of Face Your Fears – Part One]