This is a list of episodes for Family Guy + Pokémon: Dragon Tamers. Each episode is designated as a chapter.

I "Rite of Passage"

(通路つーろ儀式ぎしき, Tsūro no Gishiki)

The story begins in the forest of Inu, a place in the World of Dragons where its inhabitants are all anthropomorphic dogs and wolves. It is the start of a rite of passage for Brian, his younger brother Vinny, and their friend Ellie, and that rite of passage is the Dragon Tamer challenge; it is similar to the Pokémon League Challenge for beginning Pokémon Trainers, but it's for sentient animals. The starter Pokémon that are chosen for the challenge are Dratini for Brian, Bagon for Vinny, and Axew for Ellie. Just as the Village Elder, Okami, gives the three dogs their Z-Crests (the Hopium-Z for Brian, the Lightium-Z for Vinny, and the Lovium-Z for Ellie), Kaizer, a new enemy, appears to take the life of Okami. However, before Kaizer could do so, Okami casts a spell on himself and the forest, turning them into stone. Brian, Vinny and Ellie escape with their Dragon partners so they could traverse to the mountains and obtain their Burst Hearts, and Kaiser escapes just in time.

The episode ends with the three dogs vowing to not only complete their challenge, but to also stop Kaiser and find a way to restore their home to life.

II "Armor Change, Burst!"

(兵器アーマー変更チェンジ、バースト!, Āmā Chenji, Bāsuto!)

III "Tree of Wisdom"

(知恵ちえ, Chie no Ki)

IV "Armor of Speed"

(速度すくど兵器アーマー, Sukudo no Āmā)

V "The Crisis of Axew"

(キバゴの機器きき, Kibago no Kiki, lit. "The Crisis of Kibago")

VI "Ellie's Haxorus Armor"

(エリーのオノノクス兵器アーマー, Erī no Ononokusu Āmā, lit. "Ellie's Ononokus Armor")

VII "The Mega Quest Begins"

(メガべつはじまる, Mega Betsu ga Hajimaru)

VIII "The Infamous Kaiser"

(悪名高あくめいだかいカイザー, Akumeidakai Kaizā)

IX The Story of New Brian

(ニュー・ブライアンの物語ストーリー, Nyū Buraian no Sutōrī)

X "Aerodactyl, Come to Me"

(プテラ、わたしる, Putera, Watashi ni Kuru, lit. "Ptera, Come to Me")

XI "To the Tribe of Neko"

(ネコ部族ぶぞくに, Neko no Buzoku ni)

XII "An Unexpected Twist"

(予想よそうがいのひねり, Yosōgai no Hineri)

XIII "The Fourth Tamer"

(4倍よんばいのテイマー, Yonbai no Teimā)

XIV "Ellie's Teacher"

エリーの先生せんせい, Erī no Sensei)

XV "Book of Thunder"

(かみなりほん, Kaminari no Hon)

XVI "Tamer Karaoke"

(テイマー・カラオケ, Teimā Karaoke)

XVII "Marill's Bouncing Tail"

(マリルのはずしぽう, Mariru no Hazumu Shipō)


"Electrifying Pikachu"

(かみなりのピカチュウ, Kaminari no Pikachū)


"The Tidy Minccino"

(きれいなチラーミィ, Kireina Chirāmī, lit. "The Tidy Chillarmy")


"The Attractive Togedemaru"

(せるトゲデマル, Miseru Togedemaru)

XXI "The Meadow of Saru"

(サルの草原そうげん, Saru no Sõgen)

XXII "Challenge of the Three Monkeys"

(3さんさるのチャレンジ, San Saru no Charenji)

XXIII "The Two Eevee"

(2ふたりのイーブイ, Futari no Ībui)

XXIV "Kaiser"

(カイザー, Kaizā)

XXV "Devolution"

(ディ進化ヴォリューション, Divoryūshon)

XXVI "Memento"

(メン, Memento)

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