Family Guy + Rat-a-Tat: Doggy Don Meets Brian Griffin (Family Guy & Pakdam Pakdai: Doggy Don Meets Brian Griffin) is an Indian-American animated fanfiction crossover made-for-TV film by DecaTilde, combining elements from Family Guy (a cartoon sitcom by Seth MacFarlane) and Rat-a-Tat (an Indian cartoon comedy by Toonz Animation).


Brian and Stewie are transported into the Rat-a-Tat universe after unknowingly knocking Stewie's Multiverse remote over. Soon, they meet Doggy Don, his older brother Colonel and their adoptive younger brother Major. While dealing with the Mouse Bros. Charlie, Marly and Larry, both sides must set aside their differences when Bertram plans Multiversal Conquest, and join forces.


  • Brian Griffin
  • Stewie Griffin
  • Bertram
  • Doggy Don
  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Charlie
  • Marly
  • Larry
  • Ballu
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