It was a great day at sea. The dolphins were swimming happily and a big ship with its crew singing as they were sailing through the ocean.

Sailors: I'll tell you the tale of the bottomless blue and it's a hey to the starboard heave ho.

Look out lad, a mermaid be waiting for you in mysterious bellow.

Standing on the ridge of the boat there was a was a goose wearing glasses and a green shirt. He also has a backpack on his back. His name was Honker Muddlefoot, enjoying the sea flights of the ocean with his dinosaur pet dog, Earl.

"Isn't this great, Earl? The salty sea air, the wind blowing your face." Honker said.

Earl panting happily, as Honker sighs happily.

"Perfect day to be at sea!" Honker replied.

Near him with a fox with red fur, wearing a green shirt, matching pants, a blue cloak, and a single white opera gloves. His name was Honest John who get seasick.

"Oh, yes. Delightful!" Honest John said, as he threw up on down in the ocean.

"A find wind of ze following sea. Drake Mallard was in le friendly type of mood." Antione said.

"Drake Mallard?" Honker asked.

"Why ruler of the toon animals, lad. Not every single to." Boomer said.

"Toon Animals." Honest John groaned, "Honker, pay no attention, that's rubbish and poppycock."

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