Fay Sorano (空野 フェイ, Sorano Fay, โซราโนะ เฟย์)

Fay, usually called Fay-chan (フェイちゃん), is the 15 year old Level 3 duelist from Umemi Academy and one of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Next Level who serves as a semi-romantic girlfriend of Mimura. She is a smart, kind, cute, and talented duelist and also the object of several male characters' affection. Fay also has a younger sister named Miki (みき), whom she adores.

Character design

Lineart Fay

Lineart of Fay

Fay's character design is by Thai artist Madoukid. She has blue eyes and long blonde hair tied in twin-tails with black ribbons. Unexpectedly, Fay slightly looks like a character from Seitokai no Ichizon, Lilicia Toudou (リリシア藤堂).




  • Fay's character design likely based on DARK APPLE's most favorite characters in series Magical Girl Lyrical NanohaFate Testarossa.
  • Full colored illustration of Fay is displayed in the fiction before the first apperance of Lilicia airing in Japan.