Ferocious Roar Of The Heiresses of The Supreme King & The Bestial Gods & Goddesses-- Magical Alien Rulers & Protectors of The Milky Way Galaxy: Legend of The Sun & Moon Quintuplet Generals & The True Monarchs of The Holy Crystal Millennium is a fan fictional original story based on Sailor Moon.

The main focus is The Great War between The Silver Millennium & The Negaverse.


The Silver Millennium, a once powerful empire who ruler The entire Solar System & was based on peace & prosperity is facing its darkest days with a war that will destroy everything after years of hard work and dedication to peace. This war is against The Negaverse under the leadership of Queen Beryl. Queen Serenity, Queen Equanimity, Queen Equability, Queen Conformity and Queen Tranquility; the daughters of The Sun King Solace and late Moon Queen Serenity. and The Neo Soldiers are all that stands between their kingdoms and total destruction.

Neo Soldiers

Sun Soldiers / Generals / Supreme Commanders

  • Queen Serenity II / Neo Sailor Moon
  • Queen Equanimity / Neo Sailor Sun
  • Queen Equability / Neo Sailor Solar
  • Queen Confirmity / Neo Sailor Sol
  • Queen Tranquility / Neo Sailor Solaris

Neo Soldiers / High Generals

  • Princess Elizabeth / Neo Sailor Mercury
  • Princess Freya / Neo Sailor Venus
  • Princess Gaia / Neo Sailor Earth
  • Princess Hikari / Neo Sailor Mars
  • Princess Juno / Neo Sailor Jupiter
  • Princess Gothel / Neo Sailor Saturn
  • Princess Kalani / Neo Sailor Uranus
  • Princess Amphititrite / Neo Sailor Neptune
  • Princess Margaret / Neo Sailor Pluto
  • Princess Nyx / Neo Sailor Nemesis


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