Final Crisis of Insano is an upcoming computer-animated/live-action film produced by Blue Sky Studios and Channel Awesome and released by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Carlos Saldanha, it is a sequel to Suburban Knights. The film is currently scheduled to be released on April 11, 2014.


  • Nostalgia Critic
  • Oancitizen
  • Some Jerk with a Camera
  • PushingUpRoses
  • Bennett the Sage
  • Todd in the Shadows
  • The Last Angry Geek
  • Linkara
  • Nash
  • Blu
  • Jewel


  • Doug Walker as Nostalgia Critic
  • Kyle Kallgren as Oancitizen
  • Tony Goldmark as Some Jerk with a Camera
  • Sarah Wilson as PushingUpRoses
  • Bennett White as Bennett the Sage
  • Todd Nathanson as Todd in the Shadows
  • Brian Heinz as The Last Angry Geek
  • Lewis Lovhaug as Linkara
  • Nash Bozard as Nash
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Tyler Blu Gunderson, a male Spix's Macaw
  • Anne Hathaway as Jewel, a female Spix's Macaw from Rio de Janeiro


The first news of a sequel was announced on January 25, 2012, by Doug Walker in a video titled Big Announcement! saying that a squeal to Suburban Knights will hidden in 2014 and that the Nostalgia Critic will be in the film. reported that Jesse Eisenberg has signed up to reprise his role as Blu.

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