Rail Fight!
Season 1, Episode 10
First Aired (CAN) 2011
First Aired (USA) 2011
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"Rail Fight!"
"Thomas & Emily to the Rescue!"

Finding James is the tenth episode of "Sodor High School: Thomas and Friends Tales".


A search party is formed to track down James.


James felt terrible as he walked on down the road, and he felt that he had every right to feel terrible.

"If I can't love Emily, then I guess I'll just leave Sodor and never return, maybe the Mainland High School will take in someone like me." he thought sadly to himself.

James was also feeling sore after his fight with Thomas. He had more bruises than the blue haired teenager did.

"Goodbye forever Sodor."

James continued walking along at his slow pace, not caring the slightest if anyone saw him.

At this time, Emily and Thomas were both out looking for James, but they had no luck as they looked around Knapford or Ffraquhar. When they met up at Knapford, they were disappointed and upset.

"Darn that James!" said Thomas crossly, slamming his fist into the nearby stone pillar. "I can't believe he would run away like that! Ouch that hurts."

"I can understand why he did that," Emily said quietly. "When you feel like you're not loved, then you start to wonder why you're where you are now. With that thought in your mind, the only hope for you is to leave and never return."

Thomas looked to the dark green-haired girl. "Did you ever feel that way once?" he asked.

"Yes, Thomas. I did feel that way at one time."

It was then that Gordon and Henry both arrived and looking a bit worn out.

"We've searched at some of James' favourite places," said Gordon. "The arcade, Pizza Palace, and the likes, but we weren't able to find him."

"It's almost like he's vanished off the Island of Sodor completely," Henry added thoughtfully.

"He couldn't have gone far." said Thomas, remembering his earlier conversation with the red-haired boy's mother. "His mother said that he didn't take his bike with him."

"Thomas, have you forgotten how good of an athlete James is?" Henry asked. "He can go on for a long time without stopping or getting tired."

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Thomas groaned, face-faulting slightly.

"Another thing," Gordon spoke up, now smiling a little bit. "We've also enlisted the help of two friends who are good athletes, but are even better trackers."

"Who would they be?" asked Emily.

"Why don't you look behind you?"

Thomas and Emily looked to see Donald and Douglas, the Scottish twin brothers, standing close by. They looked identical in so many ways (long black hair, blue shirts, and wearing traditional Scottish kilts), except with the numbers on their shirts. Donald was 9, and Douglas 10.

"Hello lads and lass." said Donald. "We've heard that the wee laddie has gone missin'."

"You've heard correct," sighed Thomas. "James has run off and by the looks of things, he's nowhere near Knapford."

"Och, dinna fesh yerself Thomas." said Douglas reassuringly. "We'll soon find him. Yon James canna have gone too far."

And so, the search continued. Both Donald and Douglas went off to Maithwaite, while Gordon and Henry both checked out the town once more. Thomas and Emily both went searching for James along the railway tracks that went a long ways to the Mainland railway.

"Maybe he's following these tracks," suggested Thomas. "If he is, then he's trying to make an escape to the Mainland where he was first born."

Emily gave a nod. "Then we better follow those tracks. If we do, we might find James."

"Agreed, but we won't be able to take our bikes down that path forever," Thomas stated. "Once we reach the gravel roads, we'll have to walk the rest of the way."

"Then what are we waiting for, let's go!"

And that's just what the two teens did, they walked along on the pathway beside the tracks, hoping to find James before it was too late.

Meanwhile, James had just walked into a small neighbourhood, although he wasn't sure of where he was.

"I must be getting close to the Mainland." he thought to himself. "Or at least I think I'm getting close to there."

And that's when James noticed, he could see some little kids, no more than five, playing with the fence. They banged their toys against it until the gate finally opened up, and then they walked out. To make matters even worse, their house was close to the railway tracks, and that's where they were heading.

"Hey!" James cried out. "You kids need to get away from there before..."

He was suddenly cut off by the sounds of an engine's whistle, it was the whistle of a red mixed traffic steam engine. It was pulling a long line of trucks behind it, and it was puffing towards the crossing and the kids.

"Oh no!" James cried.

Without wasting a second, the red-haired teenage boy ran as fast as he could towards the kids. He got there just as the engine's front end reached the crossing, James picked up the two kids in his arms, then jumped with them to the other side of the tracks, just in the nick of time.

"What was that?" asked the driver.

The fireman had been looking out the cab and saw all, "That boy saved those kids from being hit by us, that's what!"

James held onto the two kids until the train's brake van had passed by them, then he walked with them to their backyard. Their mother was shocked by what she had seen.

"I'm so happy that you two are okay." she cried, running forth and giving her kids a hug.

"Thanks to the red-haired boy!" said the little girl.

"Thank you so much mister." said the little boy to James.

"Yes indeed," smiled the mother. "Thank you for saving my children, I saw you running to safe them, I have to say that you are fast for your age."

"Yeah, that's what my...old friends used to say." James fibbed. He was missing his friends deeply, though he wouldn't admit it.

"Come inside, dear boy," said the mother. James looked confused, at least until the mother continued; "I would like to make you something special for saving my kids."

"Huh? Oh no, that's okay. I don't want to be of any trouble." James declined politely.

But the kids' mother insisted; "It's no trouble at all, come on in."

James was speechless for a minute, but he recovered, smiled, and kindly accepted the offer, walking into the house along with the mother and two kids.

Meanwhile, word had gone up the line about a teenage boy who saved two young kids from an oncoming goods train. The newspapers soon had the story out, but nobody knew who the boy was.

"What a hero," commented Gordon, reading one of the late night papers. "He risked his own life to save those kids."

"What a guy," agreed Henry. It was then he noticed something faintly familiar about the description of who saved those kids. "Wait a minute...red-haired boy, 16-years old, athletic, and can run very fast..."

Gordon's eyes widened. "You don't think...?"

The answer had hit the two boys in the face.

"IT'S JAMES!" They both exclaimed at once.

"We'd better let Thomas and Emily know where he is." said Gordon, taking his mobile phone out of his pocket. "From what this paper says, he's at the small town just before the bridge to the Mainland."

But they had a problem. In the flurry of going out, Thomas had left his mobile phone, and so did Emily. After a few minutes of trying to reach then, Gordon had to give up.

"Oh bother and blow! Now how are we going to get in contact with them?" Gordon sighed unhappily.

Henry wasn't sure, but then his face lit up with hope. "Donald and Douglas! They're both fast like James. They could quickly catch up with Thomas and Emily and inform them about James' whereabouts."

Thankfully, the twins had their mobile phones on them. Once they were told what to do by Gordon, the twin boys were on their way.

"We'd betta hurry, Donnie." Douglas said.

Donald nodded. "Aye ye bae right Douggie, let's go!"

Peddling fast on their bikes, the twins raced along on the same path that Thomas and Emily had taken earlier.

Thomas and Emily were both nearing the small town when the twins arrived.

"What's up?" Thomas asked, upon seeing Donald and Douglas.

"The laddie is here!" said Donald frantically, and showed off the newspaper clipping they picked up along the journey.

"That's great!" Emily smiled. "Now we don't have far to look, all we have to do is go to this place and ask him to come home."

"That is if he'll listen." muttered Thomas, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear him.

"Dinna wurry, Thomas, we'll come alon' with ye," said Douglas.

"Thanks you two." Thomas smiled.

The teens got back onto their bikes and rode off for the house, hoping with every second that they would find James there.

James, at this time, had finished the special meal that was made for him, and he was now ready to go.

"Do you really have to go?" asked the little girl "Couldn't you stay with us?"

"Please stay with us?" The little boy pleaded.

"Now kids," said their mother. "I'm sure this fine young man has a life of his own, and he needs to get back to it. But I'm sure he'll come back someday to see us again."

"You bet I will." James nodded pleasantly. "I'll be sure to drop by someday."

"We hope you will too." said the little girl, smiling dreamily. "You're our hero."

"Thank you for saving us." said the young boy.

"You're very welcome." smiled James, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Before you go, here's the address for our place." The mother handed James the address of the house, then she told him their last name, which was 'Mason'.

"I'll be back someday Mason family." James said, and then turned to walk away.

"Wait!" cried the mother. "What about you? What's your name?"

Turning around, the red-haired boy called back out. "My name is James!" He then walked away towards the railway tracks.

Five minutes later, Thomas, Emily, Donald, and Douglas came peddling up the house. Thomas and Emily both walked up the pathway and rang the doorbell. Mrs. Mason answered the door, and was surprised to see the two teenagers.

"Yes?" Mrs. Mason asked. "Can I help you?"

"We're very sorry to bother you at this hour ma'am, but we were wondering if our friend is here," Emily stated. "He has red hair and goes by the name of James."

"Oh yes. That sweet young man that saved my children from that moving train. I'm sorry dear, but you've just missed him. He had left a few minutes ago."

"Which way did he go?" Thomas asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I saw him walking down the street that leads to the iron bridge that leads to the Mainland." Mrs. Mason answered, raising an eyebrow. "Is he from the Mainland?"

"He was born there, yes!" Thomas exclaimed, unhappy that they just missed James by that much.

"But he's really a resident of Knapford. He's run away from home," explained Emily, before giving a disappointed sigh. "Thanks anyways."

"No problem. Have a good evening." Mrs. Mason smiled kindly, and closed the door.

Thomas, Emily, Donald, and Douglas all walked down the pathway and got back onto their respective bikes.

"Well, at least we know he hasn't gone too far," Emily commented.

"Och aye." agreed Donald. "But we'd betta get movin' before yon James cross' yon bridge."

"Indeed," Thomas nodded. "Otherwise, we may never find him again."

So without delaying another second, the four teens pleaded on their way once more, while Mrs. Mason and her children stood near the living room window, waving until the four teens were out of sight.

"I hope they find James." said the little boy.

"Before he hurts himself," added the little girl.

"All we can do is hope," said Mrs. Mason.

Just outside of the town, James stopped near a special rock, known by many as the finger to the Mainland rock. He took some food out of his backpack, aiming to take a quick break before moving onward.

"I might have overdone it tonight." he said quietly. "Oh well, in an hour or so, I'll be on the Mainland again."

There are two bridges that allows people to travel from Sodor to the Mainland, but these bridges are very long. For trains, lorries or cars, it takes about ten minutes to cross the bridge, while walking takes about an entire hour. After James was done his meal, he packed up the rubbish in his backpack, then he set off onto the railway bridge. He had just gotten onto the bridge, when the four teenagers arrived on their bikes.

"James!" cried Donald, "Dinna cross that bridge! Come back, yur muther is wurried about yoo!"

James stopped walking and looked back to see the Scottish twins calling out to him. As much as he was happy to see them, the red-haired boy tried not to show it.

"I'd like to, but I can't!"

"It's because of Emily, isn't it?" Thomas asked as he appeared from behind Douglas.

James began to get cross again the moment he saw Thomas standing there.

"Look, don't try and stop me!" he cried. "I'm not going back!"

Thomas began to get angry too. "You are so!"

Finally, Emily stepped in and stopped her blue-haired friend from potentially going and starting another fight.

"Thomas, please stop fighting with James." she scolded.

Thomas went silent at once. Emily then began to walk slowly onto the bridge and over towards James.

"James, there is something I need to tell you."

"I don't want to hear it!" James shouted from where he was, taking a step back away from the dark green-haired girl.

"But you have to!" Emily continued walking towards James slowly, while the red-haired boy again backed away slowly. "I know why you've been angry lately, it's because you're falling in love with me."

Donald and Douglas looked over to Thomas in surprise, "Is that true?" they asked in unison.

"It is I'm afraid." Thomas sighed.

"Okay, it is true," admitted James. "But it's only because I think you are the sweetest and most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

Emily continued to walk towards James. She was smiling a bit from hearing her friend say that about her, and although it was hard to see, she was blushing a little bit.

"James, that is nice of you to say that, but I need you to listen to me carefully. I'm not ready to fall..."

Suddenly, they both heard a loud diesel horn. Then they heard a rumbling sound on the bridge. A large goods train was coming in fast, meaning James and Emily were both in potential danger.

Thomas was the first to notice. "You two better get off the bridge!" he bellowed.

"NOW!" shouted the twins together.

The twins quickly took their bikes over to the rock, while Thomas took his own bike and Emily's too. As he looked back to the bridge, to his horror, Emily was shaking with fear as she could see the train coming towards her and James. James looked back to the train, then to Emily, and without thinking for a second, he ran straight towards her. He grabbed onto her right hand and they ran to the other side of the bridge, but the train was going too fast for them to get away in time.

"We'll have to jump!" cried James.

"Isn't that dangerous to jump from a railway bridge?" asked Emily.

"At this point, what choice do we have?"

They both took one more look to see the train coming their way, then taking in deep breaths, they jumped off the bridge, and just in time too. The two teens screamed as they fell until they landed in the deep waters. Donald, Douglas and Thomas each looked down to the water, until they saw both James and Emily swimming to the shore, safe and sound.

"Thanks," Emily coughed and spluttered.

"No problem," James smiled. "Now we're even."

"Need a hand?" Thomas asked, extending his hand to the two teens.

James grabbed it, and then, with Donald and Douglas' help, Thomas was able to pull both James and Emily out of the water.

"Thanks for the save," James groaned, looking up to Thomas. "But...why did you do that?"

"Cause we're friends that's why," Thomas answered.

"Yeah, I guess that's true," James nodded, before looking ashamed. "Listen, Thomas. I'm real sorry for fighting you in the railyards. I was blinded by my jealousy and rage towards your friendship with Emily, so I didn't listen to reason."

"That's alright. We all have moments like that. I just hope you can accept my apology for all those bruises."

"As long as you can forgive me for all those bruises."

"Deal." Thomas extended out his hand, and James shook it back.

"Very good, now James," Emily spoke up here, looking a tad bit stern. "There's something I've been meaning to tell you. I do like you, but as a friend, same with Thomas. Truth to be told, I'm not ready to fall in love yet, okay?"

James sighed in disappointment. "Yeah I get it, and I acted like a complete jerk."

"Again, it could happen to anyone," said Thomas. "But as long as nobody got hurt, then that's all that matters. Right guys?"

"Och aye!" agreed the twins. "Weel except to Rosie, and tae ye two as weel."

"Yeah, you four are right." James smiled a bit, before losing it and falling to his knees in shame. "Oh man, I've been so stupid tonight!"

"Not completely," Emily pointed out. "I mean, you did save the Mason kids from that oncoming train. That wasn't stupid at all. You kept your head cool, and were very brave in the process."

Even Thomas and the twins were quick to agree. James, now feeling much better, stood back up.

"Yeah, you're right Emily. Thank you."

"Well now that all of this has been settled, why don't we go home?" suggested Thomas.

"Before we do." interrupted Emily. "Thomas and I have something important to tell you guys, but you must pinkie swear with me that you won't tell anyone. Not even your best friends."

"It's a litta hard for Douggie and me," said Donald. "We are the best of friends, despite being brothers."

"We knaw whit yoo mean though," said Douglas. "And we pinkie swear on it."

Donald and Douglas pinkie swore with Emily first, then it was James' turn. When that was done, both Thomas and Emily both explained about the situation that Sir Topham Hatt has with Diesel 10's return, and that Emily was living with Thomas and his family, and that if Diesel 10 ever found out the truth about Emily, she would be in great danger.

"Oh I see," said James after a while. "Now I understand why you and Thomas are together nearly all the time."

"That's right, but if I may say this; when I'm ready to fall in love, I'll let you guys know during that time." Emily said, before looking to James. "And James, it might not be you that I fall in love with."

"That's okay Emily." James replied. "As long as we can friends, maybe we can get to know each other a little more."

"I'd like that."

"What aboot us?" asked the twins in chrous.

"Yes guys," Emily giggled. "I want to get to know you too, just like I want to get to know everyone in our school. Now, what do you say we go home?"

"Agreed," said James. "I've got a lot of explaining to do to my mother. Boy will she ever be mad at me."

"I wouldn't say that." said Thomas positively. "Last time I checked, she sounded more worried about you. I think she'll be relieved to see you home safe and sound."

Thomas was quite right, James' mother was very relieved to see her son return home. Throughout the rest of the night, James told his mother everything that had happened, and she understood perfectly.

"Don't worry my sweet little James, I'm sure you'll find someone special soon."

"I know that now," James smiled. "Thanks, mom."

The two then embraced. Thomas and Emily both thanked Gordon, Henry and the Scottish twins for their help, and after saying good night to them, they set off for the house back at Ffraquhar, feeling much better knowing that James was safe and sound.

"Please tell me that your everyday lives aren't like this," Emily whispered to Thomas.

"Nah, the most excitment we get is when someone goes down a mine and gets lost,"

And so, Thomas told Emily all about the time when he got lost in the Great Waterton mine, and then when he was found by Stanley, a silver haired boy who had transferred from the mainland school two years back.

When Monday finally came around, Thomas and Emily were both walking along side by side down the hallway towards the classrooms.

"Thomas! Emily!" called a familiar voice. It was James. "Good morning you two, wouldn't you say that today is a beautiful day?"

"I guess," groaned Thomas. "Except it is a little chilly out, and I can still feel some of those bruises."

"The weather is just fine James." smiled Emily. "What about you, how are you feeling?"

"I'm okay. Sadly, I've been grounded for a week for running away, but after my mother heard of what I did to save those kids from that goods train, that saved me from getting punished for two weeks," James stated, before shrugging. "Personally, I don't mind being grounded for a week, it serves me right for running away like that."

"It's okay James." Thomas said in a kind way. "Again, it can happen to the best of us."

"I guess so," James shrugged.

It was then that James noticed Rosie walking past. She was all smiles that day, despite wearing a bandage on her left cheek from getting slugged by James at the railway show. Thankfully, the red-haired boy did apologize to Rosie for doing that.

"If I were you Thomas, I would suggest hanging out with Rosie a little more," James whispered. "I know that she has a crush on you."

Thomas was surprised. "What?"

"How do you know that?" Emily asked.

"She told me that once. Plus it's a little obvious to see."

Realizing this brought a small smile to Thomas's face.

"Maybe it would be a good idea to hang out with her, that way she can get know me and my friends, like Emily is doing now." he said brightly.

James shook his head. "That could work, but I think she wants to be with you, and you alone Thomas."

The red-haired boy then walked off to the classroom, while Thomas and Emily were both left speechless over hearing this bit of info until they ran off after James, running as fast as their legs could carry them.


  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • James
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • Donald and Douglas (Debut)
  • Mrs. Mason (Debut)
  • Mason children (Debut)
  • Rosie (does not speak)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (mentioned)
  • Diesel 10 (mentioned)
  • Stanley (mentioned)



  • This is the first episode where Percy doesn't appear at all, not counting his appearances in flashbacks during "Looking Back on Younger Days".
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