This article is about the relationship between Finn and Charlotte.

Crackers or Wackers

The Crush On Charlotte


Finn wants to know Charlotte better.

It is revealed Finn feels affectionate towards Charlotte. Katie, Sadie and Isabella tell everyone in town. Charlotte eventually finds out and politely rejects Finn, although her rejection still makes him feel miserable. Isabella gets them back together at the end, and they have their first kiss.

Lindsay, Camera, ACTION!

Charlotte hugs Finn after she gets excited of what they're going to do.

The Seperation

Finn and Charlotte are seperated, and Finn was sad.

She'll Miss Him

Finn is still sad that Charlotte moved away, so he and Jake run away.

Hollywood World

We Will Be The Movies

Finn gets excited to see Charlotte again. Also, when Phineas tells everyone what to do, Finn and Charlotte are standing next to each other.

The Awards

Finn and Charlotte are seen making-out through-out the entire episode.

The Pokémon battle of a lifetime

When Finn learns he's battling Charlotte, he gets shocked and says that's there is no way he was going have a Pokemon battle with her. Charlotte is also dissapointed.


Finn and Charlotte seem happy to see each other at the finish line.

Total Cartoon Teams

Dancing the Contest Away!

Finn confesses that he liked Charlotte's dancing.

Quick Battle

Finn wishes Charlotte good luck when it is her turn for the Pokemon battle.

Uh Oh, Someone's Back......

Finn is hugging Charlotte at the same time that Ursula comes to the competition.

666 Bricks

Charlotte was shocked that Finn was eliminated.

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