This is a list of Intros and Endings for the fanfiction anime Flame Icejin.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead...


  • Intro 1: Asian Kung Fu Generation "Rewrite" (Video removed by the DMCA)
  • Intro 2: Asian Kung Fu Generation "Haruka Kanata" (Video removed by the DMCA)
  • Intro 3: FictionJunction YUKKA "Silly-go-round" (Video no longer available)
  • Intro 4: L'Arc~en~Ciel "Link" (Video no longer available)
  • Intro 5: Do As Infinity "Grateful Journey" (Video no longer available)
  • Intro 6 (6.1, 6.2, 6.3): Yasuaki Ide "Reckless Fire" (Videos no longer available)
  • Intro 7 (Newgrounds): Do As Infinity "Desire" (Veoh video no longer available)
  • Intro 8-The Mushroom Kingdom Saga Intro (Newgrounds, SheezyArt (remastered)): Psychic Lover "Precious Time, Glory Days" (Original size: 1920x1080p, being the first Intro in High-Definition)

Edo no Rebasu

  • Intro 1: Hidenori Chiwata "Kasabuta"
  • Intro 2: ZARD "DAN DAN Kokoro Hikareteku"

Furiza no Rebasu

  • Takayoshi Tanimoto "Kimi ni Kono Koe ga Todokimasu you ni" (Video not yet made)


  • Ending 1: T.M. Revolution "Oh! My Girl, Oh! My God" (Video removed by the DMCA)
  • Ending 2: Arisa Kangetsu "Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto" (Video no longer available)
  • Ending 3: Do As Infinity "TAO" (Video no longer available)
  • Ending 4: Namie Amuro "Come" (Video no longer available)
  • Ending 5: Yuichi Ikusawa "EYE's" (Video no longer available)
  • Ending 6 (Newgrounds): Long Shot Party "Distance" (Veoh video removed by the DMCA, and as a result, the user's account was permanently terminated)
  • Ending 7 (Newgrounds): Maximum the Hormone "Zetsubou BIIRI" ("Billy in Despair") (Original size: 960x540, making this the first Ending to be animated in High-Resolution High-Definition)

Edo no Rebasu

  • Ending 1: Mai Takahashi "Dawn"
  • Ending 2: ZARD "Don't You See!"

Furiza no Rebasu

  • Kageyama Hironobu "Super Survivor" (Video not yet made)

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End Spoilers

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