Flame Icejin: History of the Trinity (フリーザ の 火: ピカチュウ の 過去, Furīza no Ka: Pikachuu no Kako, lit. "Fire of Frieza: Pikachu's Past") is a fanfiction movie that takes place one year before the events of Flame Icejin.


Stacey, a rookie Pokémon trainer, who has just turned ten, has her first Pokémon, a female Pichu given to her by Professor Yew. And as she is about to start her journey, she has to give up her imaginary friend, Shock, who looks like a lightbulb.

Her first stop is at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, where she has to drop Shock off. While there, she is greeted by an imaginary friend named Eduardo Valerosa, since Mr. Herriman is out with Frankie and Wilt for shopping. He said that Foster's would be delighted to have Shock over, and begins the tour around the house.

After the tour, Stacey leaves to begin her training. After Stacey leaves, Eduardo informs Shock that she'll have a lovely time at Foster's.

The days, weeks, and months roll by, and Stacey returns to Foster's, showing Eduardo her eight badges, giving him an egg, and that her Pichu has evolved all the way into a Raichu. Also, she informs him that her five-year-old cousin needs an imaginary friend to keep him company.

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