Flame Icejin: The Berry'd Time (劇場版フリーザ の 火 FLAME ICEJIN 闇の願い, Gekijōban Furiza no Ka Fureimu Aisujin Yami no Negai, lit. "Fire of Frieza Flame Icejin: The Movie: Dark Wish") is a fanfiction movie that takes place five months after the events of the series finale.


In the movie, Berry, a former resident at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, has had enough with being considered an outcast, and learns about the day-savings of Frieza Cold and his friends. Afterwhich, she finds the source of who originated his species, Mace Windu (also known for his Icejin identity Hail). So she finds a Dragon Ring, which was accidentally left behind by Armadillamingkat Berkowitz (Timon's son), and wishes that Mace Windu was never born. And with that, Mace and all Icejins (past, present and future) disappear out of existance (Frieza, Cooler, Korudo, Frostina, Popsikkla, Arcticat, etc.), leaving Townsville without a hero. In order to undo that wish, JRuff travels to all places he visited in the series to form a new team of heroes, and save the day.

Characters and their actions:

  • The Powerpuff Girls (パワーパフガールズ, Pawāpafu Gāruzu) - because of being the surviving human member of the team, Blossom inlists the help of Dr. Caliostro to resurrect Bubbles, Buttercup, and a then-stablized Bunny to try and save the day
  • The Rowdyruff Boys (ラウディラフボーイズ, Raudirafu Bōizu)- because of being the surviving member of the team, Brick inlists the help of Dr. Caliostro to resurrect Boomer and Butch to try and save the day
  • Eduardo Jose Valerosa (エドゥアルド・ホセ・バレロッサ, Eduarudo Hose Barerossa) - he'd be dead if Dr. Cagliostro hadn't given a medicine to him, but because of his monsterous appearance, Dr. Caliostro used the Metimorphatron to transform Eduardo into a human
  • Light Yagami (夜神 月, Yagami Raito) - in the film, he has no knowledge of the Shinigami or the Death Note, nor has he touched or even used one in his entire life, however, he graduated from High School and To-Oh University to become a police officer and make this world a better place in a normal way
  • Pisces (パイシーズ, Paishīzu) - A mysterious Power Ranger-like ally who encounters JRuff and aids the team to fight Berry and undo the wish that she made

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