Task Task Title Plot
1 The Final Adventure Begins. The Final Frontier!

(最後の冒険が始まる。ファイナル・フロンティア!, Saigo no Bōken ga Hajimaru. Fainaru Furontia!)

It's the beginning of another perfect day in Townsville. Stu, Brian and Vinny have returned to their home time, Princess Luna has been purified, and everything is back to normal. However, elsewhere, near the Town of Citiesville, a small silhouetted figure watches from his lair, which was formerly Chilled's, saying that Chilled was a fool to leave his fortress behind, and to think he trusted him. Well, now he knows that he was used like a tool. So, not only is it time for revenge; it's also time to take over. With that, he shows a lantern with a white flame in it.

At this moment, the sky turns blood red, and the citizens are in confusion of what's going on. Could it be another raid? The figure announces that in one month from today, the entire world will be taken over, and there will be nobody to stop him.

Frieza Cold (in the guise of Fred Olizac) watches this from his bungalow, and responds "not if me and my friends have anything to say about it" to himself.

He gathers all the active Torrentuff Animals for a meeting. Bubbles had informed her family about this. The Valerosa brothers and Edward declare that it's time they took a stand. Frieza agrees. They have a month to prepare. At this moment, a flash of white light makes the entire team shield their eyes. A strange phone booth decends to the ground, and out of the booth comes two masked figures, with one of them being very recognizable: It's Zero.

In Quahog of Stu's timeline, Stu, Brian and Vinny, who have just returned from fifteen years ago, have informed Peter and Lois that they were home. Lois asks Stu if he and the dogs had a good time. Stu answers that they did. Brian adds that his diet is finally over, and he can eat more than "just those dog biscuits". Vinny adds "what Pops said". Peter is glad to hear it, and to know that his own son and dogs have made history. Lois adds that she can call Meg and Chris and tell them that Stu has accomplished in finding the Corona Aurora and the five jewels. However, Lois finds it odd that, to her knowledge, Brian is 23 years old, yet he hasn't aged, and nor has ninteen-year-old Vinny. She adds that dogs aren't supposed to live that long. It must have been some special diet they had. Neither Stu, Brian nor Vinny had the hearts to tell her that both dogs were robots, and that the Corona Aurora had made them real dogs. All she and Peter knew was that they were on an all-dog-biscuit diet.

Stu adds that he has wonderful news: his twin brother, Dave, is alive, and all three brought him along with them. Peter and Lois are overjoyed by this, and hug their long lost son. Dave says that it's nice to see them both. Lois asks Dave where he's been all this time. Dave answers that he was brought back to life by an alicorn mare through the use of her magic. Peter and Lois repeat this last word in the form of a question. Now that Dave's here, he places both his hands onto his parents' foreheads, chants a few words, and erases a certain part of their memories. With that, he calls out to someone, telling him it's okay to come in. With this, New Brian enters the living room, greeting Peter and Lois with a smile. The parents are surprised to see New Brian, with Lois asking him where he's been all this time. New Brian answers, in the form of a fib, that he's been exploring the world, and has obtained a new collar, winking to Stu, Dave, Brian and Vinny. Peter and Lois are glad that the Griffin family is whole again.

That night, Stu dreams that he, Brian and Vinny see a blood-red sky, and an infant version of Stu, wearing a red shirt and yellow overalls, is standing behind them, holding a black lantern with a white flame. Stu says that it's impossible. How can the infant in front of him still be alive? Afterwards, he wakes up, and sees the phone booth from earlier in the episode descend in the front yard. Zero and the other masked figure ask Stu to bring both Brian and Vinny with him so they can prepare for one more adventure.

The boy and dogs get inside the phone booth and are in awe that it has an infinite amount of space within it. Stu asks both the masked figures why he, Brian and Vinny are needed this time. Zero and the other figure remove their masks to reveal both Lelouch vi Britannia and Suzaku Kururugi, both aged seventeen, and they answer that someone from his past is about to take over the world, and they need all the help they can get in order to prevent it from happening. Stu, Brian and Vinny gasp in surprise...

2 The Fourth Wall Predecessor Universe. Brian, Vinny, and Steve!

(第四の壁前身の宇宙。ブライアン、ヴィニー、とスティーブ!, Daishi no Kabe Zenshin no Uchū. Buraian, Vinī, to Sutību!)

11 Brian's Attempted Murderer Revealed. Stu's Evil Clone?

(ブライアンの試みた殺人者が明らかにした。ステューの邪悪なクローン?, Buraian no Kokoromita Satsujin-sha ga Akiraka ni Shita. Sutyū no Jaakuna Kurōn?)

12 A Son's Heartbreak. Where Did Vinny Go?

(息子の失恋。ヴィニーはどこへ行ったの?, Musuko no Shitsuren. Vinī wa Doko E Itta no?)

21 The Tiger, the Hybrid Dog, and the Historical Mystery Tour

(タイガー、ハイブリッド犬、および過去の不思議ツアー, Taigā, Haiburiddo Inu, Oyobi Kako no Fushigi Tsuā)

31 Everyone, Unite! The Final Battle Begins.

(みんな、団結!最後の戦いが始まる。, Minna, Danketsu! Saigo no Tatakai ga Hajimaru.)

32 The Clone Baby and the Flame. Enter Stewiblis!

(クローン赤ん坊と炎。スチュイブリース登場!, Kurōn Akanbō to Honō. Suchuiburīsu Tōjō!)

All the Torrentuff Animals of time, from the preboot universe to the thirty-first century, have united with the present-day TTA, and are about to begin the final battle against Evil Stewie and his minions. As the teams fight off against the minions, the three dogs sneak inside the dark fortress to confront the evil clone. Vinny makes a reference to Princess Bride character Inigo Montoya (although he also adds the words "almost") as a way to start his revenge on the clone. However, just as Vinny is about to beat the snot out of Evil Stewie, the latter aims his gun at Brian, saying that it's time for him to die. Evil Stewie shoots, but Steve intervienes, taking the bullet for Brian. Both father and son catch him before he hits the ground. Steve expresses his love to both the dogs before he passes. Brian, eyes filled with tears, vows revenge on Evil Stewie, and both the remaining dogs miracle fuse into KNS and give Evil Stewie what for. As soon as KNS battles Evil Stewie, Hisui, who has just defeated one of the minions, notices Steve's lifeless body and sheds a single tear. That tear heals Steve's bullet wound and he wakes up; Hisui has resurrected Steve. The now-revived dog joins in the fight and helps KNS fight Evil Stewie. Just when it looks like Evil Stewie is down and out, he produces a candle holder with a white flame, and fuses with it to become Stewiblis. Is this the end?
To the End of Time. Rewrite...

(時間の終わりへ。リライト..., Jikan no Owari E. Riraito...)

Evil Stewie has fused with Solaris to become Stewiblis. Just when it looks like it's the end for our heroes, Frieza asks his future and preboot selves to fuse, and to ask the other Torrentuffs to give him their power. With that, the Friezas fuse into Friezeity. KNS joins in to fight, and together, they stop Stewiblis and end his tyrany once and for all. Just then, after Stewiblis is destroyed, Friezeity and KNS defuse, and the Frieza of our timeline, Stu, Brian, Vinny, Lelouch, Suzaku and JRuff are transported to another dimension via portal. There, they see the true Solaris, in its flame form. Of the seven, the Griffins and JRuff are in awe at its beauty, that is, until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna tell them it needs to be blown out, therefore causing Solaris to cease to exist. Brian and Vinny refuse, saying that if the flame is blown out, they'll never have become robot dogs in the first place, and their meeting will never be. Luna says that it has to be done, for time's sake. Frieza says he'll do it, knowing it's for the best. Suzaku tells Lelouch that he was the best friend he ever had. Lelouch replies that he knows. Vinny hugs his father, telling him about the wonderful life he gave him and expressing his love to him. Brian sheds a tear, and replies that he loves him, too. Stu smiles sadly at the sight of the father-son moment. With that, Frieza blows the flame out, and when everything goes black, Brian's tear drops, and a ripple effect happens...

The scene shifts to the day Brian got run over, except, after Stewie goes inside, Brian's Prius isn't on the road. After he sets up the hockey net, Brian suddenly gets a strange feeling, and he goes to the garage, and his Prius is still there. He looks at how pretty awesome his Prius looks as he picks up the hockey puck next to it. Stewie wonders why Brian is at the garage, and Brian answers about his Prius. Before their game could begin, Brian asks Stewie to keep a secret. Stewie, who, too, has a sudden feeling, does, and already knows what Brian is going to say. Brian is relieved, and tells him to wait a month, making a pinky promise with him. With that, they begin their game without any accidents.

A month passes, and the Griffin family arrives at the Quahog pet store, with Brian leading them. After which, Vinny, who is in a cage, notices the Griffins, and addresses Brian, who he doesn't yet know is his father, by his collar. Brian makes eye contact with his son and lets him know everything. Vinny, who now has a sudden feeling, says that it somehow feels familiar, and is happy to know he has a father. With that, Brian opens the cage and allows the Griffins to adopt Vinny, whom he lets them know is his son. Stewie is glad to see the reunion of a father and his son.

Princess Celestia watches Stewie from afar, and says that one day, he and Dave, who is also an infant, with New Brian by his side, will meet. Princess Luna is sure they will.

One night at the Griffin household, Brian finishes a novel on his computer, and lets his son know about it. It is a story about a reptilian alien prince who gets sent to Earth as its protector. His companions include a kindergartner superheroine, whom he loves, a timid imaginary Minotaur and his brave werewolf older brother, two meerkats and their warthog companion, a Japanese high schooler who once had a split personality, a non-aging former knight from another galaxy, a tailless coyote and his reptilian colleague, who were once dolls, a young alchemist from the past with an arm and leg made of steel, a young genius who is a know-it-all, and a panther samurai. Together, they save the world from many evil enemies. Vinny tells his father that it's a good story, and that a publisher will consider it.

Meanwhile, in the Townsville forest, a Frieza-shaped silhouette watches the skyline from the bungalo, and a narrative from JRuff ends the episode, season, and the series with a saying that all this has happened before, and it will all happen again...

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