Tsumugi's Aromatisse, nicknamed Floaroma.

Aromatisse is Tsumugi's fifth Pokémon she caught in Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey. She made her debut as a Spritzee in Be Calm and Snorlax! and she is also her first Fairy-type Pokémon out of Tsumugi's Team.

Floaroma, As a Spritzee

She evolved into Aromatisse in "The Pokemon Whisperer" after making contact with Mitsuki's item called Sachet which she allowed Tsumugi to use so she can evolve and use the fragrance for Aromatisse.

In "What's In a Nickname?", she was officially nicknamed Floaroma by Tsumugi and she even nicknamed the other Pokemon she has.

Floaroma's known moves are: Moonblast, Attract, Sweet Scent, Psychic, and her ability is Healer.

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