One hot summer day, Foghorn Leghorn was walking through the woods. He decided to go skinny dipping in the lake. Foghorn went behind the tree as he unzipped his feather suit and took off his lavender underwear with yellow flowers on it. Then he placed both his feather suit and his underwear on the tree branch and went towards to the diving board. Foghorn jumped on the diving board and shouted, "Cannonball!" While doing his cannonball jump, Foghorn hugged his knees and jumped into the water. He resurfaced above the water and frolicked for fun. Foghorn sighed and said, "Skinny, I say, skinny dipping in the lake is fun! I just love swimming naked! That dog, I say, that dog will never see me nude like this." Foghorn laughed. He had a lot of fun skinny dipping in the lake at the woods.

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