One cool night, Foghorn Leghorn was ready to go for a swim in the lagoon. "Time for a good ol' swim in the cool water." As he said this, Foghorn unzipped his feather suit and took off his lavender underwear with yellow polka dots on it and placed them both on a large rock.

Foghorn, now completely naked, climbed up a tree and grabbed a vine that was placed on a branch. Foghorn let out a Tarzan yell, as he held onto the vine. Foghorn lets go of the vine and jumped into the water, causing a great big splash.

Foghorn resurfaced and sighed, "This is living. I wonder, I say, I wonder what that dog is up to now?" he asked to himself, as he grabbed a bar of soap and started washing his naked skin and pores. Suddenly, he heard a beautiful singing voice coming from the other side of the lagoon. "Hmm. What, I say, what is that sound?" Foghorn asked, while putting the soap on the ground. "I better see what's going on here." Foghorn rinsed the soap off his skin and pores and started swimming to the other side of the lagoon.

Foghorn was so curious that he swam behind a huge rock and saw seven mermaids, bathing and grooming themselves by the waterfall as they sang a beautiful tune. The bare-naked rooster stared at the mermaids with hearts in his eyes, feeling lovestruck. Foghorn was amazed and exclaimed in a whisper, "Wow! Now there, I say, now there's something that you don't see every day! Those mermaids are beautiful as a burlesque fan dancer." Foghorn wolf-whistled at the mermaids and started swimming from behind a rock, getting a closer look at them.

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