Fan Fiction

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: The Movie is a fanmade movie and sequel to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.


(The film starts with the Warner Bros. Pictures logo, followed by the Cartoon Network cinema bumper. The camera drifts through the clouds as a piano/violin version of the Foster's theme plays. The opening credits roll, followed by the title. The camera scrolls to the park, where Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco and Goo are playing catch)

GOO: Here it comes, Ed! (passes the ball to Eduardo)

EDUARDO: Catch, Senor Bloo! (passes the ball to Bloo)

BLOO: Think fast, Coco! (passes the ball to Coco)

COCO: Coco co co, Co! (passes the ball to Wilt)

WILT: Heads up, Mac! (tosses the ball to Mac, but it flies over his head) Sorry, Mac.

MAC: It's okay, Wilt. I'll get it.

(Mac walks away to go get the ball. He soon spots it. Just as he's about to pick it up, his older brother Terrence steps on it)

TERRENCE: (menacingly) Hello, Mac.

(Mac runs away screaming in fear. Terrence chases him. Cuts back to Mac's friends)

BLOO: What's taking Mac so long?

(Mac rushes past them, with Terrence right behind him)

EDUARDO: (gasps) Senor Mac!

COCO: Coco!

WILT: I'm sorry, but we gotta help him!

(The friends rush to Mac's rescue. Mac tries to climb up a tree, but it's no use. He gives up and faces Terrence, his face content with fear as he has nowhere to run)

TERRENCE: (chuckles evilly and cracks his knuckles) Any last words, runt?

(Bloo and Goo move in front of Mac, blocking Terrence)

GOO: Leave Mac alone, Terrence, you big jerk!

BLOO: Yeah!

TERRENCE: Outta my way!

BLOO: No way! Nobody hurts my best buddy!

GOO: Why don't you pick on someone your own size? (talks fast) Of course I don't mean us because we're smaller than you. What I mean is someone who's actually your size and bigger than us and Mac. If you picked on someone bigger than you, you'd get beaten up, so you shouldn't do that. But what I'm trying to say is you shouldn't pick on Mac because-

TERRENCE: SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!! Get outta my way, or I'll beat you up first.

BLOO: Forget it, Terrence!

GOO: Mac's our friend, and we'd never abandon him!

(Wilt, Eduardo and Coco arrive and stand with Bloo and Goo. Terrence looks afraid)

COCO: Co co co co, Coco!

EDUARDO: SI! You es big jerko!

WILT: I'm sorry, but that's not okay, Terrence.

BLOO: If you wanna get to Mac, you're gonna have to go through us!

GOO: All of us!

WILT: (angry) Is that okay?

(Terrence sweats nervously due to the fact that he's outnumbered)

TERRENCE: Uh... um... see ya! (runs away)

COCO: Co co coco, Co?

WILT: Yeah, Mac, you okay?

MAC: I'm fine. Thanks, guys.

EDUARDO: No problemo, Mac.

WILT: Yeah, we'd never let your mean older brother hurt you. Is that okay?

MAC: Of course, it's okay.

(The gang heads through town on their way back to Foster's. Along the way, Mac notices his shoes are untied. He stops to tie them while the others continue on ahead. Mac finishes tying his shoes, when a shadow looms over him. He turns around to see Terrence looking down at him)

TERRENCE: Hey, little bro. Did you miss me?

MAC: Ahh!

(Mac tries to get away, but Terrence grabs his backpack)

MAC: (still trying to run away) HEEEELLLLP!!!!!

(Mac's friends are shocked when they hear him crying out for help. In an alley, Terrence walks over to a dumpster, still holding onto Mac)

MAC: Oh no. Not that!

(Terrence opens the dumpster and raises Mac in the air, ready to toss him in. Mac struggles to get free)

MAC: No! Terrence, please! Don't!

(Terrence throws him in and slams it shut. He then laughs to himself. His fun is immediately cut short when he sees Mac's friends behind him. They glare at him furiously)

TRRENCE: Uh... (chuckles nervously) hi.

(Eduardo punches Terrence in the face, knocking him down and giving him a black eye. Wilt opens the dumpster, and Eduardo gets Mac out. Mac gets the garbage off him)

MAC: Thanks, you guys.

(Terrence sits up. He rubs his black eye)

TERRENCE: (angry) That really hurt.

WILT: You deserve it for being a jerk to Mac.

GOO: Serves you right, you creep.

COCO: Co co co coco co?

EDUARDO: Si, when will you ever learn?

BLOO: He can't. He's too stupid.

MAC: You got that right.

(Terrence gets angry. Eduardo grabs him)

EDUARDO: Let's see how you like it in there! (throws Terrence in the dumpster)

(Mac and his friends walk off)

TERRENCE: (from inside the dumpster) Aw, gross...

(The friends meet Frankie sweeping on the front porch)

FRANKIE: Hey, guys. How was the park?

MAC: It was great, Frankie.

BLOO: Except for the part where Mac's jerky brother chased him. He even threw him in a dumpster on the way back. But I saved him.


BLOO: Fine. We saved him.

FRANKIE: That's great. You think you guys could help me around the house?

MAC: Sure, Frankie.

WILT: We'd be happy to help.


COCO: Coco.

GOO: Okay!

BLOO: Ugh! Do we have t- (Mac shoves him) Ow! Yeah, sure, whatever.

(Mac, Bloo and their friends help Frankie with her chores all around the house. Mac helps Frankie with folding laundry in the laundry room)

FRANKIE: Thanks for your help, Mac.

MAC: Anything for you, Frankie...

(Frankie leaves the laundry room while carrying a basket of laundry. Mac gazes at her romantically as she leaves. Bloo slides down the banister on a rag. Mr. Herriman is hopping by at the bottom, when Bloo crashes into him)

MR. HERRIMAN: Master Blooregard! How many times must I tell you not to slide down the banister!?

BLOO: Ya know, Mr. H, if you didn't always show up at the bottom of the stairs, I wouldn't keep crashing into you.

(Cuts to the foyer)

FRANKIE: Thanks a lot, guys. I couldn't have done it without you.

MAC: No problem, Frankie. We were happy to help.

BLOO: Yeah, whatever. Can we do something fun now?

(Mac and the gang play Hide-and-Seek in the backyard. Mac counts, while the others go hide)

MAC: 28, 29, 30. Ready or not, here I come!

(Mac searches the yard for his friends, when he hears rustling in a nearby bush. He heads over to it)

MAC: (chuckles) Nice try, Bloo.

(Terrence pops up)

TERRENCE: Oooh, you found me, bro! (pounces on Mac and pins his arms down) I hope you're ready for an extra-special loogie I've prepared for you, wimp.

(Terrence starts making a loogie to spit on Mac)

MAC: No! Bloo! Wilt! Anyone! Help me!

(Terrence is about to spit)

GOO: (offscreen) Get off him, Terrence!

(Terrence notices Goo standing in front of him)

TERRENCE: Or what?

GOO: Okay, you asked for it!

(Goo dreams up a hulking anthropomorphic rhino-like friend dressed in punkish clothing. Terrence looks up at him frightfully. The friend grabs his underwear and gives him a wedgie. Terrence screams in pain)

GOO: How do you like it, huh!?

(The rhino friend drops Terrence. He runs off)

MAC: Thanks, Goo.

GOO: No problem, Mac.

(Mac and Goo continue their game and soon find everyone else. Mac's friends all say goodbye as he leaves. Next day, all the kids at Mac's school run out the door, with Mac being the last one to leave. He pauses when he sees a yellow flower growing in the walkway. He picks it)

MAC: I bet Frankie will love this.

(The camera zooms out to reveal Terrence standing behind Mac)

TERRENCE: Hello, Mac.

(Mac gasps and turns around to see Terrence behind him, smiling evilly. Mac screams and takes off. Terrence chases him)

TERRENCE: Where ya goin' doofus?! I got a noogie with your name on it! (laughs evilly)

(Mac runs all the way to Foster's. But as soon as he runs through the front gate, he trips. He tries to get up, but his cruel older brother grabs him by his backpack and lifts him up to his face)

MAC: (swings his fists and kicks helplessly) Put me down, Terrence!


(Terrence then holds his younger brother under one arm and laughs evilly as he gives him a noogie)

MAC: Agh! Stop it, Terrence!

(Frankie steps outside to take out the trash, when she pauses and is shocked to see what Terrence is doing to Mac. She drops the trash, rushes back in the house and runs back out with a broom. She runs over and hits Terrence with the broom)


FRANKIE: Let him go, Terrence! (hits Terrence a few more times) NOW!

(Terrence drops Mac)

FRANKIE: If I ever catch you picking on Mac again, you're gonna get it! NOW, GET OUT OF HERE!!!

(Terrified, Terrence scrambles away)

FRANKIE: You okay, Mac?

MAC: (hugs Frankie) I am now that you're here, Frankie...

FRANKIE: (shyly) Okay...

MAC: Oh, by the way... (holds out the flower) I, uh... picked this for you.

(Frankie takes the flower)

FRANKIE: For me? Oh, Mac, that's so sweet. (kisses Mac on the cheek)

(As Frankie leaves, Mac stands by himself for a little bit, with his face lovestruck. He then heads inside the house to hang out with his friends. Later, Goo walks into the foyer from the left and pauses. She looks right, then left, and right again. Coco comes in from the left)

GOO: Coco, any luck?

(Coco shakes her head. Eduardo comes down the stairs)

GOO: Ed?


(Wilt comes in from the right)

GOO: How 'bout you, Wilt?

WILT: Sorry, Goo, but I can't find Mac or Bloo anywhere. Maybe we should just give up. Is that okay?

EDUARDO: Si. They es mui good at Hide-and-Seek.

GOO: No way! I found you guys, and I can find Mac and Bloo. Is there anywhere we didn't look?

(The friends continue looking around the house. Duchess walks by)

WILT: Uh... Duchess, I'm sorry, but you haven't seen Mac and Bloo, have you?

DUCHESS: Even if I had, do you think I would tell you?

GOO: Well, you don't need to be rude about it. He was just asking.


(Duchess walks off. The gang comes across Frankie, who is dusting)

FRANKIE: Hey, guys.

EDUARDO: Hola, Frankie.

COCO: Co co co Co co Co?

FRANKIE: No. I haven't seen Mac or Bloo anywhere.

WILT: I'm sorry, but we haven't either.

FRANKIE: Have you tried looking in the attic?


(Cuts to the attic. The friends look around, Mac watches them through a wardrobe)

MAC: (whispering) Uh-oh. They're here.

BLOO: It's okay, Mac. They'll never find us.

(The friends seem to have heard them)

MAC: (still whispering) Quiet, Bloo! They'll hear us!

BLOO: Don't be silly, Mac. This little hiding place of ours is completely soundproof.

(Wilt, Eduardo, Coco and Goo open the wardrobe doors and find Mac and Bloo)

BLOO: (to Mac) I told you they were gonna find us!

(Mac facepalms. Later, Mac heads out the front door)

MAC: See you guys later!

(Mac's friends all say goodbye. Mac arrives back home. Terrence glares at him as he watches him head to his room while watching TV. Later, Mac's mom comes home with her arms full of groceries)

MAC'S MOM: Mac, Terrence, would you two help me with the groceries?

MAC: Sure, mom.

(Mac and Terrence help their mother carry in the groceries. Terrence sticks out his leg, causing Mac to trip and drop the groceries. Terrence laughs)

MAC'S MOM: Terrence! How many times have I told you not to do things like that to your brother?

TERRENCE: Um... a lot?

MAC'S MOM: That's right. Now apologize to Mac right now!

TERRENCE: Ugh... (reluctantly) Sorry, Mac.

MAC'S MOM: That's better. And thank you for helping me with my groceries.

MAC: No problem, mom.

(Mac heads to his room)

TERRENCE: By the way, mom, Mac's been hanging out with Bloo again!

MAC'S MOM: (sighs) Oh, please, Terrence. Not this again.

TERRENCE: I swear, I'm not making it up! Mac didn't get rid of Bloo like you told him to! He visits him every day at this foster home where imaginary friends go when kids don't need 'em anymore! And he's been doing it behind your back ever since!

MAC'S MOM: Terrence, that's enough!


MAC'S MOM: I don't want to hear another word about Bloo or this foster home for imaginary friends you keep telling me about! Go to your room, right now!

(Terrence angrily stomps to his bedroom and slams the door shut. He quickly opens it back up and pokes his head out)

TERRENCE: You know you're letting him get away with it!

(Terrence goes back inside and quickly slams the door shut again. Meanwhile, Mac is at his desk, drawing a picture in one of his notebooks that consists of a pink heart with an arrow in it, and the words, "Mac + Frankie" written in the center of it. Mac sighs dreamily when he finishes it. Later at midnight, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Goo and Cheese arrive at Mac's apartment)

WILT: Wow, this place is almost as nice as Mac's old apartment.


COCO: Coco.

(Bloo goes to find where Mac's room is. He opens one door, but sees Terrence inside)

BLOO: Nope.

(He opens another and finds Mac. He heads inside and gently shakes him a little)

BLOO: Hey, Mac. Mac...

(Mac remains fast asleep. Bloo shakes him harder, waking him up)

MAC: Ahhh! Wh-wha..?

BLOO: Hey, Mac.

MAC: Bloo!? What are you doing here!? I told you no more slumber parties!

BLOO: Aw, come on, Mac. I don't see what the big deal...

MAC: Don't you remember what happened last time!? You could've gotten me in trouble. And I never would've seen you again. Let me guess... everyone else is here too, right?

BLOO: Yup!

MAC: Argh!

(Mac grabs Bloo's hand and drags him to the living room)

MAC: I thought I told you guys not to come here again. Don't you remember what I said before? If my mom sees you here, she'll never let me go to Foster's again.

WILT: Oh, right. Sorry, Mac. I guess we forgot about that. Is that okay?

MAC: No. It's not okay. (looks surprised for a second) What's Cheese doing here?

BLOO: He really wanted to come over. I told him, "no" over and over again, but he just wouldn't stop screaming about it.

CHEESE: I like chocolate milk.

(Mac facepalms)

MAC: Listen, you guys, I can't risk my mom finding out I go to Foster's every day. You all gotta go home, now.

COCO: Co coco co co coco.

MAC: You promise you'll be quiet? I'm not taking any chances. Last time, you guys barely listened to me.

GOO: C'mon, Mac. Chill out. How bad could it be this time?

CHEESE: Can I have some chocolate milk?

MAC: No.

CHEESE: Can I have some chocolate milk?

EDUARDO: No, Senor Cheese.

(Cheese starts screaming loudly)

MAC: Ahh! Shh! Shh! Cheese, be quiet! Please, be quiet!

(Eduardo grabs Cheese and puts his hand over his mouth, muffling his screaming)

MAC: Whew! Thanks, Ed.

(Cheese bites Eduardo's hand, causing him to let go. He starts screaming again)

MAC: Cheese! Stop it, please!

(Mac and his friends hear two doors being opened. Cheese stops screaming)

MAC: Ahh!

(Mac's mom and Terrence step outside their bedrooms)

MAC'S MOM: What's going on out... (she sees all of Mac's friends. Her eyes then land on Mac) MAC!!!

MAC: (nervous) Hi, mom.

(Mac's mom has her arms crossed and taps her foot)

TERRENCE: (laughs spitefully) You are so busted!

MAC'S MOM: Terrence, this is none of your business. Mac, come here right now.

(Mac looks guilty as he steps forward)

MAC'S MOM: (angry) I thought I told you to give Bloo up. So what's he doing here with all these other imaginary friends and this girl?

MAC: (sad) The truth is, mom... I didn't give Bloo up. After the day you told me I was too old for him, I brought him to a place called Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It's a foster home where imaginary friends go to stay until new kids adopt them. And I've been visiting him there ever since.

TERRENCE: (to his and Mac's mom) See, I told you.

MAC'S MOM: Terrence, stay out of this.

MAC: I know you think I'm too old for an imaginary friend, mom, but I can't help it. Bloo's my best friend in the whole world, and I'm so lonely without him. And Foster's is the only place in the world where I have any friends.

MAC'S MOM: I'm sorry, Mac. I know you're very attached to Bloo, but you can't be together anymore. You're a big boy and you need to grow up. You're not allowed to visit Foster's anymore.

MAC: But it's not fair, mom!

MAC'S MOM: I'm sorry, honey, but you can't go there anymore, and that's final. Now, say goodbye to your friends.

(Eduardo starts crying. With his eyes full of tears, Mac walks over to his friends to bid them farewell)

MAC: (sadly) You guys were the best friends I could ask for. I guess I won't be seeing you anymore. Wilt, you've always been so helpful. I'll never forget that.

WILT: Thanks, Mac.

MAC: Eduardo, I'll never forget the day you saved me from that Extremeasaur.

EDUARDO: (sobs) I miss you, Senor Mac.

MAC: Coco, I'm really gonna miss the way you lay eggs with cool stuff inside.

COCO: Co, Co. Co co co co.

MAC: Goo, you were one of the most creative people I ever knew. I'll never forget you.

GOO: (hugs Mac while crying) I'll never forget you either, Mac.

(Mac hugs Goo back)

MAC: And Bloo, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. You may have been selfish and stupid sometimes, and you may have gotten yourself and everyone else into trouble, but you've always been my best friend.

BLOO: I'm sorry that this happened, Mac. I should've listened to you.

MAC: I know...

BLOO: Well... goodbye, Mac.

MAC: Goodbye, Bloo.

(Mac and Bloo hug each other. Terrence chuckles evilly at this)

WILT: Don't worry, Mac. We'll tell everybody at Foster's you said goodbye, if that's okay.

MAC: Thanks, Wilt.

(Mac watches with a heavy heart as his friends leave the apartment)

MAC'S MOM: I know it wasn't easy for you, honey. But it's for the best. Terrence, I want you to walk Mac home from school from now on and make sure he doesn't go to Foster's again.

(Mac is shocked at this)

TERRENCE: Oh, it would be my pleasure. (eyes Mac evilly, causing him to cringe in fear)

MAC'S MOM: Anyways, it's late. Time to go back to bed. (heads to her bedroom)

TERRENCE: (to Mac) So much for visiting the little blue freak at that freaky weirdo house, eh, stupid? You'd better forget about him, 'cause you're never gonna see him again. And the same goes for the rest of your stupid friends. And that's just the way I like it. And you'd better say your prayers, because starting tomorrow, I'm gonna make every day of your life miserable. And that's how I like it.

(Later, Mac is having a hard time trying to sleep, as he's extremely upset about not being able to see Bloo and the rest of his friends. He lies in bed, angry and with his arms crossed. Then he turns sad. He thinks about the fun times he and Bloo had together. He holds and looks at the framed photo of him and Bloo, with tears welling up in his eyes. He also thinks about Wilt, Eduardo, Coco and Goo. And later, Frankie. Meanwhile, Bloo is feeling just as miserable as Mac, as he can't stop thinking about him either. His eyes become teary as he holds and gazes at a framed photo of Mac. The two friends sadly look out the window and look at the night sky. A split screen shows the two best friends sadly gazing out the window. They suddenly appear in a barren landscape with dark, thundering clouds above them. Mac and Bloo are shocked when a giant version of Mac's mom appears with her arms on her hips as she is displeased at the two of them being together. She raises her hands, causing the ground between Mac and Bloo to crack. As Mac's mom moves her hands apart, the parts of land Mac and Bloo are standing on move in opposite directions)

BLOO: Mac!

Mac: Bloo, no!

BLOO: Mac, I can't reach you!

MAC: Bloo, come back!

(The two friends hold out their arms, crying out for each other in vain. They watch helplessly as they disappear from each other's sight. After which, Bloo gets taken away by an unnamed boy, while Mac is left all alone. Shortly thereafter, he turns around to see Terrence grinning at him menacingly and reaching to grab him. Cuts back to reality. Mac makes a determined glare)

MAC: No way! There's no way I'm letting my best friend get adopted. And there's no way I'm letting Terrence make the rest of my life miserable. I promised Bloo I'd never abandon him and that we'd be together forever.

(Mac gets dressed and starts making a rope out of his bed sheets. He ties it to his bunk bed, opens his window and tosses the end out. He then makes his way down. As soon as he reaches the bottom, he runs through the dark streets all the way to Foster's. He rings the doorbell. Inside the house, Frankie, Mr. Herriman and Madame Foster wake up.)

FRANKIE: Now what?

MR. HERRIMAN: What in heaven's name?

MADAME FOSTER: Who could that be?

(The three of them all head to the front door. Frankie opens it. She and the others are surprised when they see Mac)

FRANKIE: Mac? What're you doing here so late?

MADAME FOSTER: Oh, isn't it obvious, dearie? He ran away. He couldn't bear not being able to visit his best friend anymore, so he came to stay here at Foster's. Is that right, Mac?

MAC: Yeah.


MR. HERRIMAN: But Madame, the rules clearly state that children cannot live here at Foster's.

MADAME FOSTER: Oh, who cares about your dumb rules? Frankie, dear, would you take Mac to his friends? They probably miss him like crazy.

(Cuts to Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco's room. The friends are very sad as they miss Mac terribly. Bloo is still at the window)

EDUARDO: (crying) We'll never see Senor Mac ever again!

WILT: I'm sorry, Ed. I miss him too.

COCO: Co co co co cococo.

BLOO: (sobbing) Adopted? I don't wanna get adopted. No kid can take the place of my best buddy. We really should've listened to him about the whole slumber party thing.

(The friends hear a knock at their door. Frankie opens it and peeks her head inside)

FRANKIE: Hey, guys. There's someone here to see you.

(Frankie opens the door further, revealing Mac)


MAC: (gets choked up) Bloo!

BLOO: (also choked up) Mac!

(Mac and Bloo run to each other and hug with happy tears in their eyes)

BLOO: (sobbing) Oh, Mac, I thought I'd never see you again.

MAC: Me too, Bloo.

(Wilt, Eduardo and Coco come over)

WILT: Sorry, Mac, but we're all glad to see you.

EDUARO: (hugs Mac while crying) Oh, Senor Mac! You came back!

COCO: Co coco co co, Co.

MAC: I missed you guys, too. From now on, I'm staying here at Foster's with all of you.

WILT: That's great, Mac.


COCO: Coco.

BLOO: Awesome! We'll be living together again like old times!

FRANKIE: Okay, guys. Time to go to bed, now.

MAC, BLOO, WILT, EDUARDO AND COCO: Good night, Frankie.

(Frankie leaves. Cuts to the exterior of the house for a few seconds. Fades to black. Cuts to the inside of a dark laboratory. A tall four-legged machine with a radar-like device on top and four lasers on the underside is displayed)

MAN: (offscreen) At last. After all my years of hard work, my invention is complete!

(Cuts to the man who is speaking. His face is in the shadows)

MAN: Tomorrow morning, I will test my second invention. Then I will finally achieve my goal.

(Cuts to Mac's apartment in the morning. Mac's room is empty. Terrence knocks on the door)

TERRENCE: Hey, stupid! It's time to wake up! (opens the door) What are you... huh!? (he notices the rope Mac made from his bed covers hanging out the window. He is shocked at this. He gets angry) Oh, no he didn't... (looks out the window to see the rest of the rope hanging all the way down to the ground) He's so busted!

(Terrence goes to the kitchen where his mom is)

MAC'S MOM: Terrence, where's Mac?

TERRENCE: He ran away! He made an escape rope out of his bed covers.

MAC'S MOM: What?

(Cuts back to Mac's bedroom. Terrence shows his mom the rope hanging out the window)

TERRENCE: See? He's probably gone back to Foster's.

MAC'S MOM: Where is Foster's, anyway?

(Cuts to Foster's. Mac is having breakfast with Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco. The doorbell rings)

FRANKIE: I'm coming!

(Cuts back to Mac and his friends. They finish their breakfast and head into the foyer)


MAC: Yeah?

FRANKIE: You're mom's here.


(Mac's mom steps into the foyer with Terrence by her side)

MAC'S MOM: (angry) Mac, I told you you're not allowed to come here anymore! First you keep Bloo and visit him every day behind my back, and then you run away from home just to be with him! I'm very angry with you! (takes Mac's hand) You're coming home, right now!

MAC: (pulls his hand away) No, mom! I'm never going back with you! I don't care what you say! Bloo's my best friend, and I'm never giving him up! (now upset with tears welling up in his eyes) You're just like Terrence! You don't want me to have any friends! You just want me to be lonely and miserable! Well, that's not gonna happen! I hate you! And I never want to see or talk to you ever again!

(Mac runs upstairs. Everyone is shocked at what Mac said, including Madame Foster and Mr. Herriman who happen to be there. Terrence gets angry)

TERRENCE: I'll get him, mom!

(Mac's mom stops Terrence)

MAC'S MOM: (upset) No, Terrence.

FRANKIE: I'm really sorry. I'm sure he didn't mean it. He's probably just upset and needs time with his thoughts.

MADAME FOSTER: (to Mac's mom) The fact is you were too hard on him. Mac needs his imaginary friend, whether ya like it or not. Look at me. I'm old, and I still have my imaginary friend.

MAC'S MOM: What?

MR. HERRIMAN: True. She never did abandon me.

FRANKIE: Maybe you should come back later, 'cause Mac had a hard time last night.

MAC'S MOM: Alright. Let's go, Terrence.

TERRENCE: But mom...

MAC'S MOM: I said let's go!

(Terrence reluctantly follows his mom out the door. Cuts to Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco's room. Angry, Mac sits on the bottom bunk with his arms crossed and his back facing the door. His friends come in)

WILT: Mac, I'm sorry, but are you okay?

(Mac doesn't say a word. Wilt comes in, followed by Coco, Eduardo, Frankie, Bloo, Madame Foster and Mr. Herriman)

FRANKIE: Mac, I don't think you should've said that to your mom.

EDUARDO: Si. It made us mui sad.

COCO: Co, co coco coco co.

(Mac turns to face his friends)

MAC: (still mad) I don't want to live with her and Terrence anymore. I'd rather stay here with you guys.

MADAME FOSTER: I understand, dearie.

MR. HERRIMAN: Indeed. We all do. But that is no reason to say such horrible things to your mother, Master Mac.

WILT: Yeah, Mac. You hurt her feelings, and that's not okay.

MAC: I don't care! You guys heard what she said. She doesn't want me and Bloo to be together anymore. I never want to see her again as long as I live.

COCO: Co co co co co, co co co coco.

EDUARDO: Si, Senor Mac. Things will get mui, mui better.

MAC: (feeling a little better) Thanks, you guys.

(Later, Mac is heading to the front door. He pauses when he sees Frankie pass by)

FRANKIE: Have a good day at school, Mac.

(Mac's face becomes lovestruck again as he watches Frankie leave. He steps out onto the front porch and pauses again)

MAC: (sighs) Frankie... she's so awesome... so beautiful... (daydreams about Frankie) she has such beautiful hair, and beautiful eyes... and she has the voice of an angel...

(Before Mac leaves, he sees a daisy. He picks it, sits on the front porch and begins picking away at the petals)

MAC: (picks the first petal) She loves me... (picks the second) she loves me not... (picks the third) she loves me... (picks the fourth) she loves me not... (picks the last petal and gasps) She loves me! YES!!!

(Mac joyfully dances and skips down the walkway. He spins around on a lamp post and slides down against a wall. He sighs romantically. Then he gets back on his feet and continues on his way to school. He then walks backwards back onscreen and turns his head to see the man who was in his laboratory earlier. He is dressed in a lab coat, with brown pants, black boots and a pair of glasses. He also has a grey moustache, grey hair, is bald on top and has a stern expression on his face. He is working on a humanoid robot. Mac approaches him)

MAC: Wow. That's a cool robot.

MAN: Indeed. As soon as I finish adjusting its circuitry, I can finally test it.

(The man then finishes the robots adjustments)

MAC: So, what's it do?

MAN: I'll show you.

(The man sees a little girl playing with her imaginary friend on the other side of the street. He takes out a remote control and presses a few buttons. The robots eyes flash blue as it turns on. The man then presses some more buttons, making the robot turn to face the imaginary friend. As the man in the lab coat presses one more button, the robot's eyes glow blue and fire a beam that engulfs the imaginary friend. The imaginary friend vanishes, and the little girl runs away crying. Mac gasps in shock at what he just saw)

MAC: What've you done!?

MAN: I erased that imaginary friend from the face of the earth. Which means my invention is a success.

MAC: How could you do that!? Who are you, anyway!?

MAN: My name is Dr. Seamus Grey. I'm a scientist. I've dedicated my entire life to science. And it is my goal to erase all imaginary friends from existence forever.

MAC: But why would you do that!?

DR. GREY: Because imaginary friends becoming real when a child dreams them up defies the logic of science. And anything that defies science should not exist. Tonight at 3:00, my entire robot army will storm the town and erase every imaginary friend they find. And I will march on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends with an even greater invention. Once it's positioned over the house, its lasers will tear it apart, and it will form an energy field around the planet that will erase every other imaginary friend in existence and prevent any new ones from being dreamed up.

MAC: You can't do this!!!! When I get back to Foster's after school, me and my friends will be ready for you! You won't get away with this!

(Dr. Grey watches as Mac runs the rest of the way to school)

DR. GREY: (scoffs) Foolish boy...

(Screen fades to black. Later cuts back to Dr. Grey's lab. A watch on his wrist reads 2:59, then 3:00. The cold-hearted scientist stands on a platform on his machine that surrounds the base of the radar-like device)

DR. GREY: The time his come. ALL ROBOTS ONLINE!!!

(The robots' eyes flash as they activate. Big doors open, and the robots begin their march, followed by Dr. Grey's machine)

ROBOTS: (monotone) Erase all imaginary friends. Erase all imaginary friends.

(Cuts to Mac's school. The bell rings and the kids run out the door, with Mac being the last one out)

MAC: Okay. This is it. I gotta get to Foster's and warn my friends.

TERRENCE: (offscreen) Hello, Mac.

(Startled, and with his face filled with fear, Mac slowly turns around to see Terrence standing behind him)

TERRENCE: Goin' somewhere?

MAC: (backs away) Terrence, I'm really not in the mood today. Maybe another time.

(Mac runs. Terrence chases him)

TERRENCE: Get back here, shrimp! (laughs evilly)

MAC: Why'd Terrence have to pick today to pick on me?

(Mac looks back to see that his bullying big brother is catching up to him. He shuts his eyes tightly as he tries to run faster. Terrence grabs him by his backpack and picks him up)

MAC: Ahh! Terrence, you don't understand! My friends are in danger!

TERRENCE: Oh, really? That sounds interesting...

MAC: But it's none of your business! Now, let me go!

TERRENCE: Oh, don't worry, little bro. I'll let you go... after I give you a knuckle sandwich I made for you.

(Terrence prepares to punch Mac. But before he can throw his punch, Mac slips out of his backpack and kicks Terrence in the shin)


(Terrence hops on one foot from the pain. Mac grabs his backpack from Terrence and continues running to Foster's)

TERRENCE: Why, you..!

(Terrence continues chasing Mac. He chases him all the way to Foster's. Mac runs through the front door and past his friends, with Terrence right behind him. They run upstairs)

GOO: Oh, no!

EDUARDO: Senor Mac es in trouble again!

COCO: Co coco co co!

BLOO: She's right, we gotta help him!

FRANKIE: Then let's go!

(Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie and Goo race up the stairs. Cuts to the same hallway with the doors from "House of Bloo's". The characters randomly run in and out. At one point, Coco struggles to walk from the left to the right while carrying Eduardo on her back. After she goes through a door on the right, all the characters quickly pass by in a blur. Cheese suddenly appears in the hallway. The others poke their heads out of the doors looking at him angrily)

GOO: Cheese, get lost. You're not part of this.

CHEESE: (inhales) Okay. (walks to the left, opens a door, goes inside and closes it)

(The other characters go back inside the doors and randomly rush by again. Terrence appears in the hallway with Mac on his shoulders)

MAC: Uh-oh!

(Mac jumps off and runs away. He reaches a dead end, with Terrence closing in on him)

TERRENCE: (chuckles) You got nowhere to run now, looser.

(Terrence grabs Mac by the front of his shirt and pins him against the wall. He brings his fist back, getting ready to punch him)

MAC: Ahh! (covers his eyes)

(Wilt steps in and swipes Mac away. Terrence ends up punching a hole in the wall. He notices Wilt holding Mac in the air out of his reach. Mac blows a raspberry at his brother. Terrence gets mad and jumps in an attempt to grab Mac. But because Wilt is so tall, he can't reach)

TERRENCE: No fair!

(Eduardo arrives. Terrence is about to stomp on Wilt's foot)

WILT: Sorry, Mac. Eduardo, think fast! (tosses Mac)

MAC: Whoa!

(Eduardo catches Mac. Terrence turns around to face Ed and Mac. Eduardo is scared as Terrence sneers at him. Terrence takes a few steps forward. Eduardo screams and runs. Terrence chases him. Terrence gets closer and reaches out, ready to snatch Mac away)

MAC: Ed, don't let him get me!

(Eduardo sees Coco behind Terrence. He throws Mac, and he lands on Coco's back. Coco runs in the other direction)


(Terrence runs after Coco and Mac. Bloo and Goo are right behind him. As Terrence starts catching up with Coco, Mac jumps off Coco, stepping on his brother's face in the process, and then landing behind him. Mac runs away with Goo and Bloo. They turn a corner and run into Terrence. They run the other way. Around another corner, Frankie grabs Mac and runs off with him. Terrence has no idea where Mac and the others went. He then notices Frankie running by with Mac in her arms. He chases them. Frankie looks back and is shocked to see Terrence behind her. Wilt is right behind Terrence)

WILT: Give him to me, Frankie! I'm open!

(Frankie tosses Mac behind her)

MAC: Ahh!

WILT: (catches Mac) I gotcha, buddy!

(Wilt runs until he reaches the balcony over the foyer. Terrence closes in. Wilt looks at the chandelier in the foyer. He tosses Mac. Mac grabs onto the chandelier)

WILT: (to Mac) Sorry.

(Terrence races to the foyer. Wilt runs as well. Mac's right hand loses its grip on the chandelier. His left hand starts slipping. He tries to grab back on with his right hand, but it's no use. Looking down, he sees Terrence below him. Mac desperately tries to hold on to the chandelier, but to no avail. Terrence chuckles evilly as he holds out his arms, waiting for his brother to fall. Mac finally loses his grip and falls. Eduardo charges in and knocks Terrence away. He catches and hugs Mac. Terrence gets back up)

TERRENCE: Now I'm mad!

(Eduardo screams and runs to Mr. Herriman's office while carrying Mac in his arms. Terrence follows. After Eduardo heads into the office, Bloo and Goo quickly slam the doors in Terrence's face. The doors open. Terrence falls face down on the floor after having been knocked out. He regains consciousness and gets up on his knees. He sees everyone looking at him angrily)

FRANKIE: You've got a lot of nerve picking on Mac, Terrence.

EDUARDO: You big meanie!

MR. HERRIMAN: Shame on you, Master Terrence!

BLOO: Yeah!

WILT: Sorry, Terrence, but that's no way to treat your brother.

COCO: Co Co coco co co co?

FRANKIE: Yeah, Terrence, what's Mac ever done to you?

TERRENCE: Um... nothing?

MR. HERRIMAN: Well, I never!

(Madame Foster walks over to Terrence)

MADAME FOSTER: You hooligan! (hits Terrence three times with her cane)


GOO: (talks fast) You're a real jerk, you know that? Didn't your mom ever teach you that bullying is wrong? How would you like it if Mac bullied you? I bet you wouldn't! In fact, I know you wouldn't, because it's not nice! Mac's your brother, and you should treat him with love and respect because he's the only brother you got and he's younger than you! But who am I kidding? You're too much of a jerk to understand, and-


GOO: Fine.

MADAME FOSTER: (to Mac) Did your mean brother hurt you, dearie?

MAC: Nope, I'm okay.

GOO: (hugs Mac and talks fast) Oh, Mac, I really missed you! When your mom said you couldn't come to Foster's anymore, I thought we'd never see you again. But I was wrong, because you love Bloo so much, and he's your best friend, and we're all your friends too, and you love us too. In fact, I was so happy to see you again today. Though, I would've been happier to see you if your stupid big brother wasn't picking on you. But it doesn't matter because you're back now, and-

MAC: GOO!!! Listen, I'm glad to see you again, too. But you all gotta listen to me... Foster's is in danger. No, scratch that. It's not just Foster's, all the imaginary friends in the world are in danger!


FRANKIE: What are you talking about, Mac?

WILT: Yeah, what's goin' on?

BLOO: Is it an army of aliens coming to take over the world?

MAC: No, Bloo. It's-

BLOO: An army of zombies?

MAC: No! Nothing like that! Just follow me to the TV room.

(Cuts to the TV room. Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie, Mr. Herriman, Madame Foster, Goo and Terrence watch the news)

ERIN PETERSON: We're coming to you live, where an army of robots are erasing every imaginary friend in sight, and a giant machine is making its way through town!

(On TV, a bunch of imaginary friends are erased by the robots. Dr. Grey's machine towers over all as it marches through the town. Mac's friends and Terrence gasp)

MAC: See?

BLOO: Whoa... you weren't kidding, Mac.

WILT: I'm sorry, but that's really not okay!

(Eduardo cries. Coco is so shocked, she lays lots of eggs)

MR. HERRIMAN: Good heavens!

FRANKIE: That's horrible!

TERRENCE: (chuckles evilly) Looks like you won't be seeing your dumb friends anymore after all, stupid.

(Duchess walks in)

DUCHESS: What is going on in here? (looks at the TV) What's this?

MAC: If you wanna know, Duchess, some evil scientist is trying to get rid of all the imaginary friends in the world. And he wants to destroy Foster's.

DUCHESS: What!? Did you say all the imaginary friends in the world!? Does that include me!?

BLOO: Duh! What do you think he meant when he said "all the imaginary friends in the world"?

DUCHESS: But I am a work of art!

GOO: You, a work of art? Don't be ridiculous. You make Medusa look beautiful.

DUCHESS: I hear that all the time.

MAC: Duchess, I know you don't like it, but we gotta work together if you don't want to get erased.

DUCHESS: (sighs) Very well... as much as I hate living in this dump and everyone in it, I will do what I can to help if it means saving myself.

CHEESE: Can I help, too?

FRANKIE: Um... maybe you should sit this one out, Cheese.

(Cheese screams. Everyone covers their ears)

DUCHESS: Someone, please shut that little pipsqueak up!

TERRENCE: I can't take it anymore!

GOO: Me, neither!

MAC: Okay, Cheese! You can help us! Just stop screaming!

CHEESE: (stops screaming) Yay!

FRANKIE: (kneels in front of Mac) Mac, thank you so much for telling us about this.

(Mac's face becomes lovestruck as he gazes at Frankie)

FRANKIE: You're such a good kid, and we all love you. I don't know what we'd do without you. (stands back up) Okay, guys, we need to gather all the friends in the house together. We're gonna need all the help we can get.

MR. HERRIMAN: Quite right.

(As everyone leaves, Mac stays behind. He sighs as he watches Frankie leave. Terrence stares at him with a puzzled look. He looks in Frankie's direction. Then he looks surprised as he now sees what's going on)

TERRENCE: (to Mac) Oooh… you like her, don't ya?

MAC: I do not!

TERRENCE: (laughs) Yeah right! (singing) Mac's got a girlfriend! Mac's got a girlfriend!

(Terrence continues laughing. Mac gets angrier and angrier)

MAC: SHUT UP, TERRENCE!!! Do you want my friends to lock you in the unicorn stables again!?

(Terrence has a flashback of being cornered and intimidated by the unicorns in "House of Bloo's")

TERRENCE: Uh... no?


(Scared, Terrence runs away. Mac pants angrily as he watches his brother leave. Then he leaves the TV room to catch up with the others. Meanwhile, Terrence runs out the front door and pauses at the front gate)

TERRENCE: Mac and his friends may have beaten me before, but this time, I'm gonna beat them. I just gotta find that scientist guy, and we'll help each other out. And then, Mac will never see his friends again, (rubs his hands together) especially Bloo. (chuckles evilly)

(Terrence runs off in search of Dr. Grey. Back at Foster's, Mac and all the residents of Foster's are gathered in the foyer)

MAC: Okay, you guys, Dr. Grey's on his way to Foster's, and we need to fight back. Everybody, gather whatever you can to fight with. Goo, we need you to create an army of imaginary friends to fight off the robots.

GOO: Got it.

MAC: And Duchess, you bring out the Extremeasauruses.

DUCHESS: Very well.

MAC: This is a dark day for Foster's, but as long as we believe in each other, we can save our home. We'll make this day one worthy of remembrance! Now, let's do this!

(Meanwhile, Dr. Grey's robot army continues marching around town, erasing all imaginary friends in their path)

ROBOTS: Erase all imaginary friends.

(Dr. Grey's machine walks through the streets, with the evil scientist on top watching every single imaginary friend being erased from existence with no remorse. He squints as he eyes Foster's in the distance. Terrence aimlessly wanders the town. He watches a few robots march by. Finally, he finds the giant four-legged machine)

TERRENCE: Hey! Down here!

(Dr. Grey doesn't hear Terrence. His machine steps on and crushes a car as it stomps by. Terrence climbs up a ladder on one of the legs. He soon makes it to the very top and onto the platform)


(Dr. Grey is surprised when he sees Terrence. He presses two buttons on the control panel of his machine, making it come to a halt)

DR. GREY: What are you doing up here!?

(Back at Foster's, the friends collect food for throwing and make water balloons. Cuts back to Terrence and Dr. Grey)

DR. GREY: So, you say that your brother refused to give up his imaginary friend, even after your mother told him to?


DR. GREY: And you say that he and everyone at Foster's is planning to strike back when I arrive?

TERRENCE: That's what I'm saying.

DR. GREY: Very well then, Terrence. I'll bring you with me since you intend to help me in my plan. I'm sure I can find some use for you.

(Dr. Grey pushes some buttons on the control panel. The machine starts moving again. All the robots in town follow)

TERRENCE: (chuckles evilly) This is gonna be so rad! I can't wait to see the look on Mac's face when his best friend is gone.

(Back at Foster's. The skies are cloudy and a bit stormy. Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie and Cheese are on the roof as they await the arrival of their enemies. Lots of other friends are on the roof as well. Some are in the windows. Goo, Mr. Herriman and Madame Foster are on the front porch)

MR. HERRIMAN: You do realize, Madame, that even with Miss Goo's army and the Extreameasaurs, we might not have a chance at defeating Dr. Grey.

MADAME FOSTER: That doesn't mean we can't try, Bunny. Alright, Goo. You know what to do.

GOO: Right.

(Goo dreams up numerous toy soldier friends in rainbow-colored uniforms that match her shirt. They are armed with bazookas that fire spring-loaded boxing gloves. They take their positions in front of the house)

MADAME FOSTER: Foster's is threatened! Man the boundary! Protect us! Do your duty to our home! (chuckles) I always wanted to say that.

(On the roof, Mac, Bloo and the others see Dr. Grey's machine and the robots approaching from down the street)

MADAME FOSTER: (to Goo) Good luck, dear.

(Madame Foster heads inside the house, followed by Mr. Herriman. Goo stands alone on the front porch with her army. In the backyard, Duchess unlocks the Extremeasaur cage and lets out the monstrous imaginary friends. They consist of the Extremeasaur that tried to eat Bloo in "House of Bloo's," the ones that scared Eduardo in the beginning of "Eddie Monster," and the one that appeared at the beginning of "Challenge of the Superfriends." Erin Peterson and her news crew come down the street)

ERIN PETERSON: This is Erin Peterson coming to you live from Wilson Way! The robots and the machine are now making their way to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends! But it looks like Foster's is going to fight back.

(At the bank where Mac's mom works, a TV on the ceiling shows everything going on. Mac's mom is shocked when she sees Mac and Bloo with all the Foster's residents who are ready to fight Dr. Grey's army. She leaves the bank in a hurry. Dr. Grey's machine and the robots draw nearer. They stop in front of the gate. On top of the machine, Terrence and Dr. Grey see the army of friends ready for battle)

DR. GREY: (scoffs) Those fools.

(Goo makes a determined glare as she gazes up at the machine. Terrence smiles evilly as he looks at all the imaginary soldiers down below. Duchess stands atop the Extremeasaur from "House of Bloo's" while holding chains in her hands to keep it under control. The other Extremeasaurs are at their side. Mac and Bloo hold water balloons in their hands. The other friends have water balloons, fruit and vegetables. Dr. Grey glares at everyone below. The robots and soldier friends stare each other down)

DR. GREY: This is the last day any imaginary friend will ever see.

(Dr. Grey presses 3 buttons on the control panel of his machine. The robots break through the fence as they march forward)

ROBOTS: Erase all imaginary friends. Erase all imaginary friends.


(Mac and everyone else throw fruit, vegetables and water balloons)


(The imaginary soldiers rush forward)


(The Extremeasaurs charge. Robots are pelted with fruit, vegetables and water balloons. Goo's imaginary soldiers fire their spring-loaded boxing glove bazookas at the robots, demolishing them. The Extremeasaurs destroy any robot in their path. Some soldiers get erased by the robots)

MADAME FOSTER: Keep firing!

(Cheese throws tomatoes at the robots down below, taking them down. He then dumps a bucket of apples. More soldier friends get erased, but Goo dreams up some more. Everyone on the roof keeps throwing things at the robots, taking them out with ease. The Extremeasaurs easily destroy big numbers of robots. This annoys Dr. Grey and Terrence)

TERRENCE: They're beating us!

DR. GREY: Not for long.

(Dr. Grey presses some buttons on the control panel. The device on top points at the army of soldier friends and erases half the army, along with the Extremeasaurs. Duchess falls to the ground after the one she's riding disappears. Everyone on the roof keeps throwing stuff at the robots)

MAC: Come on! Goo and Duchess need our help!

(Mac, Bloo Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie, Mr. Herriman, Madame Foster and Cheese race downstairs and out the front door)

MAC: Let's show these robots we mean business!

(At that moment, Mac's mom arrives and watches as everyone splits up as they take on the robots. Eduardo charges at a group of robots, smashing them to pieces. Coco lays an egg that rolls to another group of robots. It pops open to reveal a bomb. It explodes, destroying the robots. Wilt grabs the head of a broken robot and spins it on his finger like a basketball. He then throws it at a bunch of robots marching towards him. As it hits one, it explodes, destroying the others in the process. Goo imagines rocket friends that fly at the robots, blowing them up on impact. Another group of robots surround Cheese. They are about to fire their eraser beams at him. Cheese screams very loudly, causing the robots to short-circuit and fall over. Cheese stops screaming)

CHEESE: Do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!

(More robots surround Cheese again. Cheese screams again, frying their circuitry as well)

CHEESE: Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!

(Madame Foster leaps onto a robot and jabs it in the head with her cane. She leaps from one robot to another, defeating each one with the same method. Mr. Herriman is confronted by another band of robots that are ready to erase him)

MR. HERRIMAN: Ahh! (covers his eyes)

(Frankie comes running in with her broom, screaming. She knocks the robots' block off with ease)

MR. HERRIMAN: Very good, Miss Francis.

FRANKIE: Thanks, Mr. H.

(Mac and Bloo jump on the backs of 2 different robots and open them up. They screw with their circuitry, causing them to malfunction and attack other robots. Mac and Bloo high-five each other. More robots march in. The imaginary friends who are still on the roof run out of ammo. Goo's soldiers try to fight back, but the robots erase every last one of them and surround Mac and the others. Goo tries to create more imaginary soldiers, but the robots instantly erase them right after she dreams them up. Dr. Grey's machine begins stomping forward)

GOO: I can't make any friends anymore!

WILT: What do we do now?

BLOO: How the heck should I know?

(Mac thinks for a moment. Then he gasps)

MAC: I've got an idea! Coco, lay me a bag of sugar!

COCO: Coco!?

BLOO: Mac, are you crazy!?

GOO: You know what happens when you eat sugar!

EDUARDO: Si! It makes you loco!

MAC: It's the only way we can get rid of the robots!

COCO: Coco...

(Coco reluctantly lays an egg. Mac opens it, finding a bag of sugar inside. He rips it open and pours it in his mouth. He then has a wide-eyed grin on his face. He gets all jittery, causing the others to step back. Mac's mom is shocked when she sees this. Terrence can see this from the top of Dr. Grey's machine)

TERRENCE: Uh-oh...


(Mac zips off, demolishing the robots in his path. He destroys a couple rows of them. Soon, he starts running around in his underwear. His clothes land at his friends' feet. He charges through more robots, destroying them as well. After that, he zips into the house and enters the kitchen. He enters the pantry and eats more sugar, getting more hyper. He eats an entire jar of cookies. Then, he opens the refrigerator and eats cake and ice cream)


(Mac dashes back outside, screaming like a maniac. He zips past his friends, his underwear landing in front of Bloo, who picks it up)

BLOO: Oh, great. Now he's running around naked again.

(Mac streaks through the last of Dr. Grey's robots, completely demolishing them. After which, he becomes exhausted and drops down on his face. Everyone runs over to him)

COCO: Co co coco, Co?

(Mac sits up)

MAC: I think so. (stands up and turns to face the others) Now we need to- (everyone, except Cheese, stares at him awkwardly) What?

GOO: (covers her eyes and looks away) Mac, put your clothes on!

MAC: Huh? (looks down and notices that he's naked) AHH! (covers himself and laughs nervously)

(Wilt steps in from Mac's left and hands him his clothes)

WILT: Here you go, Mac.

MAC: Thanks, Wilt.

(Mac smiles embarrassedly as he reaches for his clothes. He quickly grabs them and runs offscreen. He comes back onscreen, now fully dressed again)

MAC: As I was saying, we now have to stop Dr. Grey before he destroys Foster's and erases all the friends!

MR. HERRIMAN: And how do you propose to do that, Master Mac?

EDUARDO: Si. He es mui high up. So scary.

(As the machine takes a step, Mac notices the ladder on its leg)

MAC: That's it! Come on, Bloo!

(The two friends head to the machine's leg and climb the ladder. Everyone watches from below)

COCO: Co co, co co!

EDUARDO: Si! Good luck, amigos!

(As Mac and Bloo go up the ladder, the machine continues stomping towards Foster's. It breaks through the telephone lines and steps on the Foster's billboard sign. As the leg Mac and Bloo are climbing moves, they hold on to it tightly. Bloo loses his grip, but Mac grabs his hand. The friends on the roof rush downstairs and join the others outside. Dr. Grey's machine is nearly positioned directly over the house, but at the same time, Mac and Bloo are almost to the top. Soon, the machine is standing right over the house. Dr. Grey presses some buttons on the control panel. Mac and Bloo reach the top)

MAC: Hold it right there, Dr. Grey!

(Dr. Grey turns to face Mac and Bloo)

DR. GREY: You're too late, boy. You and your friends may have thwarted my robots, but Foster's is still doomed.

MAC: We won't let that happen!

BLOO: We're taking you down, and nothing can stop us!

TERRENCE: (offscreen) Oh, yeah?

(Mac and Bloo turn around to see Terrence behind them)

DR. GREY: Do with them as you please, Terrence. Just keep them away from me.

TERRENCE: (cracks his knuckles) Oh, you can count on it, Doc.

(Dr. Grey starts pushing more buttons, throwing some switches and turning some knobs on the control panel. Mac and Bloo step backwards as Terrence steps towards them)

TERRENCE: So, what are you doofuses gonna do now, huh? Oh, that's right. You can't do anything!

BLOO: Oh yeah?

(Bloo charges at Terrence)

MAC: Bloo, no!

(Terrence grabs Bloo and throws him over the edge. This makes Mac angry)

MAC: Terrence, you jerk! Nobody does that to my best friend and gets away with it!

(Mac charges at Terrence. Terrence holds him back with one hand. He punches Mac in the face, knocking him back and giving him a black eye)

MAC: Ow!

(Mac crawls backwards in fear as his older brother steps towards him. He gets cornered against the railing)

TERRENCE: Your dorky little buddy isn't here to save you anymore, doofus. (grabs Mac by the front of his shirt) Now, what are you gonna do?

(Mac spits in Terrence's face)

TERRENCE: (drops Mac) Eww! Gross! (wipes the spit from his face) That's it! You are so dead!

(Bloo is shown holding onto the platform. He climbs back up and sees Mac pinned down by Terrence. Terrence is about to give Mac a big punch in the face. Bloo pulls at Terrence's ears, causing him to scream in pain. Terrence stands up and grabs him, but Bloo bites his arm. Terrence screams again. Mac charges at Terrence again and jumps on him. Terrence tries to shake Bloo off his arm, but to no avail. Mac is on Terrence's shoulders, hitting him on the head)

TERRENCE: Get off me!

(Terrence stumbles towards Dr. Grey and bumps 3 levers, causing the machine to wobble)

DR. GREY: Terrence, you idiot! I told you to keep them away!

(Down below, everyone watches as the machine leans to the left)

WILT: I'm sorry, but what's going on up there!?

MR. HERRIMAN: I hope Masters Mac and Blooregard are alright.

FRANKIE: We have to believe in them!

(On the top of the machine, Mac, Bloo, and Dr. Grey each hold on to a lever. Terrence holds on to the railing. The levers Mac, Bloo and Dr. Grey are holding onto are breaking. Terrence tries to climb back up. As he does, he reaches for Mac. Mac kicks him in the face, causing him to lose his grip and scream as he falls. He lands in a bush. Mac's lever is about to break loose)

MAC: Bloo, help me!

(The two friends struggle to reach each other's hands. Mac's lever breaks, but just as he begins to fall, Bloo quickly grabs his hand. The levers Bloo and Dr. Grey are holding onto are just about to come loose. But Dr. Grey presses some buttons on the control panel, and the machine stands up straight again just as the levers break loose)

MAC: Bloo, you saved me.

BLOO: Yeah, well, what are best friends for, Mac?

(Dr. Grey still holds the lever in one hand he held onto as he faces Mac and Bloo)

DR. GREY: I will not tolerate any more meddling with my plans! I should have known Terrence would be too dimwitted to deal with you and your imaginary friend, boy. But no matter. (Grabs a green switch) Once I pull this switch, Foster's and all imaginary friends will cease to exist.

BLOO: There's no way we're letting that happen!

MAC: You can't do this, Dr. Grey!

DR. GREY: Foolish boy! Imagination is a waste of time! Science is the only thing that matters in this world!

MAC: You're wrong! Imagination is just as important as science! What you're doing is wrong, and you know it!

BLOO: And what fun is science if that's the only thing you care about?

DR. GREY: You assume that because I plan to erase imaginary friends from existence, I'm evil? Let me make this perfectly clear, boy... I am not evil! I'm trying to make the world more logical! Children wasting their time with their imaginations, especially when dreaming up imaginary friends, is a foolish thing. Friendship is illogical and a waste of time as well! As soon as your imaginary friend is gone along with every other friend in the world, boy, you will grow to see the truth as I do.

BLOO: Um, hello? How come you're only talking to Mac? What, am I invisible to you or something?


BLOO: Yeesh!

MAC: Enough talk, Bloo. Let's teach this guy a lesson!

(Mac and Bloo engage Dr. Grey in a two on one lever-to-lever swordfight. They are evenly matched with each other at first. They soon reach a stalemate point)

DR. GREY: You and your friend can't win, boy!

MAC: That's where you're wrong! Because Bloo and I are best friends! And there's nothing greater than friendship!

BLOO: Mac's right! I'm guessing you never had any friends, and that's probably why you're so evil!

DR. GREY: I will rid the world of imaginary friends, and I'll silence anyone who stands in my way!

(Dr. Grey kicks Bloo away, knocks Mac's lever from his hands and grabs him by the front of his shirt. He holds him over the railing. Everyone down below is shocked when they see this)

DR. GREY: Any last words, boy?

MAC: No! Please! Let me go!

BLOO: Let him go!

(Bloo rolls up Dr. Grey's sleeve and bites his arm, causing him to scream in pain and drop Mac. Mac grabs onto the railing. Dr. Grey tries to pull Bloo off his arm. Mac climbs back up, jumps on Dr. Grey and starts hitting him. Dr. Grey finally pulls Bloo off his arm and grabs Mac)

DR. GREY: THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!! (throws Mac and Bloo away from the control panel) THIS ENDS NOW!!!!

(Dr. Grey pulls the green switch down. He watches as the radar-like device on top of his machine points up and sparks with blue energy. The lasers on the underside charge up as well, getting ready to fire on the house. Mac and Bloo's friends and all the other Foster's residents panic)

WILT: I'm sorry, but this is really not okay!

COCO: (runs around) Coco, coco, coco, coco!

FRANKIE: Oh, no!

MR. HERRIMAN: We're doomed!

(Up on the machine, Mac tries to think of a plan. He notices the two levers he and Bloo used to fight Dr. Grey with. He then looks at the machine's power core, which appears as a dome surging with electricity under the radar)

MAC: I have an idea, Bloo!

BLOO: Really?

MAC: Yeah!

(He picks up both levers, handing one to Bloo)

MAC: (points at the power core) That's our target.

(Bloo smiles and nods at his best friend)

BLOO: Let's do it, Mac!

(The machine is just about to destroy Foster's and erase all imaginary friends)


(Mac and Bloo throw the levers at the power core, damaging it. Dr. Grey is shocked when he sees this. The machine loses power. Its lasers don't fire, and the energy field that is supposed to make all imaginary friends cease to be and prevent new ones from being created doesn't form. The Foster's residents cheer)

DR. GREY: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sparks burst out of the control panel. The radar device crackles with electricity. The entire machine shakes as it begins to overload)

MAC: Uh-oh.

(The machine explodes, sending Mac, Bloo and Dr. Grey hurtling below. Mac and Bloo both land in a bush, but Dr. Grey appears to have disappeared. The machine's legs explode from top to bottom. Everyone down below gasps in shock)

WILT: I'm sorry, but Mac and Bloo were still up there!

MR. HERRIMAN: Oh dear!

ERIN PETERSON: (speaking to the cameraman again) It looks like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends has just avoided total destruction.

FRANKIE: Where are Mac and Bloo?

COCO: Co co co coco.

MADAME FOSTER: I hope they're okay too, Coco.

GOO: (points) Hey, there's Bloo!

(Bloo comes over to them, carrying Mac in his arms)

EDUARDO: Azul, is Senor Mac okay?

BLOO: I don't know, Ed. He won't wake up. (lays Mac on his back) Mac? You okay, pal?

(Mac doesn't move an inch or open his eyes)

BLOO: Mac? Can you hear me, buddy?

(Mac still doesn't respond. Bloo Shakes him)

BLOO: Mac, answer me! (lays Mac back down, lifts his right arm and lets it go. He gasps in horror as it drops lifelessly to the ground) He's... d... DEAD!!!

(Everyone gasps in shock)

FRANKIE: (tears well up in her eyes) Oh, Mac... (sobs)

GOO: (tears well up in her eyes as well) No... No! (breaks out crying) NO!!!!

(Eduardo bursts out in tears. Wilt tries to comfort him while he cries too. Coco cries as well. Madame Foster sobs sadly. Mr. Herriman takes off his hat)

MR. HERRIMAN: Master Mac gave his very life to save us all... (starts crying)

(Cheese looks very sad. Tears start welling up in his eyes. He bursts out crying just like the others. Bloo cries as he lies on his best friend. All the other imaginary friends cry too as they mourn for Mac. Mac's mom steps through the news crew and is horrified at the tragic scene. Bloo sits Mac up and hugs him dearly. Finally, Mac opens his eyes. He looks at Bloo as he continues hugging him and keeps crying)

BLOO: Oh, Mac, you can't die! Please, come back to me. You're my bestest buddy in the whole world.

(Mac smiles)

MAC: You're my best friend too, Bloo.

(Everyone gasps in surprise, followed by Bloo. The sky is sunny again)

BLOO: (happy) Mac! You're alive, buddy!

(Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie, Goo, Mr. Herriman and Madame Foster are all happy to see Mac alive)

GOO: He's alive!

FRANKIE: I can't believe it!

WILT: I'm sorry, but Mac's alive?

COCO: Co coco!

EDUARDO: Aye Chihuahua!

MADAME FOSTER: Oh, how wonderful!

MR. HERRIMAN: Thank heavens.


DUCHESS: (monotone) Splendid.

(All the friends of Foster's cheer happily)

BLOO: (hugs his friend) Oh, Mac, I thought I lost... (turns suspicious) wait a minute! (lets Mac go) This must be some kinda trick! You're not a zombie, are you?

MAC: (laughs) Come on, Bloo, I'm not a zombie. I'm alive.

BLOO: Really? (shrugs) Well, okay. (hugs Mac again) I thought I lost you, Mac, old buddy old pal.

MAC: (hugs Bloo back) I almost lost you and our friends before we blew up the machine.

BLOO: Yeah, we both had some pretty close calls. But we still saved the day.

TERRENCE: (walks onscreen) Oh, really? You creeps may have beaten me again, but I'm gonna beat you so bad, uh... (fails to think of something good to say) I'm gonna beat you real bad!

MAC'S MOM: (offscreen) Terrence, that's enough!

(Mac's mom walks onscreen)


MAC'S MOM: We'll discuss this later.

(Mac, still angry at his mother, crosses his arms and turns his back on her)

MAC'S MOM: Mac, honey, look at me.

MAC: No. I'm not talking to you.

MAC'S MOM: Sweetie, if you're still upset with me, I understand. I know I wasn't being fair with you. And I just want to tell you that I'm sorry.

MAC: (turns to face his mom) What did you say?

BLOO: Say what?



MAC'S MOM: I never realized Bloo meant so much to you, Mac. And after watching you risk your life for him and all these imaginary friends, and all the imaginary friends in the world, and after watching you two risk your lives for each other, I now see that you belong together. So, from now on, Mac, you can visit Bloo whenever you want.

(Mac smiles at his mom)

MAC: Thanks, mom. (hugs his mom) That means so much to me.

MAC'S MOM: You're welcome, honey.

BLOO: This is awesome! Now you can visit me every day again like old times!

(Mac and Bloo happily laugh and dance together. They chase each other in circles, ending it with Bloo pouncing on Mac. They laugh again. Terrence is infuriated at their mother's decision)

MAC'S MOM: But... (Mac and Bloo stop laughing) I'm disappointed in you, Mac, because you ate sugar again.

MAC: I know, mom. But I had to do it. It was the only way to get rid of the rest of Dr. Grey's robots.

MAC'S MOM: I understand, sweetie. (faces Terrence) And Terrence, I'm disappointed in you most of all. Bullying Mac is bad enough, but helping that evil scientist to make every imaginary friend in the world disappear forever is even worse!

BLOO: It wasn't the first time, though. There was one time he tried to feed me to a big monster.

MAC'S MOM: I'm very disappointed in you, Terrence. You are grounded for an entire year!

(Terrence is shocked)

TERRENCE: That's not fair!

(Mac and Bloo laugh at Terrence's misfortune and make faces at him. Terrence gets really angry)

TERRENCE: Ah, forget it.

MAC: Mom, I'd like you to meet our friends...

(Cuts to each character in turn)

MAC: This is Wilt...

WILT: Sorry, but it's nice to meet you.

MAC: Eduardo...


MAC: Coco...

COCO: Coco!

MAC: Goo...

GOO: What's up?

MAC: And Frankie.

FRANKIE: Hey, how's it goin'?

MAC'S MOM: It's nice to meet you all, too.

MAC: Also, there's Madame Foster, the founder of Foster's. And that's her imaginary friend Mr. Herriman. He's the head of business affairs.

CHEESE: Hi, lady.

MAC'S MOM: Oh, (giggles) hi.

MAC: That's Cheese. He lived next door to us until we moved into his creator Louise's apartment. And he started living here because his creator moved somewhere that doesn't allow imaginary friends.

CHEESE: I like cereal.


MAC: Oh, right. And that's Duchess. She's a royal pain. You probably remember her when she lived next door to us at one time.

MAC'S MOM: You're right, I do. And Mac, I'm very proud of you for what you did.

MAC: Really?

FRANKIE: (kneels in front of Mac) She's right, Mac. You and Bloo are heroes!

MR. HERRIMAN: Indeed. That was quite heroic and noble of you, if I do say so myself. We are forever in your debt, Masters Mac and Blooregard.

MADAME FOSTER: (walks over and pinches Mac's cheek) Oh, yes. You boys did great.

WILT: I'm sorry, but if it weren't for you guys, we wouldn't be here anymore.

EDUARDO: Si! You are mui Bueno!

COCO: Co! Co co coco co co co co!

GOO: (talks fast) That was so amazing! The way you guys blew up the machine and saved the house was really cool. We were all worried about you when you climbed up the machine, and when it went all wobbly, and when it blew up when you were still up there. But you guys came back alive, so we never really had to worry. And Mac, we were all really sad when we thought you were dead, but you were alive and you weren't really dead. You guys are so brave! I can't believe it!

DUCHESS: I must admit, that was quite impressive.

CHEESE: I like heroes!

FRANKIE: Yeah, you guys are real heroes. (puts her hands on Mac's shoulders) And Mac...

MAC: Yeah, Frankie?

FRANKIE: I... (shyly glances away) well, I...

MAC: Yeah?

FRANKIE: I love you!

(Mac looks surprised, then he grins happily)

MAC: Really? I love you too, Frankie!

TERRENCE: HA! I knew it!

MAC'S MOM: Terrence!

MAC: I always loved you ever since you kissed me when I helped you with your paperwork problem.

FRANKIE: Oh, Mac... you're so sweet. To tell you the truth, I kind of felt the same way about you that night. And now that you're a hero and all... well, I'd say you've officially won me over. Besides, I have to repay you for what you and Bloo did for us. And you know what that means...

MAC: (looks excited) You mean..?


(Frankie puts her hands on Mac's face and kisses him numerous times offscreen. Cuts to Madame Foster and Mr. Herriman)


(Cuts to Duchess)

DUCHESS: Ugh! And they say I'm disgusting!

(Frankie gives Mac one more kiss which is longer than the others. Mac staggers onscreen, his face lovestruck and covered in kisses. He wobbles, sighs and faints)

BLOO: Okay, Mac. You can wake up, now.

MR. HERRIMAN: I say three cheers for Masters Mac and Blooregard! Hip, hip...


MR. HERRIMAN: Hip, hip...


MR. HERRIMAN: Hip, hip...


(Mac and Bloo enjoy the moment. But then, a shadow looms over them. They turn around and gasp. Everyone else gasps as well. Dr. Grey, still alive, stands over Mac and Bloo. His lab coat is tattered, his glasses are cracked and he holds a broken lever in his right hand)


(The cruel, emotionless scientist angrily raises the lever over his head in an attempt to strike Mac and Bloo. The two friends hold each other tightly, frightened)

MADAME FOSTER: (offscreen) Stop!

(Dr. Grey freezes. Cuts to Madame Foster, then each and every other character who speaks)

MADAME FOSTER: You stay away from them, you evil, four-eyed nerd!

WILT: I'm sorry, but that's not okay!

EDUARDO: No hurt Mac and Bloo, you big meanie!

COCO: Co coco co co!

GOO: Yeah, stay away from them!

CHEESE: Stay away, doggie!

FRANKIE: If you mess with them, you mess with all of us!

MR. HERRIMAN: Shame on you, sir! Attempting to bring harm to a young child and his imaginary friend!? For shame!


(Everyone charges at Dr. Grey. Eduardo charges into him, knocking him back. He gets back up and glares at Eduardo. Eduardo is scared by the angry look in Dr. Grey's eyes. Dr. Grey runs at him with his lever, but Wilt sticks his leg out, tripping the scientist and making him fall on his face. As he gets up, Coco lays an egg that rolls over to him. It pops open, releasing a spring-loaded boxing glove that punches Dr. Grey off his feet. He lands in front of Goo. As he sits up, Goo glares at him)

GOO: (talks fast) You're a really, really bad man! You hate imaginary friends, you hate Foster's, you made robots that erase imaginary friends, you made an even bigger machine that almost erased every imaginary friend on Earth and destroyed Foster's, and you tried to kill Mac and Bloo! You're a bad man! Also, you give scientists a bad name! Haven't you ever herd of Albert Einstein's saying, "imagination is more important than knowledge"!? But that doesn't matter, because you're a bad man and you've made me really mad!

DR. GREY: And what are you going to do about it?

GOO: This!

(Goo dreams up a big green monster with big sharp teeth, a long tail and different colored spots all over him. He roars and knocks Dr. Grey away with his tail. Then he and Goo smile and high-five each other. As Dr. Grey tries to get up, Madame Foster walks over to him)

MADAME FOSTER: You hooligan! (hits Dr. Grey six times with her cane)

(Infuriated, the evil scientist quickly climbs to his feet. But right when he does, Frankie hits him with her broom)

FRANKIE: (angry) This is for building those robots and that machine... (hits Dr. Grey again) this is for all the friends you erased... (hits him again) this is for trying to destroy our home... (hits him again) this is for trying to erase every friend in the world... (hits him again) AND THIS IS FOR TRYING TO KILL MAC AND BLOO!!!!! (swings the broom in Dr. Grey's face, knocking him back down)

(As Dr. Grey starts to get up, Cheese jumps on his head, burying his face in the ground)

CHEESE: I like this game!

(Enraged, Dr. Grey grabs Cheese, gets on his feet and prepares to hit Cheese with his lever. Cheese screams loudly, causing the scientist to drop him and cover his ears. Dr. Grey staggers backwards, still covering his ears. He uncovers his ears when Cheese stops screaming. He sees Mac and Bloo)


(The heartless scientist rushes at the two friends, preparing to swing his lever at them. As he gets closer, Bloo jumps on Mac's head and into Dr. Grey's lab coat. Dr. Grey reaches into his lab coat to grab Bloo, but to no avail. While he's not looking, Mac ties his shoelaces together. Bloo pops out of the front of Dr. Grey's lab coat and makes faces at him. Enraged at this, Dr. Grey is about to hit Bloo with his lever, but Bloo jumps out of the way just in time, making Dr. Grey hit himself in the face. With his shoelaces tied together, he loses his balance and falls hard on his back, defeated at last. He is later being arrested for his crimes. He struggles in vain to break free of the officers' grip as they drag him to the police car)

DR. GREY: Take your hands off me, you fools! I'm a scientist! You can't arrest me!

(The officers toss him in the car)

OFFICER: Tell it to the judge!

(The police car drives off)

MR. HERRIMAN: This calls for a celebration!

(Everyone throws a big party in celebration of Mac and Bloo's heroism. They all wear party hats. In addition to that, Mac and Bloo wear medals around their necks. The party has cake, lemonade, balloons and pizza. Everyone sits at a great big table. Terrence is forced to take part in the celebration, much to his displeasure. He sits next to Cheese and Duchess with his arms crossed)

TERRENCE: This is so stupid.

CHEESE: I pooted.

(Terrence cringes in disgust at what Cheese just said)

DUCHESS: Well, I do not enjoy this party, myself. But I am happy to be alive.

(Mac and Bloo sit together at the very end of the table. Mr. Herriman stands up)

MR. HERRIMAN: Attention all! (he gets everyone's attention) Thank you. I have an announcement. It is with great pleasure that we dedicate this party to Masters Mac and Blooregard, without whom we would have all ceased to be. (lifts a glass of lemonade) A toast to our heroes!

(Everyone, except Terrence and Duchess, cheers and makes a toast. Bloo proudly bows)

MAC: Really, you guys are too much.

BLOO: This is the most awesomest party I've ever been to! I love parties where people celebrate something awesome I did.

MAC: You know, Bloo, it's not all about you.

BLOO: Whatever...

FRANKIE: You think it's awesome now? The real fun's about to begin.


MR. HERRIMAN: Indeed. We have planned something extra-special for the both of you. Miss Goo, if you would...

(Goo takes a deep breath and blows a whistle. She marches in place with a baton in one hand. A band of imaginary soldiers with drums, flutes, trumpets, trombones, tubas and sousaphones march in place as well. The band marches with Goo leading them. She spins her baton and tosses it in the air. Eduardo follows behind the soldiers, tossing Mac and Bloo in the air. He is accompanied by Mac's mom, Frankie, Madame Foster, Wilt, Coco and Mr. Herriman, all of whom cheer for Mac and Bloo. They are followed by Duchess, who is not very excited about being part of the parade. She is followed by Terrence, who angrily hangs his head down. He's followed by Cheese)


(All the other friends in the house follow Cheese. The parade circles all around the house. Later, Frankie, Mr. Herriman, Eduardo and Goo use a big blanket to toss Mac and Bloo in the air. The two friends happily laugh as they enjoy their experience)

BLOO: Woohoo!

MAC: Whee! (laughs)

(Erin Peterson speaks to the cameraman again)

ERIN PETERSON: Well, it looks like Foster's and all the friends have been saved, thanks to the heroic efforts of a boy and his imaginary friend. This looks like a day at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends that'll be remembered for years to come.

(Screen fades to black. Cuts to Mac and Bloo sitting on the blanket right after the end of the celebration)

MAC: (laughs) That was so awesome!

BLOO: I wish we could do it all over again.

MAC: You know what, Bloo?

BLOO: What, Mac?

MAC: Ever since the day I created you, I knew we'd be friends for life.

BLOO: Mac, ol' buddy, I couldn't agree more.

COCO: Co, co!

WILT: Not even Dr. Grey could separate you two.


GOO: And it's hard to imagine how boring it would be if we lived in a world without imaginary friends.

MAC: I have to go home now.

(Mac is about to leave, but he pauses)

MAC: Oh! Uh, Frankie...

FRANKIE: Yeah, Mac?

MAC: Do you think, maybe... if you're not too busy... you'd like to go out with me on Friday night?

(Frankie smiles)

FRANKIE: Sure, Mac. That is if Mr. Herriman lets me have Friday off.

MR. HERRIMAN: Very well, Miss Francis. You may have Friday off.

FRANKIE: Booyah!

(Mac is happy to hear that. He faces his mom)

MAC: Mom, is it okay if I go out with Frankie this Friday?

MAC'S MOM: Of course, honey.

MAC: YES!!! (faces Bloo) See you later, Bloo.

BLOO: Later, Mac.

(Mac and Bloo hug each other before Mac leaves. Everyone else says their goodbyes all at once)

MAC: See you guys tomorrow!

(Mac walks home with his mom and Terrence. Terrence is still angry about Dr. Grey's machine being destroyed, being grounded for a year and Mac being allowed to visit Bloo again. Cuts to the front porch of Foster's on Friday evening. Mac knocks at the door. The door is answered by Frankie in her black dress. She smiles when she sees Mac in a suit, holding a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses for her)

MAC: Hi, Frankie. You're beautiful...

FRANKIE: Aww... thanks, Mac.

MAC: You ready for our date?


(They head off. Later at night, they are walking through the park. They pause and look deeply into each other's eyes. They are later seen sitting on a bench together, gazing up at the night sky)

FRANKIE: (sighs) This is the best date I've ever been on...

MAC: Me too...

FRANKIE: I wish this night could go on forever...

(Frankie puts her arm around Mac and leans her head on his. Mac smiles dreamily as he enjoys the moment. Cuts back to Foster's. Mac and Frankie walk up to the front porch. Frankie turns to face Mac)

FRANKIE: I had a great time, Mac.

MAC: Me too, Frankie. See you tomorrow...

FRANKIE: Good night, Mac.

(Frankie gives Mac a kiss, leaving his face lovestruck after she breaks the kiss. She waves goodbye to him before going inside. Mac heads back home, his face still lovestruck. Next day, Bloo is in the foyer playing with a paddleball. As always, he can't make the ball hit the paddle. Mac walks through the front door, accompanied by his mother. Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, Frankie and Goo are happy to see him)


BLOO: Wait, what's your mom doing here?

MAC: She was given some time off from work today, and she wants to know all about Foster's.

MAC'S MOM: That's right. Foster's seems like a really great place.

FRANKIE: Well, I'd be happy to give you a tour of the house.

MAC'S MOM: Oh, thank you, Frankie.

FRANKIE: No prob. There's lots to see here.

(Frankie leads Mac's mom out of the foyer. She pauses and blows Mac a kiss, making Mac smile dreamily again. Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco and Goo head up the stairs. Mac and Bloo pause at the top, leaving the others to go on)

MAC: I hope you enjoy the tour, mom!

MAC'S MOM: Thank you, sweetie! Have fun with your friends!

MAC: I will, mom!

BLOO: Come on, Mac!

(Mac and Bloo head upstairs to catch up with their friends. The camera zooms out and leaves through the front door. It continues zooming out until the whole of the house is shown. Fades to black. The film's end credits roll on the left, while the right side shows various clips from all the episodes of the series in chronological order. After the credits comes the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends variant of the Cartoon Network Studios logo)