Fan Fiction

Four Becomes One is a story written by -sonix3- (-sonicx3- on this site) on It is a warriors fanfiction featuring many dumbass characters. This story is set around the lake, many years after Dovepaw and Ivypaw's time.

The Prophecy and Property Cats[]

"Four must become core none shall survive." Swiftstar was the first to recieve this prophecy from Forester, a former leader of Thunderclan. The following cats have recived or will recieve this prophecy (as far as the author knows) :

  • Swiftstar (Thunderclan)
  • Joypaw (Riverclan)
  • Poppyspots (Shadowclan)
  • Birchfoot (Thunderclan)
  • Nightpelt (Shadowclan)
  • Amberlight (Riverclan)