Four Becomes One is a story written by -sonix3- (-sonicx3- on this site) on It is a warriors fanfiction featuring many dumbass characters. This story is set around the lake, many years after Dovepaw and Ivypaw's time.

The Prophecy and Property Cats

"Four must become core none shall survive." Swiftstar was the first to recieve this prophecy from Forester, a former leader of Thunderclan. The following cats have recived or will recieve this prophecy (as far as the author knows) :

  • Swiftstar (Thunderclan)
  • Joypaw (Riverclan)
  • Poppyspots (Shadowclan)
  • Birchfoot (Thunderclan)
  • Nightpelt (Shadowclan)
  • Amberlight (Riverclan)
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