"He must be Hitler, 'cause he rolled a NIEN!"

Frozen x Sonic XXX: Robotnik's Hot, Sticky Fluids is a privately released dvd based of the Frozen franchise. It involves Dr. Robotnik having sex with Anna and Elsa.


After a visit to a private island, Anna and Elsa in hot sex bikinis walked home to the castle when all the townspeople had giant long stiffys. Elsa yelled " WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!?". Robotnik who came out of fucking nowhere asked to have sex with the two bitches, They replied with, "okay". Robotnik blasted the girls to the castle for a super overlord orgy. Starting off Robotnik put Anna's left foot in to his mouth, then puts Elsa's right foot and swollows the girls whole, He eventually shits them out, with the aftermath of the sisters being covered in feces. Robotnik asks Scratch to hand his newest invention, The Pingas Doubler, it clones a man's single penis. Robotnik uses it on himself. Proceeding to fuck, Robotnik and the two sisters yell loadly as everyone in Arendelle heard from far away. As the next day arrives, the castle is full of foamy semen with two freaking hot sisters and a double penised evil scientist, or so they thought. Robotnik later asks a sucidal Grounder to give him the "Persona changer" as the sisters had made out with Sonic, Robotnik's nemisis. Sonic later takes the girls to his house and plans to have a night with them. But later the real Robotnik kills Sonic and inturrpts by saying, "That's what you get for sleeping with those sisters, YOU FURRY PIECE OF SHIT!!"

The End. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Kristen Bell as Anna

Idina Menzel as Elsa

Lebron Cena as Dr. Robotnik

Nicholis Cake as Sonic the Racisal Slur

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