By ToonBoyDan Summary: 6-year-old Michelle Tanner doesn't really know how to whistle 'til Stephanie teaches her how to do it very well.

Chapter 1: Michelle hears Stephanie whistling musically

1 fine afternoon Michelle walked around outside and saw Stephanie whistling musically while sitting in her lounging chair.

"Hey, Stephanie, what are you doing?" Michelle asked.

"I'm relaxing in my lounging chair." Stephanie said as she continued whistling musically.

"You're making a familiar sound, Stephanie." Michelle said as Stephanie stopped whistling musically.

"I was just whistling to myself, you should try it."

"I'm not sure about it, Stephanie." Michelle said looking a bit confused. "It's easy, Michelle, just do what I do." Stephanie whistled 1 more time, but when Michelle tried very hard to do it, all she could do was blow very hard and no whistling sounds came outta her mouth. "I don't know how to do it, Stephanie, it's impossible." Michelle said looking a bit disappointed. "Well, Michelle, you gotta pucker your mouth up a little bit more." Stephanie said as Michelle puckered her mouth up and she blew very hard and blew very hard and blew very hard when suddenly...........outta her mouth came a real whistling sound. Their other sister, DJ came outside to see them. "Wow, what was that?" Michelle asked as DJ smiled at her. "It sounded like some sort of whistle to me." DJ said as Michelle began whistling musically. "Wow, Michelle, what a lovely talent." Stephanie said as Michelle giggled in delightfulness. Michelle has finally learned how to whistle the way Stephanie does. "DJ, Stephanie, I can finally whistle now." Michelle said as she continued whistling musically.

End of Fan Story.........

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