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Template:Infobox series Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey is a 2015 TV series that is a sequel to Hollywood World.


The cast of Hollywood World reunite after 15 years. Many of the couples have gotten married, many of them are well-known Pokemon trainers, and everyone's having a happy life. Well, all except for Mitsuki, who, after all of these years, is the only one out of everyone without a Pokemon. So, Isabella gives her a Lunatone which she had just now caught. After the reunion, Mitsuki sets off to Unova to become Pokemon Champion. Question is, will she succeed?


Season 1[]

  1. Lunatone, Mitsuki's All-New Friend!
  2. Meeting Cheren and Bianca
  3. Tepig, on the Loose!
  4. Sewing With Mio!
  5. Azusa's Choice That Makes Eevee Stronger
  6. A Dewott Of A Battle!
  7. Springfield Into Action!
  8. Striaton Gym Triple Battle
  9. Azusa's Fairy Tale
  10. Which Meowstic's Which?
  11. The Light Music Pactio Club!
  12. Pignite The Flames!
  13. Sewaddle Cloaks Out!
  14. Jumping Over The Moon Stone!
  15. Thawing the Icy Vanillish!
  16. Mami's Choice!
  17. Shining Up The Gardevoir
  18. Dancing With Graceful Fairies
  19. Mio And The Gothita!
  20. Talking Into A Goodra Battle
  21. Mio's Forest Bond
  22. A Sky Battle Of Tranquility
  23. Chilling The Twin Trouble
  24. Skitty's Memorial Backstory!
  25. The Shocking Bond!
  26. Embracing The Fall

Season 2[]

  1. Be Calm and Snorlax!
  2. An Eeveelution Solution!
  3. Rise Of The Staravia!
  4. There's a Foongus Amoonguss!
  5. Hopping To a Song!
  6. Skull, Lycopene and Cranidos!
  7. The Dewott Power!
  8. Pignite Gets Firepowered!
  9. Mugi's Happiness
  10. I'll Always Remember All The Goodra Times
  11. Stepping to the Gothic Battle!
  12. A Bunny Bond!
  13. The Pokemon Whisperer!
  14. Shroomish Gets Boxing Skills!
  15. Sword Heart Online!
  16. What's In a Nickname?
  17. Sayaka's Very First Pokemon!
  18. Lopunny Fights Back!
  19. The Shiny Stone Of Friendship
  20. Flying To A Double Evolution!
  21. The Ghost Of The Marionette!
  22. Azusa's First Love!
  23. Ritsu's Tale Chespin!
  24. Konoka's Amazing Discovery!
  25. I Pika-Choose You, Madoka!
  26. The Staraptor Is Born!

Season 3[]

  1. The Magical Diancie Girl!
  2. The Mahora Children Dilemma!
  3. Flight of the Snowbirds
  4. Float Like a Butterfree, Sting Like a Beedrill!
  5. The Dawn Of Synchro Evolution!
  6. Battling at the Electric Gym!
  7. Mitsuki's Shocking New Pokemon!
  8. Flipped Out The Inkay!
  9. Haruna's Big Break!
  10. Monkey See, Ayaka Do!
  11. Bugging Out With Scatterbug!
  12. The Dora To Evolution!
  13. Monkey Business!
  14. That's What I Herdier!
  15. Diamonds In The Rockruff!
  16. A Very Bounsweet Taste!
  17. Spotting a Ralts In A Dance!
  18. I'm Gonna Raichu A Lovesong!
  19. Madoka Max!
  20. A Bounsweet Evolution!
  21. Dora's Emotional Mind!
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