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[SPOILER WARNINGS FOR 2003 FMA AND BROTHERHOOD!!!] A Yaoi/Straight Fanfiction made by Alchemyandpenguinsledding. It is based on the ending of the first 2003 version of the popular anime, Fullmetal Alchemist. However, the author gives a bit of a twist to the characters and their relationships to each other. Example, Alphonse and Winry get intimate with each other, rather than the Canon relationship of Edward and Winry getting intimate (we see this relationship with evidence by seeing their kids at the end of the Brotherhood anime.) Most plot points from original ending of the show are kept here (Ex: Roy having an Eyepatch from the Battle of Pride (Wrath in the 2009 Brotherhood anime.)


Alternative ending to the first anime series. Al uses the stone to revive his brother, and himself, but rushes off when he believes the transmutation has failed. Both brothers believing the other is dead, they must fight all opposition until they are reunited once again.


  • RoyEd (Roy Mustang x Edward Elric)
  • Elricest (Edward Elric x Alphonse Elric, they're Brothers, hence the "cest" at the end.)
  • EnvyEd (Envy X Edward)
  • Mentions of AlWin (Alphonse x Winry) and DanteEd (Dante x Edward)
  • A sequel is in development in the story, the author mentions this in the Author's notes in Chapter 20.

Language: English

Rating: M (18+)

Genre: Fiction

Chapters: 20

Published: Feb 1, 2013

Last Updated: Nov 24, 2017 

Status: Complete

Words: 49,807 

Reviews: 102

 Favs: 63

Follows: 54

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