Galactic Police Force is a fanfictional American tokusatsu series. It's based on the Philippine fantasy-drama television series Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan.


Galactic Police


We are members of the Galactic Police Force! You're under arrest for threatening the universe!

Color Role Actor
Dustin Nicholas Brendon
Xavier Jaleel White
Chris Roger Craig Smith




  • Galactic Saber - A powerful sword used by the three Galactic Police. Its finishing move is the Galactic Super Slash.
  • Galactic Blaster – A laser gun used to shoot enemies & monsters.
  • Galactic Super Bow – A weapon used only by Chris to target & shoot enemies.
  • Galactic Badges – The transformation devices which have the ability to transform into Galactic Police.
  • Galactic Attacks
    • Galactic Punch
    • Galactic Kick
    • Galactic Cyclone – A powerful move which would create a cyclone to wipe out enemies & monsters.


  • Galactic Cycles - Motorbikes used to transport the Galactic Police into Time Space Warp.
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