Gallaxhar - Flame Icejin series

Gallaxhar as he appears in the Flame Icejin universe.

Gallaxhar is a character from Monsters vs. Aliens


Destroyer of his home planet, he set course to create a new planet by taking over one that already exists. He blew up a planet, in which the planet's Quantonium core (a meteorite) hurtled toward a planet in the Omega quadrant; the planet Earth. Awakened by his spaceship's computer, he was informed about the meteor's whereabouts, and sends a robot probe to retrieve it. Unfortunately, the probe was destroyed by a group of monsters, even the Quantonium's absorber (Susan Murphy). Enraged by this, he sets course for Earth himself, and vows to extract Susan of the Quantonium. Having arrived on Earth, he captures Susan while she was talking to her friends. Insectosaurus tried to save her, but Gallaxhar's phasoid cannon paralyzed and seemingly killed him. With Susan captured, he extracts her of the Quantonium, reducing her size from gigantic to regular-human-sized. Now with the Quantonium extacted, he uses it to clone himself. As the clones prepare for the takeover, the monsters rescue Susan, much to Gallaxhar's surprise. He orders his clones to attack the monsters; but the latters take out the formers. After his ship was set to self-destruct, he attempts to extract the remaining Quantonium into an escape pod, which he would also go into so he wouldn't explode with the ship. After an encounter with Susan, he tries to escape without the Quantonium she just absorbed to save her friends. After the monsters escape on a fully-revived Insectosaurus (who pupated into a butterfly-like creature), Gallaxhar's ship explodes. Whether he escaped or perished inside is clearly unknown.