Ghost of a Chance is an episode of Total Crossover Island.


For this challenge, Chirs picks two people from each team to stay one night in an old, rickety house that is claimed to be haunted. Chris picked Phineas and Bowser Jr., Peppermint Patty and Gir, and Jackie and Dot. The first team to run out comes in last place. Meanwhile, Inez and Plucky suspect that something is up with Zim.

Memorable quotes

Linus: I for one am happy that Chris picked Patty for this event. She's totally fearless! And I know because she has the guts to stand up to Lucy.

Inez: I noticed that Zim never eats the Chef's food.
Plucky: Probably wants to save his taste buds.

Patty: Okay, Gir, since you're a dog, you'll be standing guard.
Gir: I DON'T WANNA! Okay!
(Gir exits)
Patty: That is one messed up dog.