Ghostly Cybernetic Pretty Guardian Neo Sailor Moon Infinity Celestial Zodiac Titan / Divine Warlord Stand Alone Complex Crystal Equilibrium Storm: The Legacy of The Divine Beast Gods & Goddesses & Rising Guardians of The Holy Light & The Unholy Darknessis a fan fictional series based on Sailor Moon & Ghost In The Shell.

Motoko Kusanagi is one of The Neo Soldiers, Neo Sailor Charon.

The Neo Soldiers, Zodiac Soldiers, Celestial Sodiers, Deity Soldiers, & The Infinity Scouts are the main heroines in this series, along with The Winx Club, the Autobots, The Pretty Cures, and other heroes.

The canon Sailor Scouts are nobles of their planets, they are called The Dark Scouts.


After a catastrophic battle in Space-Time, Major Motoko Kusanagi of Sector 9 wakes up to discover 3 important things: 1. She is a Neo Soldier, 2. She is The aunt of Neo Sailor Moon! & Salor Universe 3. When did Sailor Galaxia become her sister? With the traitorous Dark Scouts and a host of old enemies coming back. Its up to Kusanagi, her sister, & her nieces to work together to save the galaxy from evil threats.

Sector 9

Neo Soldiers

Legendary Kaiju Soldiers 

Zodiac Soldiers

Infinity Soldiers

Celestial Soldiers

Deity Soldiers

Holy Knights


Digi Destined


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Section 13 & The J-Team

Winx Club

Pretty Cures

Sonic Heroes

Time-Space Administration Bureau

Keyblade Guardians

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